(ROM) Borai-mod stock deodexed rom

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  1. Boraichee

    Boraichee Well-Known Member

    UPDATE V2 3/15
    UPDATE V2.3 3/16
    NO METRO PCS CRAP *besides nav app and metro mail as i like these apps*
    flash the same way you would the admiral beast rom. You must format system, cache, dalvik cache and data in cwm. i need people to let me know any bugs. This rom is 100% deodexed PRE ROOTED stock. All metro apps are removed*.

    -Apks Zipaligned
    -Home button fixed
    -Added superuser
    -No need to do factory reset anymore
    -Added stock boot.img (kernel)
    Just install from market


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  2. stock rom? lol.. okay pms..
  3. still no pm i wanna try this out lol whenever ur ready!
  4. Uriel707

    Uriel707 Well-Known Member

    Do u have another thread about this. The deodexed or something or am I incorrect?
  5. RetroDelete

    RetroDelete Well-Known Member

  6. Uriel707

    Uriel707 Well-Known Member

    This rom made my phone messed up. It got stuck on metro PCS screen and good thing I got a backup. And there was still bloatware.!
  7. ironmask

    ironmask Well-Known Member

    Did I miss something? What's the point of this ROM? And how is it Stock again?! 0_O
  8. Boraichee

    Boraichee Well-Known Member

    flash the same way you would the admiral beast rom. You must format system and data in cwm. This is not final but i did flash it on phone a few times and it booted fine. i need people to let me know any bugs. This rom is 100% stock. All metro apps are removed. Sorry for not giving more detail earlier. I am at work and posted on my way.
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  9. genovdot

    genovdot Well-Known Member

    I got a deodexed rom, rooted with a couple tweaks. Got a shut down bug I need to work out and it should be posted tomorrow. Got some goodies for everyone. ^_^
  10. blaze420916

    blaze420916 Well-Known Member

  11. Ok i tried this. i recommend using titanium backup to restore all your apps. I tried this and had metro apps.. hm. Lol. And yeah , i could deal with the rest.
  12. Boraichee

    Boraichee Well-Known Member

    There is a download link now at the top. v2 READ HOW TO FLASH. I don't want any bricked phones
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  13. lol i did that but i want the home button fixed ;o a lil annoying./
  14. Boraichee

    Boraichee Well-Known Member

    i found a fix. do a data reset in cwm.
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  15. Thank U!!
  16. Hey OP ive been liking this alot but here are some bugs : after restarting my phone 2-3 times, i always freeze up. i cleared my cachesin CWM and still had those problems. just that. its a little annoying, since it freezes the screen and you have to remove the battery,

    Also, if you remove certain things, you can get up ll the way to almost 70 mb of free system rom!!
  17. but that was v2.0 ill see v2.1 any differences.
  18. Update to op,: It was gmail. Nevermind.
  19. Flipnotic

    Flipnotic Well-Known Member

    Is this rooted or unrooted? Also, if I were to put this on my phone and re add the metropcs crap, I would be able to trade it in for a different phone whenever I needed to without issues right?
  20. Boraichee

    Boraichee Well-Known Member

    If they dont care its rooted. I know that there is more room I could make. This is just the start. This as of now is the quickest way back to stock.i am working on a custom rom now. Fyi deodexed roms have longer boot times but they are easy to mod and theme.
  21. flakito97

    flakito97 Well-Known Member

    So is this completely deodexed??
  22. Boraichee

    Boraichee Well-Known Member

    yes framework and apps
  23. flakito97

    flakito97 Well-Known Member

    Alright we can expect massive Theme ports now!! I know a guy or two ;-D all I needed was a stock deodexed Rom!
  24. Dlightinu

    Dlightinu Well-Known Member

    so does that mean that there is a posibility of getting CM7?
  25. flakito97

    flakito97 Well-Known Member

    Not so sure Roms. But themes yea. Basically Base Roms. Meaning the theme side of a Rom. Till we get a kernel in order to complete a Rom.

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