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[ROM]Black Plague w/ Plague kernel

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  1. carlosd24

    carlosd24 Active Member

    PG, I will be sending a donation as soon as I can, the ROM works great!

    I have two quick questions

    1) I don't have THAT many apps, but would you recommend me to make a Micro SD partition?

    2) When you release the update to the new ROM, how do I update it?

  2. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    nah it has the Sony Bravia mod.

    You shouldnt need as sd-ext on the Connect, I've not used one since the Ascend lol
  3. carlosd24

    carlosd24 Active Member

    SetCPU not following profile settings.

  4. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    was wifi hotspot working on stock??? I notice its not working on BO either.
  5. airtioteclint

    airtioteclint Well-Known Member

    Nope. From what I understand it hasn't worked sinced zv8.
  6. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    k that makes sense then, basically from what I gathered by asking some folks, logcats, and digging around its missing a defined actively for that function. AKA something needs recompiled with said function added. lol
  7. intellidroid

    intellidroid Member

    My phone is powering off after opening random apps. What could be the problem?
  8. schemppjr80

    schemppjr80 Well-Known Member

    Hey PG thank u for this as I have been waiting patiently for a Rom by u and so far so good only problem I am having is the CPU profiles won't stick like on B.O. but other than that its a great Rom and I love the "injecting the plague" in CWM install of this. :-D :) thank u PG
  9. Jrdroid

    Jrdroid Well-Known Member

    Excellent rom for sure. I got a small problem though. I think it may be the kernal. Usually when the phone is off and charging, a battery icon shows it charging. But now, when i put it to charge with the phone off. I get a garbaled screen with the backlight on.
  10. tonylc74

    tonylc74 Well-Known Member

    On zv8 rooted it work for me, and on Bo I changed device profile to Google nexus with the tethering app and it worked fine.
  11. intellidroid

    intellidroid Member

    Fergot to ask, any chance u cud include lg hidden menu's?
  12. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    not sure there as I havent had those issues.
    again not sure as I havent had those issues.
    Done ;)
  13. samp27

    samp27 Active Member

    This rom doesnt wipe apps/settings, I assume thats done on purposes? Sorry, typically all the roms I install wipe the phone clean, so just checking..
  14. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    if a rom wipes data, its dev needs slapped upside the head!!! ;)
  15. kevkvn13

    kevkvn13 New Member

    Can I flash this over the Broken Out ROM?
  16. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

  17. bawlz mcnutt

    bawlz mcnutt Well-Known Member

    Rom is looking good so far, few issues I've noticed.

    -Battery charging screen (while phone is off) still doesn't work.
    -Phone gets really hot while charging. (might be from CPU settings not sticking?)
  18. justenjoy

    justenjoy Well-Known Member Contributor

    What does the mms/sms app look like? Can anyone screen it?
  19. kevkvn13

    kevkvn13 New Member

    I'm getting a reboot every time i'm browsing my SD card with my computer while my phone plugged into the computer?Usb mode is on Mass Storage, any ideas why?
  20. jaynpt

    jaynpt Well-Known Member

    Same here... And when I am in a file manager backup app.
  21. tonylc74

    tonylc74 Well-Known Member

    Bo does this also
  22. kevkvn13

    kevkvn13 New Member

    BrokenOut did not do that?

    Every time I try to copy a new ROM from my computer to the SD card the phone reboots halfway,
  23. Jrdroid

    Jrdroid Well-Known Member

    I was afraid i was the only one with these problems haha.
  24. tonylc74

    tonylc74 Well-Known Member

    I meant for this:eek:

  25. stiff106

    stiff106 Active Member

    Thank you PG, I follow your instruction on playful droids.wiki and everything went like clock work………
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