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  1. Everything is amazing, but the animations oh god. Monster 1 all over again!
    If i upload framework to kitchen and choose ICS 4 animations will it work??

  2. Spikebob21

    Spikebob21 Well-Known Member

    do i need to wipe/factory restore my phone when flashing this?

    also does any other steps need to be taking like wiping anything else? or can i just boot into cwm and flash it right over and not worry about anything?
  3. abiggie

    abiggie Member

    I got the rom and wifi working. But when i go to the play store, it won't download anything, i tried waiting for it to sync for 20 mins, but still won't download.
  4. alex214

    alex214 Active Member

    compatible themes? works perfectly :) i was running stock++ if that helps?
  5. bart2201

    bart2201 Well-Known Member

    Installed and let it simmer for 15 min, store, mms, all working great. One thing thats a little puzzling is that when I check the phone settings it shows that I'm running 2.3.4 and not 2.3.6. I'm overclocked and used the stock++ base and monster5. Shouldn't this be using the 2.3.6 settings?

    Not that it is a big thing because so far I'm loving this new version of monster and waiting for the finishing touches to the start and finish themes to be improved, but all considered this was a great job, huge kudos for all your efforts and for the rest of the dev team.
  6. Boraichee

    Boraichee Well-Known Member

    Damn google and there fing playstore updates!!! I pulled a updated playstore from from my phone like 3 days ago and put it in this rom. Googles gotta help out the devs and stop updating the sht so much.
  7. Boraichee

    Boraichee Well-Known Member

    The samsung widgets need tw framework. This rom is as close to tw without the framework as it can get. The framework in this rom is mostly stock beside the power menu.
  8. Abhor

    Abhor Member

    Flashed twice, working perfectly coming from lunar gen. Keeping it.
  9. Boraichee

    Boraichee Well-Known Member

    ^ hold the power button

    The animations are ics. I feel the same lol I hate them. But if you go to display setting you can turn them off. I like it when you use some window animations.
  10. ajamie123

    ajamie123 Well-Known Member

    OK on the Widgets but is there anyway to find similiar widgets and implement them
  11. Boraichee

    Boraichee Well-Known Member

    I used stock ++ as the base for this rom. Stock ++ is 2.3.4. If you have used a rom on here that says other wise it was just the dev changing the number.
  12. Boraichee

    Boraichee Well-Known Member

    Ill try!! Ill post an update for this rom after I get my computer up and running. Also more work on miui is coming soon.
    flakito97 likes this.
  13. ajamie123

    ajamie123 Well-Known Member

    Yay LOL looking forward to it
  14. Boraichee

    Boraichee Well-Known Member

    Yeah I now know why samsung didnt ship the admire with tw. Tw apps are hefty as hell. Were talking 6mb or so system apps and such. when your talking about cm or asop the apps are more like 600kb. They would have had to make are phone have more space. Cheap bastereds.
  15. ajamie123

    ajamie123 Well-Known Member

    Yupp LOL just see what you can do
  16. genovdot

    genovdot Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna hook u up a platlogo for when u u constantly tap the Android version.
  17. Cuzuaintme

    Cuzuaintme Well-Known Member

    Don't know if its just me, but I think the calculator app needs resizing when shifted into landscape. Some functions are simply out of reach, and I don't think scrolling is a possibility as it doesn't respond to swipes; only the taps.
  18. Boraichee

    Boraichee Well-Known Member

    Its a hdpi app so your right. Does need resizing but still usable
  19. Borai can you resize something i sent you in a pm?
  20. Boraichee

    Boraichee Well-Known Member

    I can take a stab at it I just got somr scripts to batch resize. Im reinstalling ubuntu right now so I cant do it now but pm me and ill look at it tonight.
  21. been pm'd . Take your time with it, i don't really care if it takes a week or two or a month, lol.
  22. bart2201

    bart2201 Well-Known Member

    Oh Wow, shortly after posting how well everything was going all of a sudden the entire phone just shut down in the middle of a phone call. At first I couldn't even get it to reboot, held down the start key for over two minutes and nothing. Pulled the battery and waited a minute then booted and it started again.

    About twenty minutes later on another phone call it shut off again, but this time it rebooted right away. Anyway I had to reload my previous rom M-Bravo.

    Well now I'm done with all my calls and business and am trying Monster5 once again. Will post results or problems if any arise again.
  23. Hey borai, phone is restarting for no reason at 800/800 (normal clock)
  24. Boraichee

    Boraichee Well-Known Member

    Couldnt tell you. I havent had this problem at all?? running my phone at 900. One thing I will say is let it settle in this rom needs it. i think it has to do with the kernel. Theres a few mods that I did to it. Ill look into if its making things unstable.
  25. Boraichee

    Boraichee Well-Known Member

    Ill be putting an update in the next few days. Fix some of bugs.

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