[ROM] CTMod 3.80 (04/06/13)

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  1. Koumajutsu

    Koumajutsu Well-Known Member

    this is definitely the new standard in CIQ removal
    scratch that, CIQ obliteration!

  2. Rally 517

    Rally 517 Well-Known Member

    Just I question. I noticed that I can't add or change proxy address. Any reason why?
  3. SSG27

    SSG27 Well-Known Member

    I see you removed maps and telenav. Does that mean the navigation is removed as well? The reason I ask is because I travel a lot for work and I rely on the google maps navigation heavily to get around and find the places out in the middle of BFE.
  4. Koumajutsu

    Koumajutsu Well-Known Member

    I installed google maps from the market, google nav works fine
  5. ashesawit

    ashesawit Active Member

    What are the steps that I need to take to change the wallpaper? Currently, I am told there is no application available to change the wallpaper.
  6. Purponic

    Purponic Well-Known Member

    I use a GPS app called Waze. It seems to work just as good as Google Maps. It makes driving a little more fun because of the point system and it has real time traffic updates. Its based on the community around it so if nobody is using it you won't get traffic or construction updates. Its not for everyone but certainly worth a try.
  7. Purponic

    Purponic Well-Known Member

    Go on the market and download Gallery 3D
  8. Roguefoxx

    Roguefoxx Well-Known Member

    Any reason why with this ROM my phone isn't able to get my location in any apps unless GPS is enabled? Before I could just use the 3g connection to get my location, but now I cannot. Any idea?
  9. Bloodawn

    Bloodawn Well-Known Member

    I use quickpic from the market

    you sure you didn't leave GPS on before? I've always had to turn it on for apps to use my location
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  10. Roguefoxx

    Roguefoxx Well-Known Member

    Yeah I'm positive it wasn't on before. I usually made a point of not having it on whenever possible. Like I use Google+ and it could just pinpoint my general location, also Google Maps, Foursquare, and local radio stations with the iHeartRadio app. It wouldn't be quite as accurate as GPS, but it was really close. I was always able to save battery not turning the gps on for some of the apps I didn't need to be very accurate.
  11. Bloodawn

    Bloodawn Well-Known Member

    Settings/Location & security then check Use wireless networks

    that work?
  12. Roguefoxx

    Roguefoxx Well-Known Member

    Nope, already had that checked. I also tried to see if it would work with wifi and that's a no go as well. Should work with that as well. Obviously GPS works as intended.

    Still loving the ROM though. =)
  13. hyusa

    hyusa Active Member

    Thanks for the awesome ROM, Blood! I really like the black and white theme. I'd love to see a "Simple Black/White" from you, haha :)
  14. Bloodawn

    Bloodawn Well-Known Member

    I added a version of Simple Blue/Green for this

    You don't have to do any fancy stuff to install it, Just copy it to your sdcard and flash it in CWM and your done. You can clear dalvik cache if you want but you don't have to

    If Gmail doesn't look themed just uninstall the updates for it in settings and it'll be good
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  15. hate

    hate Well-Known Member

    very nice. apps, especially games, seem to run smoother. (fruit slicer, angry birds) but i seem to be having a problem with my gps now. Unlike rogue mines doesn't work even if GPS is enabled. (make your clock widget, google maps). i have tried with with 3g and wi-fi enabled.
  16. Bloodawn

    Bloodawn Well-Known Member

    weird, i just tested the gps with google maps, navigation and my cast weather and it worked
  17. Purponic

    Purponic Well-Known Member

    My GPS also works fine
  18. hate

    hate Well-Known Member

    just noticed that location is unknown on dolphin on google page. i'm signed on to my gmail.

    i'll try to do a clean install in a bit. i installed over shabbymod.
  19. Bloodawn

    Bloodawn Well-Known Member

    maybe the building your in is messing with the gps signal
  20. J6Remy

    J6Remy Well-Known Member

    The Rom is great and was going really well, about 4-5 hours later the whole phone crashed, Started with a2sd, which was working great, and then FC's started.. Reflashed, fresh again, wiped SD and repartitioned...followed by bootlooping.. No idea what happened.. Something went horribly wrong... Bigger problem now is (nothing to do with the phone) my computer crashed.. C and D drives are unreadable.. FML..
  21. TryingToRoot

    TryingToRoot Well-Known Member

    Blood, thank you for this mod. My phone is running better than ever. For anyone having the low memory and text message full warnings with DTA2SD. Simply go back into A2SDGUI and move the Dalvik to SD card. All errors will go away and your phone will run better than ever.
    I love the black and white theme so I played with a wallpaper I found in google images and added CTMOD title to it. I like it alot with the mod, so I thought ya'll might as well (see attachment)

    Thanks again Blood.

    p.s. I have had it installed since yesterday with no issues.

    Attached Files:

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  22. Bloodawn

    Bloodawn Well-Known Member

    I added a zip that has all the stock apps in case anyone needs something from it since some of them are required for certain things

    Just push what you want to /system/app/ or use root explorer to move it there
  23. hate

    hate Well-Known Member

    maybe I'm doing something wrong.....

    I used EE14_RT_CWM_rev3_HK_1_2_ to go back to stock with root and recovery.

    Updated recovery with HK12_CWM_rev4_update then reboot to system.

    Powered off then went back into recovery

    flashed CTMod.

    After phone starts up I use market to sign on to my gmail. Go to settings>location&security. enabled "use wireless network" and "use gps satellites". opened browser. on google.com i signed on to gmail. i get "location unavailable - update" which does nothing when clicked on. tried signing on to wi-fi no change. I never had problems with gps at home but went outside and tried again location still would not show.

    any idea what i'm doing wrong?
  24. Bloodawn

    Bloodawn Well-Known Member

    I really don't know man, it should work for you since it works for other people. I didn't change anything for the gps
  25. Roguefoxx

    Roguefoxx Well-Known Member

    Still can't figure out why I can't get location by 3g or WiFi, but this is definately by far the best ROM to date. So fast and responsive, and I love the small black and white modifications. Great job man, tyvm.
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