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  1. PandaBomb

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    If you are still on Froyo, you need to install the Gingerbread bootloader FIRST!
    If you are currently running a Gingerbread ROM(AreaROM 2.0+) you DO NOT need this.

    This is an Odin installed bootloader.
    1.Download and unzip.
    2.Put your phone in Downloading mode. (Phone off- Press and hold Volume DOWN+Camera+Power until Downloading.. appears on screen)
    3. Connect your phone to your PC.
    4. Launch the Odin exe found in the zip file.
    5. Make sure phone is connected with Odin.
    6. Click Ops and select the Ops file, click Boot and select the Boot file, same with Phone and PDA (there are no CSC or EFS files). (DO NOT change any options in Odin!!)
    7. Click Start and wait for the package to install. Your phone will reboot. When it reboots, immediately hold Volume UP+Camera+Power to boot into recovery.(You can disconnect USB now and close Odin)(If you miss the reboot, you can pop your battery out and back in an boot into recovery that way)
    8. Follow steps below to install ROM!

    Gingerbread Bootloader:

    Hello All!

    What I have for you tonight is a VERY basic GingerBread ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Precedent. The ROM is basically bone-stock GB, actually less than as there is no included email app (way better alternatives on Market).

    Rooted w/ SU installed
    Replaces Launcher with de-branded stock GingerBread Launcher
    Custom Boot Animation support
    Zip-Aligned and Deodexed

    ... that's really about it. I can add more apps or features for future releases, just post what you would like to see or dig in and mod for yourself. This ROM was built to be customized by you :)

    The reason I made this ROM is because of the lack of anything available for this phone. I used AreaROM for the basis of TalkStraight (although no GREEN them and whatnot), so thanks to those guys for their work in making AreaROM 2.2-GreenBread, thanks to Shabby for all his hard work in getting those folks where they are now ;)

    I have had this phone for months and have tested all the available ROMs. I have been running this ROM for about a week +/- a day or two, and have yet to come across any problems.

    This is a CWM install, so just copy to SD, reboot to recovery, and install .zip from SD. You should probably reboot after install and do a factory/cache/dalvik wipe just to make things run a tad better.

    This ROM did NOT wipe my data on install, but you should take precautions to insure your data is backed up and safe. I AM NOT responsible for any damage that may be caused to your device, nor any data costs incurred by using this ROM. No warranty of the functions of this ROM are expressed or implied. Download and Flash at your own risk. Whenever flashing data to a phone there is ALWAYS something that can go wrong. Be smart!

    So without further yapping and whatnot.....

    FileSwap.com : TalkStraight_0.1b_GB.zip download free

    Have fun! Hope everyone enjoys it!

    FileSwap.com : CWMv5.0.2.6-Precedent.zip download free

  2. PandaBomb

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  3. Rookie407

    Rookie407 Active Member

    And people say AreaRom Devs Are Thieves! you did nothing to this rom besides rethemed it and removed the go apps...
  4. PandaBomb

    PandaBomb Active Member

    Some people don't like to have all their apps chosen for them, not everyone has the ability to remove system apps. READ the 1st post. I also said in the 1st post that this is based on AreaROM (is it just me, or does no one read anymore?). This ROM was made to be customized by the user however they see fit, not shove a lot of useless junk on them and a VERY ugly theme. So if anyone enjoy's the freedom to add the apps they like and use, and be able to theme however you wish, this is your ROM. Thanks and enjoy!

    EDIT: I also thanked the guys @ AA51 as well as the originator Shabby in the 1st post. AA51 borrowed from Shabby and I borrowed from AA51, at least I give credit where credit is DUE.
  5. ok so i just got my precedent 3 days ago and got it rooted, i downloaded this rom how to I install it?
  6. PandaBomb

    PandaBomb Active Member

    You need ClockWorkMod Recovery on your phone 1st. I am in the process of uploading the Odin for CWM, as soon as it's done, I'll post it in the original post.
  7. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    It's already available on Area51 and on my site. Just use the Odin in the Area51 ROM and don't install the ROM. There's no reason for another package of the same program. (I only hosted it because Area51 was a very slow download for a while.)
  8. PandaBomb

    PandaBomb Active Member

  9. nik92990

    nik92990 Guest

    If you are rooted you can remove whatever you want
  10. PandaBomb

    PandaBomb Active Member

    I'm sorry, what I should have said is not everyone is able to OR has the knowledge to remove system apps, but nearly everyone can start with a clean rom and use market to get what they want. I'm just making options for precedent users.

  11. Ok i did the odin thing, put your rom on my sdcard and installed it, now my phone wont boot up WTH. my phone was working fine with everything i have done, and now it wont boot it just sits there, and does nothing, SOMEONE HELP PLEASE is there a way to get back to the STOCK stuff since apparently this Rom doesn't work on the precedent
  12. Rookie407

    Rookie407 Active Member

    well you know if you take the time to read this post here ---> Apps That Can Safely Be Removed!!! - Precedent you would gain the knowledge to remove system apps... but that would be too easy...

    sorry bout your phone
    better luck next time
  13. PoorBoy52760

    PoorBoy52760 Well-Known Member

    so anyway To BadLandMudder, you will need to get the source odins from AreaRom 2.0 or 2.2 in order to run this SO CALLED ROM, cause it will not work on a base Froyo system it needs the EJ06 Prevail Bootloaders to load, you can however put your phone back to stock, using the Rtto Precedent Method, found on here.
  14. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    OK. That's enough.

    There is clearly some past history with the players here.

    No one cares, guys, no one really cares. So I don't want to see any more posts in any rom threads about who was banned from where, who quit from where, how many posts someone has, or who took Ashley to the dance. We will be having none of it.

    PandaBomb, sounds like your rom has requirements or prerequisites, so please add them to the OP. And please credit and thank those helping to clarify the requirements.

    Two paths for the user when no one makes the right rom for you. Either start big and tear down or start small and build up. Neither is better, per se, it's just a choice. And that ends that debate.

    Now, if there are questions, you all know how to reach us, yes?

    Thank you.
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  15. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Let me add:

    1. Elitists are NOT welcome here at Android Forums. If you can't offer constructive criticism rather than ridicule and insults then don't bother posting.

    2. Any more blatant attempts to pimp other sites will result in infractions for spamming.

    3. Keep prior history, personal vendettas and ego clashes off this site. This isn't the first time stuff like this has gone down in the Prevail section, and we don't like repeating ourselves. Please review the Site Rules, play by them, or go elsewhere.

    Thank you.
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  16. PandaBomb

    PandaBomb Active Member

    Done. Thanks guys.
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  17. mike4593

    mike4593 New Member

    getting back to one of the earlier posts i did read a post where it said that you cant delete anything before i install this rom is there some system apps that would cause the market to not to not work

    ive been looking for a rooted basic rom for awhile i like the 2.1 version but i dont like the theme or some of the apps also link2sd is the best app and should be included on all roms to give you almost unlimited space

    how can i customize the rom with apps before i install it or once its installed how can i create my own rom for myself? do i just backup
  18. PandaBomb

    PandaBomb Active Member

    Just unzip the ROM, go to /system/app and drop in any apk's you want installed. Zip the rom back up and flash.

    Once you have your rom set up the way you want it and installed, just boot into Clockwork and do a backup. Keep this folder safe, you can use it to go back if something happens.
  19. PoorBoy52760

    PoorBoy52760 Well-Known Member

    Hey Panda did you figure out the mms issue, where you had to send on one program and receive on the other?

    also to the post above where you unzip and then rezip doesn't the .zip need to be signed for cwm to read it?
  20. PandaBomb

    PandaBomb Active Member

    I don't have any issues with mms on this rom, works great on my backup device where this rom is installed. If any users have this issue, contact me and I will see what can be done. CWM by default does not check for a signature. You have to enable a signature check in the options.
  21. CjWelborn

    CjWelborn Member

    Hey there, I'm a windows coder (.net) but unfortunately new to android roms/code/etc. I don't have the money to brick a phone and just go buy a new one, but anyway, I successfully installed clockworkmod for precedent on my phone. I'm about to take the leap and try to install this bootloader & rom. What are the benefits of a custom rom? Is it faster, prettier, more advanced, or what? I know one thing for certain. I hate this stock ROM. I can't change my boot animations, it's loaded with bloatware, it feels slow. Thats partly my fault because I have WAY too many apps, like 135 or so, mostly linked to my sdcard. Is that considered too many? See like I said, I'm new to this android stuff. My main question is: What are the advantages of a custom ROM?

    ...I did some research, I was really wanting an answer from the developer of this ROM, but I see now the advantages (and disadvantages) of a custom ROM. I installed Clockwork Recovery MOD, Gingerbread Bootloader, and finally this ROM (the name?:AreaROM for Precedent/TalkStraight GB?). It was successful! Now I get to play with my new ROM, this is awesome. Thank you all for taking the time to make something for the Prevail/Precedent (I'm using Precedent, but without one there may not be the other)..
    Thanks again,


    P.S. - I'll update if I run into some major problems..
  22. Slayer72

    Slayer72 Well-Known Member Developer

    my bad... :p
  23. Does anyone have the system app Task Manager that comes with the stock precedent? Jw its removed on the ROM im currently using.
  24. theonedudeguy

    theonedudeguy New Member

    This is a very, very amazing ROM. I used it for a long time. However, I would like to return to the 2.2 bootloader [basically, return to be able to load normal ROMs onto the precedent]

    I have odin, what i am asking for is a point in the right direction for the correct original boot.tar, pda.tar, phone.tar, and whatever the ***.ops file is.

    also wouldnt be bad for backups
  25. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Area51 has an original ROM file for Odin install. (If you already have the drivers installed, you can skip that part.)

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