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[ROM] CTMod 3.80 (04/01/13)

Last Updated:

  1. Capn069

    Capn069 Well-Known Member Contributor

    I got the same thing about an update like 3 hours ago.

  2. hujon

    hujon Well-Known Member

    i was actually pretty excited i just want to know if i should be or goo manager is *****ing out and i got my hopes up for nothing
  3. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Well-Known Member Contributor

    LOL, it did that to me right after installed CTMod 3.6.8 which just happened to be the same day it was released. I knew something just wasn't right. I think that Blood has mentioned this in one of his post a while back.:p
  4. hujon

    hujon Well-Known Member

    ah damn :/ i was really hoping there would be an update
  5. bestrooted

    bestrooted Well-Known Member

    I thought the update is bloods theme!?
  6. Bloodawn

    Bloodawn Well-Known Member

    nothing has been updated.

    GooManager is still in beta so sometimes it shows a update when there isn't one.
    Jay Aristide and rspaulding like this.
  7. rspaulding

    rspaulding Active Member

    Ty for letting us know Blood.
  8. bestrooted

    bestrooted Well-Known Member

    When will your theme be ready for Ctmod?
  9. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Well-Known Member Contributor

    OH NO! Did you just ask for an ETA? :eek::eek:
    k28king1 likes this.
  10. Bloodawn

    Bloodawn Well-Known Member

  11. costarican

    costarican Well-Known Member

    man my wifi doesnt work ?
  12. Bloodawn

    Bloodawn Well-Known Member

    unplug your router and modem for 60 secs, plug them back in, wait 5 mins then try connecting again.
  13. milkman6453

    milkman6453 Member

    is it not possible to enable call duration in call log?
  14. Bloodawn

    Bloodawn Well-Known Member

    did the stock rom show the duration?
  15. rspaulding

    rspaulding Active Member

    My phone has just started giving me this message when I boot up.

    The process android. Process
    Acore has stopped
    Unexpectedly. Please try again.

    And then the only option is to hit force close.

    The phone is working good though.
    I just don't know why it is giving me that message?

    If someone could tell me I would appreciate it.

  16. Jay Aristide

    Jay Aristide Well-Known Member

    did you just flash a theme? If so, which one? That's almost always the culprit.
  17. rspaulding

    rspaulding Active Member

    Yes I did. It was an Iphone theme. It was magic locker. I removed it and I no longer get the notification.
  18. Saxön

    Saxön Well-Known Member

    I miss call duration also, but I did find an app that has it called Call Log Manager Pro.

    Hope this helps
  19. Saxön

    Saxön Well-Known Member

    Blood, when I click on calendar app it comes up fine, buy when I try to add an event it responds with you have no calendars and when you open the calendars tab within it there are no calendars or options to add any?
    Also found that other apps that utilize a calendar say the same... any ideas???

    Edit: added Jorte and still no go.


    Thanks in advanced
  20. milkman6453

    milkman6453 Member

    I do believe when I updated the boost phone the first time stock over the air the duration was there.
  21. mp3jeep

    mp3jeep Well-Known Member

    Is it possible to get a Tun module for this rom? I tried using TUN.ko installer with no luck
  22. milkman6453

    milkman6453 Member

    when i sync my contacts to google the phone will say that google framework (gaps) has crashed. Also when i try to enter the contacts app it will crash launcherPro. I have not flashed any kind of themes.

    and when a call is ended the android.phone app crashes swell
  23. Bloodawn

    Bloodawn Well-Known Member

    try wiping cache and dalvik cache in CWM, if that doesn't fix it you'll either have to do a factory wipe or reflash the rom.
  24. milkman6453

    milkman6453 Member

    it worked thanks
  25. Prinny

    Prinny Resident Linux Nutcase

    This ROM looks great. Loving the layout and everything from what I can see with the screenshots. This makes me even MORE tempted to buy a Marquee!

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