[ROM] ApeX 1.3.1 for Droid X - Running, running, as fast as it can (12/16/10)

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  1. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser VIP Member


    ApeX V1.3.1 for Droid X - 2 parts AOSP, 1 part Blur, all ApeX :D (now with a hint of Gingerbread!)

    If at any point in time you get a system not responding message at bootup, do not panic! Just hit wait, hold down power to bring up the menu, and hit reboot.

    This ROM is only for Droid X users who have done the .320 leak or have gotten to .340 via OTA update or SBF. This is not compatible with 2.3.15

    Many common questions about Apex have answers that can now be found at the official Wiki. Please take a look below, thanks!

    Main Page - FabDroid Wiki

    Changes in V1.3.1

    -Bluetooth voice dialing is now working
    -Nexus S Livewallpaper now default (CyanogenMod one available via script)
    -Further theming of Gmail, Email, Music notifications icons
    -Market and Voice Search updated to latest versions
    -Nexus S Wallpapers and Pete

  2. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser VIP Member

    Goodies - Install these the same way you did the ROM, but don't wipe.

    Much improved Gingerbread keyboard (with bigger keys) - credit to kejar31:


    Goodies pack 1: This includes the battery icons with percentages by tom108 seen here as well as AppWidgetPicker, which groups multiple widgets of the same app together. You can read about it here.


    New Scripts in 1.3.1

    overclock - launches terminal based overclocking script by JRummy. This has 4 different voltage levels and 11 frequency options per. Also allows setting on boot.

    nexus - lets you choose which Neural Network LWP to use, the Nexus S version, or the CyanogenMod version. This will cause your phone to reboot.

    microbes - can install or remove the Microbes LWP

    New Scripts in 1.3.0

    Both of these scripts rely on files I've installed to your sdcards. Please make sure that the sd card is NOT mounted to your computer before running these scripts (i.e. Mass Storage Mode)

    fabadw: use this to automatically load up my ADW presets. You can use this as a base to customize ADW further (I find the default configuration a little...lacking).


    Then, go back home, menu, adw preferences, and scroll down to restart ADW.

    keyboard: this switches keyboards, with 3 options (gb, wmt, bmt)

    gb: gingerbread
    wmt: white multitouch
    bmt: black (AOSP 2.2) multitouch

    Be warned, this does restart your phone after applying this script! Also, upon rebooting, you will need to switch keyboards back to the choice you made, as it will automatically switch to Swype because the script deletes the keyboard first, then restores your choice.
  3. Thatoe

    Thatoe Active Member

    Ok, Fab. You gotta let us catch up with all your ROMs. lol. jk.
    So I have Apex 1.2 with NexTheme. Any instruction on how to install this?
  4. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    Bravo! Note to newbies and the like: This is my #1 recommended ROM for stability. I use it, solely. Sure, I check out other dev's stuff, but I find myself always coming back to this. It's hassle free and handsome.
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  5. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser VIP Member

    You should be able to install right over. Might not even need to wipe data ;)

    There's no benefit to going to .340 beforehand.
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  6. Shamrock13

    Shamrock13 Well-Known Member

    Ugh! I'm on.... whatever build is, and I want to install this instantly on the latest OTA! Seeing as how we're never going to have an unlocked bootloader, I want this! Haha.

    Should I SBF to whatever and then just OTA to .340 and then root and install this?
  7. tommym

    tommym Active Member

    What do you recommend for installing over tranquility 3.6?
  8. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser VIP Member

    Get to 2.3.320 or higher via whatever method, and you'll be all set.

    Just a data and cache wipe will do. This ROM will overwrite the entire system.
  9. NiteQwill

    NiteQwill Member

    Just to clarify Fab... If I'm already running Apex 1.2.1 with leaked 2.3.320:

    • 1.3 zip on SD card
    • Bootstrap recovery & reboot recovery
    • select zip file & install

    (no need to clear/format cache or data - unless I have issues)

    It can't be that easy, is it? ;)

    You're awesome!
  10. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    Overwrote 1.2.1. Did NOT clear data and cache. It works fine and kept all my data (LPP, widgets and programs) in place. Honestly, the Rom is so nice that I don't think it NEEDS a theme (black notification bar, etc).

    (Excellent work! Very nice!)

    However, should I decide to theme this with the 1.2 themes, will I lose anything besides the icons on the top? (bottom lock bar, etc.). REVO will replace the white notifications with circular battery, I assume.
  11. CaucasionJ

    CaucasionJ Well-Known Member

    Sooooooooooo if i install this over .320 will i end up with .340? Either way its going on my phone! Keep up the good work Fab! I also like how you still update Rom Manager with your newest ROMs and Themes unlike some developers! :D
  12. cultldr

    cultldr Well-Known Member

    Yep that easy! Just did exactly this, crossed my fingers and went for it. Didn't clear or format anything, now have those beautiful black menus among other things :)

    Rom took me from 320 to 340 ty :)

    Thanks Fab! Really like the look and feel of this ROM
  13. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    Yes, that's what I did. I flashed over .320 and ended up with .340.
  14. cultldr

    cultldr Well-Known Member

    I was thinking the same thing about the who needs a theme now :) But I do like the circular battery, my phone is hawt lol
  15. Thatoe

    Thatoe Active Member

    Did the same. Working perfectly.
    Seriously, who needs a theme now.
    Ohhhh and the cool keyboard is back. :)
    You rock Fab.
  16. NiteQwill

    NiteQwill Member

    Umm... WOW.

    I was a nonbeliever, then I saw the light....

    Right over .320.... no clearing cache or data... to .340.... EVERYTHING WORKS!

    BTW folks, I was an iPhone user/owner until last Wednesday... since then, I've rooted, ROM'd, SBF'd, nandroid'd, OC'd (Quadrant score of 1675), my phone more times that I can imagine (all the guides on the forums are easy! And I'm no where close to being computer savvy)... Best switch ever.

    Plus, I get BETTER service and a LOWER bill. Who would have thought...

    Thanks again Fab.
  17. mac16

    mac16 Well-Known Member

    Flashing now!!
  18. packruler

    packruler Well-Known Member

    excited to get this running come on wi-fi
  19. canecbr600

    canecbr600 Member

  20. UPEngineer

    UPEngineer Member

    Is anyone having problems with Apex 1.3 causing force closes in the market app?

    Coming from 1.2.1 version and installed 1.3.

    About every other time I use market, it force closes.
  21. CaucasionJ

    CaucasionJ Well-Known Member

    Market is working fine for me. Hey Fab what exactly is done to your "fabadw" been a long time user of LPP and thinking about keeping Home Switcher around to jump between the two.
  22. Android_LIFE

    Android_LIFE Well-Known Member

    ApeX 1.3 is hands down, the most reliable and smoothest Droid X rom!!!!
    Thanks for all your work :D

    If you don't have ApeX 1.3...
    Grab it Nowwwww!
  23. zane!

    zane! Well-Known Member

    OMG Fab, I'm not sure how you get these together so quickly but I thank you for it! Downloading tonight and I'll probably get it installed this weekend.

    Oh and you have a few bucks heading your way for the beer fund, I really do appreciate the hard work you put into these ROMs. I've been on every Apex and have loved them all.
  24. phobic

    phobic Well-Known Member

    Got this right before I went to bed. It's so good I donated you a few bucks. Thanks a bunch for all the work Fab!
  25. rawrzilla

    rawrzilla New Member

    Great looking rom, quick question. I was allready deodexed on the last ota before I started to flash roms. I am on the .340 ota now. I noticed in the changes that the rom is deodexed, does this mean I DON'T have to be deodexed before hand or do I? Thanks.

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