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[ROM] CTMod 3.80 (04/06/13)

Last Updated:

  1. Bloodawn

    Bloodawn Well-Known Member


    CTMod is a minimalist ROM designed for speed, stability and usability.


    • Based on FF19 (The ROM works with any baseband)
    • Kernel: KoumaKernel 2.5
    • ClockworkMod Superuser
    • Busybox
    • adb enabled at boot
    • deodex'd, zipaligned, optimized and debloated
    • Formatted to ext4
    • Fully themed
    • 14 widget Quickpanel
    • Swipe to clear for notifications
    • Extended Power Menu with Reboot, Hot Boot, Recovery, Download and Screenshot
    • DSPManager ported from CM7
    • Downloadclutch
    • Adblock
    • and more

    Added apps:


    Installation will wipe all Data, Settings and SD-Ext

    ➯ Copy the zip to your sdcard
    ➯ Boot into ClockworkMod
    ➯ Make a backup!
    ➯ Select "install zip from sdcard"
    ➯ Select the ROM.zip
    ➯ Select "yes"
    ➯ After its finished press back
    ➯ Select "reboot system now"

    How to add removed app's:
    ➯ Download this: RemovedApps.zip and CLICK HERE for instructions on how to add them
    ➯ If you need Talk or Genie Widget use the apk's from here: Goo.im - gapps-gb-20110828-signed.zip


    Code (Text):
    1. [center]MD5sum: b365a1d1b8fc1e59837a3a030ca49b67[/center]
    Old Versions:

    Code (Text):
    2. [B][SIZE="3"]Changelog:[/SIZE][/B]
    4. [B]04/06/13 Version 3.80[/B]
    5. Fixed SystemUI bugs (so it works with UOT)
    6. Removed Voltage Control, Boat Browser, Stock Clock and the old Superuser
    7. Added Lightning Browser, MiClock and CWM Superuser
    8. Rebuilt CTSettings (fixed some bugs and added CPU/I/O Control to it)
    9. Updated gapps
    10. Updated File Explorer and QuickPic
    11. Updated Busybox
    12. Updated some of the theme
    13. Updated the lockscreen a little
    14. Updated font
    15. Enabled CRT effect
    16. New Settings layout
    17. New boot and shutdown animation
    18. Ported swipe to clear for notifications
    19. Ported DSPManager from CM7
    20. Ported animations from JB 4.2.2
    21. Cleaned build.prop and init scripts
    22. Performance and stability improvements
    24. [B]12/31/12 Version 3.75.2[/B]
    25. All known bugs should be taken care of now
    26. Includes all previous fixes and updates for 3.75
    27. Reverted most of the build.prop back to the way it was in 3.68 to fix some lag
    28. Updated all gapp files to solve a bunch of problems (the new Play Store won't show up till you sign into your account in settings)
    29. YouTube and all other google apps should be fully working now when you install them
    30. From now on If you need Talk or Genie Widget use the apk's from here: [url=http://goo.im/gapps/gapps-gb-20110828-signed.zip]Goo.im - gapps-gb-20110828-signed.zip[/url]
    32. [B]12/30/12 Fix added[/B]
    33. Includes all previous fixes (if theres something you don't want just delete it from the zip)
    34. Updates Play Store, Boat and Google Search to newest versions
    35. Updates Play Services and gets rid of that error message (when you open youtube the first time it there will be a pop-up, ignore it and hit the back button till its gone and you won't ever see it again. also you won't be able to log into youtube but you can watch everything perfectly fine)
    36. Fixes a problem with /system/etc/init.d/S03BD which was causing lag on some phones
    38. [B]12/13/12 Fix added[/B]
    39. Replaces SuperSU with Superuser
    40. Updates Google Play Services
    41. Includes the quickpanel wifi icon fix
    43. [B]12/02/12 Fix added[/B]
    44. Added a fix for the quickpanel wifi icon showing up wrong
    46. [B]12/01/12 Version 3.75[/B]
    47. Upgraded the base to FF19
    48. Hiddenmenu now works
    49. Added Update PRL and Profile to Settings > About phone > System Updates
    50. Fixed Haptic feedback for the captive buttons
    51. Fixed Compass
    52. In Call Lockscreen is back and working correctly
    53. Redid the Power Menu and added Hot Boot
    54. New lockscreen
    55. New Music and Camera apps
    56. New wallpaper
    57. New Settings layout
    58. New loading bar
    59. New wifi icon
    60. New boot and shutdown animation
    61. Replaced Superuser with SuperSU
    62. Replaced Chrome with Boat Browser
    63. Cleaned up init.d and build.prop
    64. Updated Koumamod, GooManager, QuickPic, File Explorer, Play Store and Xperia to their newest versions
    65. Added Google Search, Voice Dialer, Sound Recorder and Live Wallpaper Picker back
    66. Added Kouma's SDparter to CTMod Settings
    67. New RemovedApps.zip uploaded for CT 3.75 only
    69. [B]06/18/12 Version 3.68[/B]
    70. Updated build.prop to never show a notification for a Samsung update again
    71. Added GooManager
    72. Updated Chrome (Based on the newest Maxthon. Should be faster. Force-closes should be fixed. Redid some of the theme)
    73. Changed some GPS stuff to hopefully help some people out
    74. Updated Voltage Control to newest version
    75. Updated QuickPic to newest version
    76. Updated MIUI file Explorer to newest version
    77. Updated Xperia Launcher to newest version
    78. Updated Koumamod to newest version
    79. The default for Koumamod is now set to "None" (You'll have to set it up how you like)
    81. [B]05/08/12[/B]
    82. Updated the 3.6 link to fix Koumamod.
    84. [B]05/07/12 Verson 3.6[/B]
    85. Fixed the lag from 3.4 and 3.5
    86. Fixed some stuff in the build.prop
    87. Fixed some stuff in S03CT
    88. Upgraded kernel to KoumaKernel 2.5
    89. Updated Quickpic to newest version
    90. Updated File Explorer to newest version
    91. Updated Xperia Launcher to newest version
    92. Updated KoumaMod settings to newest version (it shows up correctly that SSM is enabled now, Thanks Kouma)
    93. Downgraded Voltage Control to fix a bug for saving settings as init.d
    94. Replaced the stock browser with a fake Chrome Browser I put together for CTMod
    95. Fixed and Updated some theming
    96. Probably some other stuff I don't remember
    98. [B]04/12/12 Verson 3.5[/B]
    99. Fixed the lag some people had
    100. New notification widgets added (Brightness, Flashlight, Screen timeout, Disable/enable lockscreen, Shut down, Reboot)
    101. You can now customize notification widgets in CTMod settings
    102. You can now change KoumaKernel modes in CTMod settings (Thanks to Koumajutsu, you no longer have to manually edit the koumamod file)
    103. Changed some of the theme
    104. Updated QuickPic to newest version
    105. Updated Voltage Control to newest version
    106. Updated File Manager to newest version (works a lot better now)
    107. Fixed downloading notification text color
    109. [B]04/01/12 Verson 3.4[/B]
    110. Updated Adreno drivers
    111. Added Screenshot option to the Power Menu
    112. Updated the kernel to KoumaKernel 2.4 (automatically set to SSM)
    113. Updated QuickPic to newest version
    114. Updated File Explorer to newest version
    115. Added [URL="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.darekxan.voltagecontrol&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5kYXJla3hhbi52b2x0YWdlY29udHJvbCJd"]Voltage Control[/URL]
    116. Changed launcher to [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1557091"]XPERIA S Home Launcher[/URL] (widgets not included)
    117. Redid the init.d scripts and added a special one made for CTMod (sd cache script is now located in /system/etc/init.d/S03CT. Do not use any other optimization scripts)
    118. Redid the build.prop
    119. 3G should be better now. If its still slow blame Boost
    121. [B]03/17/12 Verson 3.3[/B]
    122. Fixed updating contacts force-close
    123. Removed the In Call Screen lock
    124. Removed Mobile AP
    125. Removed Hiddenmenu (since it no longer works)
    126. Fixed Volume
    127. Brand new MIUI File Explorer (lighter, faster, root explorer can be enabled, no annoying update pop-up, FTP)
    128. Upgraded to the official KoumaKernel 2.1 (fixed version. Yes the app/data mods are included this time)
    129. Added CTMod Settings to Settings
    130. Added a Clock next to the Date in the notification drop down
    131. Swype can now be added like any other app, the fix is no longer required.
    132. Misc Tweaks
    133. Cleaned and Optimized some files
    134. Completely redid the Removed Apps zip (I removed any app from it that can be installed with the market. I removed useless shit from it that nobody will ever want or need. Every app in it has been tested and works)
    135. Other random changes
    137. [B]03/04/12 Verson 3.2[/B]
    138. ROM installation now formats existing SD-Ext's to prevent issues related to old files
    139. Changed some things with Bluetooth to hopefully fix issues some people have
    140. Updated build.prop to stop the notification for FA19
    141. Removed the battery fully charged pop-up
    142. Fixed the problem some apps had when updating them with the market
    143. Color Effects now works on the camera (thanks to Xruptor for finding the new camera)
    144. Replaced My Files with MIUI File Manager
    145. Updated QuickPic
    146. Added CRT animation
    147. Added Shutdown animation
    148. Performance tweaks
    149. Cleaned up and Optimized some files
    150. Updated some images
    151. Other random changes
    153. [B]02/22/12 Verson 3.1.2[/B]
    154. Works with both Baseband EJ06 and FA19
    155. Fixed receiving calls for real this time
    156. Added new RemovedApps.zip
    157. Email fix is no longer required to use the stock email app. you can add it like any of the other ones now
    159. [B]02/21/12 Verson 3.1[/B]
    160. Fixed volume
    161. New boot animation, wallpaper, kernel splash
    162. Made settings background semi-transparent
    164. [B]02/20/12 Verson 3.0[/B]
    165. Upgraded Android from 2.3.5 to 2.3.6 (thanks to hraork)
    166. Added ICS keyboard
    167. Upgraded kernel to unofficial KoumaKernel 1.3
    169. [B]01/31/12 Verson 2.5[/B]
    170. New lock screen clock
    171. Fixed browser zoom button
    172. GPS tweaks
    173. Performance tweaks
    174. Updated market
    175. Changed a few images in the theme
    176. Couple new init.d scripts
    178. [B]01/05/12 Verson 2.4[/B]
    179. New RAM Optimizer script
    180. Added a script for SD cache size (default is 2048)
    181. Added some other init.d scripts
    182. Cleaned up the build.prop
    183. Some performance tweaks
    184. Fixed the Media scanner text
    185. Fixed the 3G icon
    186. Rethemed
    187. New boot animation
    188. Updated Zeam and QuickPic
    189. some other random stuff fixed/changed
    191. [B]12/01/11 Verson 2.3[/B]
    192. Fixed Bluetooth file transfer
    193. Fixed Zeam force closing when opening the camera with the shutter button
    194. Fixed the force close when going to Mobile networks in Settings/Wireless & network settings
    195. Fixed the force close when going to Menu/Downloads in the browser
    196. Updated QuickPic and the Market to newest version
    197. Themed keyboard
    198. Removed Download Crutch icon from the app drawer
    199. Fixed some build.prop typos
    201. [B]11/25/11 Verson 2.2[/B]
    202. Switched over to KoumaKernel 1.0
    203. Boot Animations are fixed and enabled now
    204. Removed brightness widget till i get it working
    205. Fixed Bluetooth to not depend on Music.apk
    206. Removed Music.apk and replaced it with Miui Music(its lighter, faster and doesn't automatically start up)
    207. Added QuickPic so people would quit asking how to change wallpaper
    208. Updated Zeam and Superuser to the newest version
    209. Finished up more of the theming
    212. [B]11/15/11 Verson 2.1[/B]
    213. Fixed Bluetooth (had to add Music.apk back, if you don't use bluetooth and don't want the apk you can remove it)
    214. Removed data throttle
    215. Battery life should be a little better
    216. Optimized 3G
    217. Tweaked some stuff to improve performance
    218. Updated Zeam to the newest version
    220. [B]11/10/11 Verson 2.0[/B]
    221. Redid the ROM for Gingerbread 2.3.5
    222. Includes Koumajutsu's newest kernal
    223. Brand new Notification Widgets, has 10 widgets that you scroll sideways on
    224. Carrier IQ completely removed (again)
    226. [B]11/5/11 Verson 1.2[/B]
    227. Fixed Mms (had to add SprintAndroidExtention.apk back even tho i didn't want to)
    228. Added MiuiCamera.apk, DownloadCrutch.apk
    229. Performance tweaks
    230. Removed Boost mobile boot sound, framework-tests.jar, sec_feature.jar, twframework.jar, twframework-res.apk, monkey.jar Camera.apk
    232. [B]10/28/11 Verson 1.1[/B]
    233. Fixed GPS (Use wireless Networks)
    234. Fixed Adblock
    235. Fixed Text to speech
    236. Fixed Some file permissions
    237. Removed VoiceDialer.apk, GoogleQuickSearchBox Gmail.apk
    239. [B]10/21/11 Verson 1.0[/B]
    240. Initial release


  2. PhoneMan93

    PhoneMan93 Well-Known Member

    It sounds really fast. I may not be able to resist trying it.
    galarue, Rmuxe72 and gw4141 like this.
  3. Purponic

    Purponic Well-Known Member

    Great job! This is noticeably faster than my last set up.
  4. psp_noob

    psp_noob Well-Known Member

    from the screenshot it looks like you id your stuff, it's a nice start

    though i'm curious if you plan on developing this into a shabby replacement are themes the only things needed to be modified or will all the other stuff (mods, scripts, etc..) still work?
  5. Bloodawn

    Bloodawn Well-Known Member

    the host file wasn't blocking ad's so i put a zip in the first post to fix it, just flash it in cwm

    this may be the only version i release. i can't think of anything else to do with it really.

    which mods are you thinking of? this pretty much includes them all. the scripts that work on shabbymod should work fine
    Crimsimonia likes this.
  6. trenchkato

    trenchkato Well-Known Member

    testing today... how long before you drop one of your simple themes on it...
  7. Bloodawn

    Bloodawn Well-Known Member

    I don't know. it wouldn't take me long to make them work with it but I woke up with a cold today so I don't feel like doing anything atm
    Rally 517 likes this.
  8. Rally 517

    Rally 517 Well-Known Member

    Me too. Hate being sick
  9. fcortes626

    fcortes626 Well-Known Member

    try to put the simple blue theme on it. so whats the difference between this rom and shabby?
  10. J6Remy

    J6Remy Well-Known Member

    If this is anything like your themes, its going to be sick! Thanks, Bruhh!
  11. Bloodawn

    Bloodawn Well-Known Member

    Don't use simple blue with this till i update the theme, it will make it unstable and probably break factory reset

    as for the differences

    This includes:
    System, Cache, Data are formatted to Ext4
    KoumaKernel 0.1
    Carrier IQ removed
    Notification Widgets
    Reboot options
    Gingerbread Keyboard
    Themed a little
    Notitifcation transparency enabled
    Boot animations enabled
    adb enabled on boot
    Boost Mobile text removed from lockscreen/notification
    Host file to remove adds
    Ram optimizer script
    Zeam Launcher

    Shabbymod 0.9 app folder is 44.4 MB, the app folder in this is 18.9 MB. Shabbymod 0.9 framework folder is 10.3 MB, the framework folder in this is 8.73 MB
    Twisted21 and DaisFlaque like this.
  12. Roguefoxx

    Roguefoxx Well-Known Member

    Would I be able to use the A2SD Mod with this? Just booting this up now.
  13. Bloodawn

    Bloodawn Well-Known Member

  14. Rally 517

    Rally 517 Well-Known Member

    How bout the first honeycomb theme? Cause I like the theme but I can't install the update
    And I like no iq
  15. Roguefoxx

    Roguefoxx Well-Known Member

    Just been messing with it for a short bit now, it's incredibly responsive and slick too! I'm wondering how to get the applications launcher on the dock like you have in your screenshot though. I looked through the settings and couldn't find an option or anything. Can ya fill me in?
  16. Bloodawn

    Bloodawn Well-Known Member

    nope, themes have to be based on this framework. using a shabbymod theme would just cause problems

    info for doing that is in the first post under the installation instructions
  17. Roguefoxx

    Roguefoxx Well-Known Member

    Yeah I saw that. I was talking about the applications grid button. I figured it out though. Just had to long press the screen and "add to screen" and it was right there.
  18. Roguefoxx

    Roguefoxx Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the double post, but I've been trying to install the A2SD Mod with this and just can't seem to get it to install. It runs through the setup, but when I restart the phone there is nothing installed. Any ideas?
  19. Addacus

    Addacus Well-Known Member

    Make zure your partition is correct and try manually mounting system and data.
  20. Bloodawn

    Bloodawn Well-Known Member

    did you try this?

  21. J6Remy

    J6Remy Well-Known Member

    like a kid in the candy shop! Amazing..Simply Amazing.
  22. inigomontoyasr

    inigomontoyasr Well-Known Member

    Gonna have to edit that post a little. Seems ext4 roms are the wave of the future. Great work.

    Ed: or maybe I'll just fix that zip when I finally get off the road and back to a computer.
  23. Roguefoxx

    Roguefoxx Well-Known Member

    Thanks, didn't have to worry about that last time I installed it so I overlooked that. Works now, very nice work. =)
  24. fcortes626

    fcortes626 Well-Known Member

    what apps did ou remove tho? i havent put this rom on my phone. i want to wait till you update simple blue for it. i cant see my phone with out a theme. lol it looks weird
    xm3st1z0x likes this.
  25. Bloodawn

    Bloodawn Well-Known Member

    The rom is themed a little in black and white

    I removed:

    LatinIME.apk (replaced with gingerbread keyboard)
    Launcher2.apk (replaced with zeam)

    might be some other shit too, idk
    ghost915 likes this.
  26. Lordvincent 90

    Lordvincent 90 ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ Guide

    Best Answer
    What about remapping the power key? Change, say the camera button into the power button.

    Go to system/usr/keylayout/ and open generic.kl as a text file.

    You should see something like this:

    Locate the key assigned to camera and the one assigned to power and switch the numbers.

    so if it says
    Code (Text):
    2. key 108 power
    3. key 153 camera
    Then change it to

    Code (Text):
    2. key 153 power
    3. key 108 camera
    Save the file and reboot
    jaymzway and cwhatever like this.

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