[ROM][CM10.1+AOKP+PA] [29.5.]PAC-man v22.3.0 by zeelog

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    Paranoid + Aokp + Cyanogen = PACman
    This is a combination of these three popular ROMs.

    ROM 22.3.0:
    Goo.im Downloads - Downloading blade_PAC_JB_4.2.2-v22.3.0_20130529.zip


    KonstaT - without him, this wouldn't be possible. BIG Thanks!
    ParanoidAndroid Team
    CM Team
    AOKP Team
    PAC Team

    • RIL (mobile network & data)
    • Wifi (& wifi tethering)
    • Bluetooth (& bt-tethering)
    • GPS
    • Audio (playback/input/routing/headphones/etc)
    • Hardware acceleration and OpenGL rendering
    • Hardware video decoding & encoding
    • Camera (photos, camcorder & panorama)
    • SD card
    • USB-storage & adb
    • USB-tethering
    • Browser
    • Touchscreen/multi-touch
    • Sensors
    • LEDs

    Not working:
    • FM radio

    Orignal thread

  2. De@n

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    ROM: v22.3.0 (29 MAY 2013)
    Backport low memory killer from 3.4 kernel (credit plaguedbypenguins)
    Added lagfree governor (credit burstlam)
    Added dynamic sync (credit burstlam)
    Updated dynamic Fsync to 1.1 (credit burstlam)
    Faster wifi reconnection after deep sleep (credit plaguedbypenguins)
    Disabled WebGL
    Fixed Email FC
    Changed default Email UI to Stock UI
    Fixed various memory leaks
    Statusbar auto collapse is back
    Removed lockscreen shortcuts (superseded by ROM Control lock screen ribbons)
    AOKP ribbons overhaul
    Fixed AOKP menu overflow disable option
    Improved & option to control auto-brightness responsitivity (experimental!)
    Added correct AOKP ROM Control overlays for blade

    ROM v22.2.0 (13 MAY 2013)
    Fixed SoD in Lockscreen when in landscape mode
    Fixed AOKP ribbons (missing in 22.1.0!)
    Added AOKP ribbons:
    Options for Long Press, Icons size, Custom Icons,
    Text on and off, Text color, and options for
    Swipe ribbon color and Opacity
    Updated to AOKP sources to Milestone 1
    Settings layout redone
    Updated/Added translations
    More minor updates

    ROM v22.1.0 (2 MAY 2013)
    Choice to enable/disable CRT animation & at which orientation
    Option to change tiles text colour (under QuickSettings Style)
    Fixed PhabletUI NavBar in landscape
    Button Backlight moved to Settings > Advanced (Credit KonstaT)
    Got rid of toolbars, QuickSettings now moved under Status Bar
    PowerMenu: Security Feature (Toggle) to Hide Reboot (reboot recovery)
    New layouts for nav rings, fixes issues with nav rings in landscape
    Fix recents lag
    Ability to include the date in the Status Bar Clock
    Added PAC in Black integrated theme
    Added PAC in Black toggle
    Added more battery styles
    Added AOKP ribbons:
    Options for Long Press, Icons size, Custom Icons,
    Text on and off, Text color, and options for
    Swipe ribbon color and Opacity
    Fixed: navbar rings 90 rotate in landscape
    Lockscreen Theming support
    Fixed Lock Screen ring pattern
    Changed default Calculator UI to Stock/240DPI
    Updated with AOKP sources
    Brought sources inline with CM & PA sources
    New PA Prefs (currently only working in landscape mode,backup not functioning)

    ROM v22.0.1 (26 MAR 2013)
    Fixed FM Audio Routing volume control issues (credit C3C0,KonstaT)
    Allow more hidden apps on devices with lots of RAM (Credit KonstaT)
    Added integrated Changelog
    Fixes on Settings Menu & Cleanup:
    -Moved Toolbars menu in System
    -Remove CM Performance Settings
    Fixed Quick Pulldown (instant tiles pulldown)
    Fixed back button will collapse status bar
    Toggle to disable full screen keyboard
    Added PIE & Volume Quick Tiles
    Network Tile Updates
    Latest PA & CM Updates
    Fixed FCs related to changing Navbar targets
    Added option for QuickTile Row Settings
    Added QuietHours QuickSettings Tile
    Added Hybrid PA QuickSettings Tile
    Added QuickSettingsMode Tile
    Updated to PA Sources 3.15

    ROM v22.0 (19 MAR 2013)
    Added New PAC BootAnimation
    Replaced FM application with EFFEM (Credit daemond,konstat)
    Backport Bluetooth UHID driver from linux 3.8 (Credit plaguedbypenguins,konstat)
    Added support for various Bluetooth input devices (BT Keyboards/Mice)
    Updated Quick Settings
    Added USB Tether dynamic tile
    PIE Enhancements & new options
    Fixed default YouTube UI PA preset
    Fix System UI crash when changing recent app key
    Make Camera shutter follow device sound setting
    Enable Copy/Paste in Google Talk
    Update Charging Animation
    AOKP: Fixed FC's experienced when changing NavBar targets
    LockscreenPattern : Toggle dots/error pattern visibility
    Have DashClock hide lockscreen clock
    SystemUI: Fix dock battery icons for phablet UI
    LockscreenTargets : Dismiss on target select
    Feature : Volume adjust sound preference
    Added option to display WiFi name
    Merge CyanogenMod MileStone patches
    Merge AOKP patches
    A lot of stability and performance improvements

    ROM v20.1 (6 MAR 2013)
    Added more PIE options
    Synced with PA3.1
    Added FM Radio + RDS support (Credit daemond/konstat)
    Integrated SuperSU in settings

    ROM v20.0.0 (28 FEB 2013)
    Libpower tunings
    Updated KGSL from CAF, fixes GPU out of memory issues
    (Credit to Daemond for above fixes)
    Added more PIE options

    ROM v20.0.0 (25 FEB 2013)
    Framework: fix rotation of electron beam animation (credit tilal6991)
    Added CM File Manager
    Added option to disable button backlight (credit C3C0)

    ROM v20.0.0 (21 FEB 2013)
    Initial Release
    Not an upgrade for previous PAC rom releases
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    I installed PAC Rom 19.3.0 onto my HTC One V and it is running well. But I ran into a few problems:

    1. When I try to open my camera I get a camera error "Can't connect to the camera"

    2. When I try to load any video (youtube/internet) I get an error "Video can not be loaded"

    Please help!

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