[ROM][ALPHA] Triumph CM9 v0.6.17.0 [FINAL]

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    Credits are listed in the POST #3 below. PLEASE go to a post by each individual and thank them personally. Also Donate links will be added by each person's name if they wish to provide one.

    Disclaimer: By downloading and flashing this ROM, you are assuming ALL RISKS that it may damage your phone, cause it to blow up, melt down, etc. NONE of the developers are responsible for anything that may happen to your phone.

    This is an ALPHA version so there will be many things NOT working. If you want a FULLY Working ROM. THIS IS NOT IT! Please move along to one of the many other ROMS listed in this forum if you want a fully working ROM

    Some screenshots are posted in post #4 below.

    1. Save the Zip files for the CM9 ROM and also the Google Apps (gapps) to your phone's SD Card.

    2. Reboot your phone into ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM). If you don't know how to do that or don't have it, go here:

    or here:

    I recommend that you use the latest CWM 5.5.x.x or 5.0.x.x versions listed in the above posts.

    3. In CWM, I recommed that you first do "Wipe data/factory reset" and then "Yes, wipe all user data". NOTE: DO NOT MANUALLY FORMAT SYSTEM. YOU WILL BOOTLOOP.

    4. After doing a wipe data/factory reset, select "install zip from sdcard".

    5. On the next screen select "choose zip from sdcard" and browse to wherever you saved the Zip files and select the ROM first and install it.

    6. After CM9 is finished being installed, you will now need to flash the gapps. Follow the same steps 4 and 5 to browse to the GAPPS Zip file and install that. YOU NEED TO FLASH GAPPS EVEN IF YOU ARE JUST UPDATING TO A NEW BUILD OF CM9.

    7. Reboot your phone and it will start up in CM9. The first boot will take approximately 1 or 2 minutes.

    8. After the first bootup, REBOOT your phone again and everything that is listed as "working" should work on the second boot up.

    What WORKS:
    -It boots and some apps work...
    -SDCard/USB mount - after first bootup, adb will not work until you reboot again.
    -RIL - phone, sms - working (thanks yumbrad)
    -RIL - data - (thanks yumbrad with contributions from progmanos and whyzor)
    -WIFI - (yumbrad is the MAN!)
    -hw acceleration
    -Live wallpapers work now too.
    -Screenshots work now.
    -Audio - tested phone, music, ringtones, so far. All work.
    -bluetooth - able to pair headset and gets audio during phone call.
    -Home key - long press brings up Recent Apps dialog now.
    -wired headset works.
    -gps & navigation
    -data usage accounting
    -wifi hotspot tethering
    -audio mic support in apps, such as Voice Search, etc.
    -YouTube streaming.
    -Video decoding/playing

    what doesn't work:
    -Camera - needs new/updated kernel -- possibly 2.6.35.x or higher needed - needs more research
    -Tethering (USB)
    -Netflix streaming - this may require a new or more updated kernel --possibly 2.6.35.x or higher needed - needs more research
    -All system settings are undergoing rapid development upstream, they may or may not work
    -Everything else NOT listed in the "What WORKS" section

    This is an ALPHA build and there are a lot of stuff that are still NOT working. We all know what they are. Therefore I am not taking bug reports yet at this time. Once the major functions have been implemented, I think we can move into BETA and then at that time, a bug reporting area will be provided.

    -version (iOCv1.2.2)
    -uses Whyzor's latest touchscreen driver as of 3-2-12

    For the changelog, click here:
    Change Log

    Download links:

    MD5: a410affaa925b56db2b63e40d559ad7e

    MD5: 60896133025b510212b0e6ad2710a266

    MD5: e1239e9205a82743a4af7ae29fd24e17

    MD5: 47c42128fe5ae7bb874b634501671964

    MD5: 4ff830c2d502bea028fd700a6f8d98e2

    MD5: 07f70fe73a1325c669e3c0150fcc2a3f

    md5 checksum: 1283DAE95819DC38A7C8B485EF5C6284

    md5: c6c7f38e04ea36243723be387fe5b035

    Goo.im Downloads - Downloading gapps-ics-20120429-signed.zip

    Leaving the old GAPPS version here in case it's needed:
    Goo-inside.me Downloads - Downloading gapps-ics-20120213-signed.zip

    If you have any fixes to add or propose, please submit them in the Development thread here:


    I also will be adding helpful ICS links/threads into POST #4 below. If anyone has suggestions on what other info to add into that post, let me know and I'll add it.

    Mod Edit: Please use the thread below for general ICS Chit Chat: http://androidforums.com/triumph-all-things-root/492599-ics-developement-end-user-discussion.html

    At request for the devs, lets try to keep this thread dev/ROM related. :)

  2. mantera

    mantera Well-Known Member

    -Enabled btwlancoex

    -upstream CM changes. RC1 version.

    -Enabled btwlancoex

    -kernel: enabled 61 MHZ
    -kernel: Added Smoothass governor
    -updated build base to 4.0.4_r2.1 (IMM76L)
    -upstream CM additions/fixes

    -Enabled btwlancoex

    - other minor kernel updates (iOCv1.2.2)
    - moved power widgets settings into Notification drawer settings.
    - updated sense multi-tasking to v2.0 - works in both portrait and landscape modes
    - adjusted default autobrightness values
    Notable CM upstream changes:
    - Apollo music apk
    - lockscreen weather notifications - system settings --> lockscreen
    - lockscreen calendar notifications - systems settings --> lockscreen
    - navigation bar customization -- not a big deal really imo but they added it--basically, it allows you to rearrange the buttons/add search option/etc. -- system settings --> system --> navigation bar (note this will only show up if you have the nav bar enabled; option is still in system settings --> Display --> enable/disable Navigation.)

    -Enabled btwlancoex

    -Updated kernel to (iOC v1.2)
    -Updated to Android v 4.0.4_r1.2 (IMM76I)
    -Reworked init.d call--hopefully will work better
    -Added cm wallpapers.
    -Notable CM upstream changes:
    -CM9 TMobile Theme Chooser Engine. See post #4 for links for themes. Let me know if you find more good links and I'll add them to the list.
    -Ability to customize and add new shortcuts to the Ring lockscreen. System settings --> System --> Lock screen --> Lock screen shortcuts
    -Now builds OpenVPN

    -enabled btwlancoex

    -Updated kernel to
    -Tweaked BT for more stable connections
    -Sense 4.0 Multi-tasking (credit evilisto on xda. See this thread:
    [MOD][v1.1] Sense 4.0 style Multitasking (IMM76D / AOKP M5 / CM9 20120429) - xda-developers
    -Added custom carrier text option for Notification drawer only - Settings --> System --> Notification drawer
    -enabled sms split at 160 characters again (thanks to wsimon)
    -automatic light levels from cm7 tg-reloaded

    -enabled btwlancoex for those that want it.

    -Updated kernel to
    -enabled init.d support
    -updated to ics 4.0.4 r1.1
    -minor tweaks to video streaming and phone connections
    -removed the MusicFX apk since no one uses it. Use DSP Manager instead.

    -Enabled btwlancoex again for the ones that like having it enabled. Only use this build if you want btwlancoex to be enabled. Will cause your cpu to be maxxed when using bt and wifi simultaneously.

    -Updated kernel to - now shows correct version in About Phone.
    -Notable changes from upstream:
    - New CM9 boot animation
    - Set Root access in System settings --> Developer options --> Root access
    - Profiles
    - Support for video decoding (mxplayer, etc) and non-HD YouTube streaming.

    -disabled btwlancoex again so that we can compare with
    -also set Interactive as the default governor but that should have no bearing in the the comparison.

    Another very minor update
    -updated kernel version to (note: I had to leave the kernel version showing as because changing the version number broke wifi)
    -re-enabled bt quick switch
    -re-enabled btwlancoex
    -added signature support in MMS. I recommend using the "Append on Send" option for best results if you want to enable the auto append.
    -Added 2-way calling patch-thanks to avs333 and skvalex--noted in this thread:

    [DEV] Two-way call recording on Desire [ALMOST SOLVED][Sept. 7 update] - xda-developers

    Need to use CallRecorder app from skvalex; I tested it and it worked great on cm9. More info and a trial version download can be found on this thread on xda or purchase it from the Market:
    xda-developers - View Single Post - [Android 2.2+] CallRecorder - record phone calls from the phone line

    -updated kernel version to (note: I had to leave the kernel version showing as because changing the version number broke wifi)
    -kernel uses Whyzor's latest touchscreen driver-no longer reports x,y on finger removal, among other tweaks
    -disabled bt quick switch so MT will deep sleep even if bt is enabled
    -added user configurable setting to enable/disable navigation bar: System Settings --> Display --> Enable/Disable Navigation (requires reboot).
    -wifi tweaks - should autoconnect better now, disconnects faster when screen is off (if the wifi policy is set to turn off when screen is off)
    -changed the mic fix so we don't remove the fm stuff for phones that do have fm (you'll probably not notice a difference but noting it here in case an issue comes up)

    -updated kernel version to (note: I had to leave the kernel version showing as because changing the version number broke wifi)
    -Added net data usage limit (thanks to NakeMcKn for reminding me to do that)
    -Updated build.prop to ICS ID so Chrome works now
    -Removed OpenWnn IME since nobody uses the Japanese IME

    Alpha 0.6.7
    -fixed not entering Deep Sleep state when it should.
    -updated kernel version to (note: I had to leave the kernel version showing as because changing the version number broke wifi)
    -added musicFX.apk - this adds an equalizer into the Music app I think.
    -Note that the CM stats was added upstream in this build so a notification icon will show in the status bar prompting if you want to enable it.

    Known issue: after flashing, you need to manually connect your wifi the first time. After that, wifi will only autoconnect every other time that you toggle wifi on and off. You can manually reconnect at any time though. Needs to be looked into further.

    Alpha 0.6.6
    Very minor update
    -OC/UV works/works better now
    -Enabled OpenGL rendering
    -I think flash and other media related things may work ok now.

    Alpha 0.6.5
    -wifi hotspot tethering (REALLY this time) - note: need to reboot the phone after a few times of enabling/disabling the WIFI hotspot otherwise clients can't access the internet after connecting to the MT. Reboot fixes that.
    -also updated some settings for wifi so wifi connections "may" connect faster/be more consistent
    -Audio mic input in apps
    -enabled battery % in notification bar in the Settings.
    -Also enabled joystick/xbox360 controller support in the kernel - may be helpful for OnLive Controller

    Alpha 0.6.4
    attempted 3g data dropping issues fixed (should be same as in cm7 now)

    Alpha 0.6.3
    enabled data usage accounting
    removed btwcoexlanc file startup so wifi usage will not cause cpu to run at max
    fixed haptic keys
    enabled hdpi icons
    Added facebook contact support

    Alpha 0.6.0

    Alpha 0.5.2
    mms works
    updated OnLive Controller driver

    Alpha 0.5.1:
    Whyzor's rewritten touchscreen driver
    OnLive Controller support added

    Alpha 0.5:
    Initial release
  3. mantera

    mantera Well-Known Member

    Credits goes to the following:



    mantera [​IMG] to mantera

    yumbrad (ril, wifi)

    whyzor (touchscreen driver improvements) [​IMG] to Whyzor

    PerkinsII (wired headset) [​IMG] to PerkinsII

    progmanos (Home key -recent apps, mms) [​IMG] to progmanos

    NateMcKn (facebook contact support)

    edowar (for his sources)
    LorDClockaN (sources for mic fix)
    TwistedUmbrella (sources)
    dzo (sources)

    Please hit THANKS and/or donate to all of the above developers who have given so much for this project and deserve all of the praise.

    Please remember that a donation is merely a token of appreciation for past services/work and does not in any way obligate any dev in continuing to develop or to feel obligated in taking any request from said donator.

    Donate links will be added if any developer listed wishes to provide them. Send me a pm.

    I would like to thank everyone that has sent a donation to me and any developer. Your support is greatly appreciated.
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    Ooooooo... this is promising! :D I'll admit, I've been lurking in the dev threads because I'm a Computer Engineer in college right now and I can actually comprehend some of this stuff. I just wish I had some free time to help out! Great job to all involved! I'm really looking forward to the alpha release :)
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    Super excited to try this out! Great job devs!!
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    I can't wait! Especially now that wifi and 3g data are working. Big thanks goes to yumbrad for getting data and wifi working :)
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    This is awesome. Thanks guys. I wasn't able top build it on my computer, so I'm glad it will release soon. Like Ziggy, I'm broke. Waiting for tax returns to upgrade my computer. Amoung other things
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    I think you should add CM9 in the title, as it is based off of CM9, not stock ICS.
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    Mmmm... Ice Cream Sandwich... yummy. :D
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