[ROM BETA] Bugless Beast V0.4 Android 2.2 FRF84B (Fully Deodexed)

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  1. peteralfonso

    peteralfonso Member Developer

    Please [​IMG]
    I am a college student trying to make ends meet.
    Help me live out my dreams to do this in the future.

    Follow me on twitter to keep up to date:
    twitter.com/peteralfonso (not used for support!)

    View the

    ROM Download Links:
    -FRF84BV04.zip (stats)

    *All Froyo kernels are supported as long as they are using the "anyrom.zip" format by Koush*

    *This ROM is overclocked to 800Mhz by default, not every Droid will be able to handle this clock speed!
    Your Droid may not boot up or may have random shutdowns or reboots!*

    *No wipe necessary if coming from other FRF57 Froyo ROMs, but if you run into any problems at all then wipe data & cache*

    OPTIONAL Scripts:
    (credit to Pete)
    *Note: If you install anything not in my OP you will get permission denied errors!*

    All the scripts (since V0.1) now have error checking and reporting!

    Type the name of any script to print its info

    -ads [-s] [-b]
    -amazon [-rm] [-cp]
    -apps2sd [-a] [-i] [-e]
    -browser [-rm] [-cp]
    -calc [-rm] [-cp]
    -carhome [-rm] [-cp]
    -ctp [-rm] [-cp]
    -email [-rm] [-cp]
    -genie [-rm] [-cp]
    -lwp [-rm] [-cp]
    -mms [-rm] [-cp]
    -office [-rm] [-cp]
    -shutdown [-r] [-rr]
    -sound [-e] [-d]
    -spareparts [-rm] [-cp]
    -sys [-rw] [-ro]
    -tips [-rm] [-cp]
    -toolkit [-rm] [-cp]
    -usb [-e] [-d]

    To use "switch" scripts:
    1. Download desired file
    2. Place on sdcard
    3. Run script


    -Android 2.2 FROYO Base (credit to Google)
    -Fully Zipaligned System (credit to Pete)
    -Fully Deodexed System (credit to Pete & Birdman)
    -Automatic OverClocking to highest slot *makes SetCPU optional* (credit to Pete)
    -Full sysctl support using sysctl.conf (credit to Pete)

    -Clean Shutdown/Startup (from CyanogenMod)
    -Custom Static Wallpapers (thanks Prash, Google, & HTC)
    -Tons of tweaks to increase performance & battery life (credit to Pete)
    -Google DNS for a faster & safer online experience (credit to Pete)
    -ADB Shell runs as root by default *no need to type in su* (credit to Pete)
    -Chrome To Phone App (credit to Google)
    -Supports Adobe Flash Player
    -Milestone Video Player App (credit to Pete)
    -Native Sound Recorder App (credit to Pete)
    -Spare Parts App (modded by Pete)
    -Neural Network Live Wallpaper with Google Colors (credit to Pete)
    -Huge Library of System Audio (credit to Pete) *All 2.0, 2.1, & 2.2 Sounds*
    -Longer Duration Between Wifi Scans Tweak *Battery Saver* (credit to Pete)
    -Version Information In Settings > About Phone (credit to Pete)
    -SuperUser App V2.1 w/ new UI (credit to ChainsDD)
    -Ads blocked by default in apps & browser *No need to use AdFree* (credit to Pete)
    -Camera Sounds Silenced by default *shutter & video recording* (credit to Pete)
    -Nearly 100MB free at boot (credit to Pete)
    -Over 50MB of free memory at all times *No need to use task killers* (credit to Pete)
    -Busybox & Toolbox commands installed at boot (thanks Koush)
    -Scripts ready to run after ROM Installation (credit to Pete)
    -Backup/Delete Apps Using Astro & godmode
    -Percentage in Battery Icon (images by Xeudoxus)
    -Less CPU Intensive LWPs (idea by ChevyNo1 & ReverendYo)
    -Transparent Notification Window Patch by Xeudoxus
    -Moto X Bootanimation & Ringtones (credit to Pete)
    -Bugless Beast Toolkit App (developed by Mr.Blippy)

    HotKeys: (created by Pete)
    -Recovery (hold power & x button)
    -Shutdown (hold power & s button)
    -Reboot (hold power & r button)
    -Testing Menu (hold left alt & menu button)

    Tools & Utilites:

    -Flash Image
    -Busybox V1.16.1 (I also fixed it's wget command)
    -Bash Shell


    -Visual Voicemail (download from the Market)
    -Facebook (download from the Market)
    -Voice (download from the Market)
    -Goggles (download from the Market)
    -Twitter (download from the Market)
    -30 Broken .jpg wallpapers that were left in Launcher2.apk


    -Modified Stock Theme (credit to Pete)
    -Transparent Notification Window
    -Removed Google Logo from search widget
    -Removed Google Logo from maps
    -Removed Weather Channel logo from News & Weather app
    -Removed background from Launcher buttons

    Please remember where you saw all these options first!

    Special thanks to TimCostello and CPR for file hosting :)

    ***** ROM Reviews *****

    Review by Kirch21
    Initial Setup: Both sprecovery and clockworkmod are supported. This ROM is in the form of an update.zip. Initial boot was very fast. All of my apps (20)/contacts/etc. synced in right around 8 minutes. Facebook synced just fine. I did have one issue with 3G not connecting on the initial boot, but a quick reboot fixed the problem.

    Speed and Responsiveness:

    -Stock Kernal: ROM ran very well on the stock kernel (7 slot peak at 800mhz). Very responsive when opening apps and scrolling is very smooth. Quadrant scored at 1153 on stock kernel.

    -P3Droid 1ghz LV: As always I noticed a boost in performance with a bit higher kernel. Benchmark scored 1412 with this kernel. After a few days, it still has been running flawlessly.

    Features: Auto CPU control (SetCPU app becomes optional), Hot Keys for Recovery, Reboot, Shutdown, and Test Menu, Script Helper, AD Block. These features standout to me, but there are many more features that can be seen on the release page.

    Bugs found: As for now this ROM has been 100% bugless.

    Theme-ability: This ROM has many themes available for it including X-Theme, Smoked Glass, and NexTheme. Other themes are available as well but these being the most popular give theme-ability 5/5 for Bugless Beast 0.4. I tested out all three themes and all installed smoothly. I noticed no decrease in performance with any of the themes.

    Hows it Compare?
    I found this ROM to be the best I have ran to date. It lives up to its name: Bugless Beast. Overall I give this ROM 5/5. There was nothing about this ROM I could find to dock any points from it.

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  2. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser VIP Member

    Aw yes!
  3. djkeller3

    djkeller3 Well-Known Member

    I don't know what this means, but I'm gonna download it and find out!! More work to do just when I think everything is FINALLY PERFECT... Thanks Pete!!!!!!
  4. gotwillk

    gotwillk Well-Known Member

    i'm so full. please. no more.
  5. ska.t73

    ska.t73 Well-Known Member

    Hey Fab you think your Xtheme will work on this?
  6. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser VIP Member

    I think so, wanna try it out :D ?
  7. ska.t73

    ska.t73 Well-Known Member

    Yep... and just in time too, heading home now... I will give it a shot at home and let ya know... :D
  8. MisterEff

    MisterEff Well-Known Member

    Fab you gonna throw your NexTheme on this? I will try it with the X Theme if you supply the files. Just message me.
  9. G.Armour

    G.Armour You know you want to. VIP Member

    Wow! Downloading now! 2 rom flashes in the same day! You the man Pete!

    Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk
  10. anaphora68

    anaphora68 Well-Known Member

    Oh sweet Jeebus. Another Froyo ROM from Pete? Installing as I type this...
  11. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser VIP Member

  12. anaphora68

    anaphora68 Well-Known Member

    Fab - if you need a tester, let me know.
  13. htowngtr

    htowngtr Well-Known Member

    Can you install over the old 0.3?
  14. shrink57

    shrink57 Well-Known Member

    The original post states:

    *No wipe necessary if coming from other FRF57 Froyo ROMs, but if you run into any problems at all then wipe data & cache*

  15. htowngtr

    htowngtr Well-Known Member

    Download link in ROM manager says "MUST WIPE DATA AND CACHE!!"
  16. wadsface

    wadsface Well-Known Member

    flashing over 0.3 right now, gunna play a bit, then put on xTheme.
  17. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser VIP Member

    NexTheme didn't boot up for me. Logcat said something about audio.flinger not being able to start.

  18. wadsface

    wadsface Well-Known Member

    First boot, was super... laggy... I guess is the best way to put it, booted right up and was basically unresponsive, trying to restart, <3 the reboot options. May have to wipe for this one...
  19. Ldubbz

    Ldubbz New Member

    Installed over 0.3...had one reboot, but seems to be OK so far...any reports on Nextheme 0.3 working yet?


    Saw that Fab, thanks. Second reboot...may have to wipe
  20. goldz28

    goldz28 Well-Known Member

    I'll give it a shot
  21. G.Armour

    G.Armour You know you want to. VIP Member

    I didn't wipe and flashed right over the earlier frf84b and also flashed Chevy's 1.2 mv kernal and I ain't having any problems with this. My market is working right and my Droid is flying. Really loving this rom. Thanks again Pete!

    Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk
  22. MisterEff

    MisterEff Well-Known Member

    I want to try X Theme, if it didn't have the black text problem.
    darthanubis likes this.
  23. GirLuvsDroid

    GirLuvsDroid Well-Known Member

    bill d at Alldroid reported that NexTheme wouldn't boot, as well.
  24. cracc120

    cracc120 Member

    Droid x theme 0.3 wouldn't reboot for me..
  25. htowngtr

    htowngtr Well-Known Member

    Couldn't get X-Theme to boot... hangs on Moto symbol

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