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    This is just a repost of req's original thread. ;)

    • Developer: requisite0
    • Description: CM7 port for the Samsung Admire SCH-R720
    • Status: work continues...

    What the hell is this?

    It's my build(s) of Cyanogenmod 7.2 Release Candidate 1, ClockWorkMod Recovery, and my custom Kernel.
    How do I use it?

    • 1) First make sure you do a nandroid backup.
    • 2) Flash my CWM Recovery and Kernel package, then go to Advanced->Reboot recovery..
    • 3) Install the latest version of my Cyanogenmod 7.2 ROM.
    • 4) (This step is only for non-MetroPCS users) Install the Cricket Wireless or nTelos APN configuration for your data carrier (MetroPCS users can safely skip this step).
    • 5) Install the latest gapps (no longer necessary to mount system beforehand) zip.
    • 6) (OPTIONAL) Install the overclocked kernel.
    • 7) Select Reboot system now and wait at least 10 minutes for the market updates to take effect (connect to wifi first if data connection isn't working)(first boot might take a minute).

    What works?

    • Wifi
    • Bluetooth
    • Data
    • Texting
    • Cell Service
    • USB
    • Camera (video)
    • Data/MMS (in 90% of cases)

    What doesn't work?

    • Camera (still pictures) - Fast Burst Camera app works from the Play Store.
    • Data/MMS (in 10% of cases)
    Do you provide source code?

    Yes. You can check my GitHub here.
    What did you change recently?

    You can always see my latest changes in my commit log here.
    Did anybody help you?

    Of course. Shabbypenguin was there for me in the beginning. Unforgiven512 provided me a basic device profile to go off of. SuigintouLain provided the original CWM I used to flash my kernel and CWM. hroark13 helped me indirectly by providing his Galaxy Prevail device profile which helped me learn quite a bit, and directly by providing his RIL, Battery Server, and USB Controller code, and nudging me in the right direction for fixing data. Angablade has helped me with many ideas, and eventually we'll be collaborating on the kernel. And last but not least, pressy4pie for helping me test and being a good little monkey.
    Great job, can I buy you a beer?

    Can I PM you?

    You can, but you'll get a faster response if you join us on IRC. (irc.irondust.net/#admire)
    Wait, I want to go back to stock, but your recovery won't let me!?
    Don't panic, just install SuigintouLain's original CWM and restore from your nandroid backup you made earlier. (You DID make one, didn't you?)

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    sticky please!!
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  3. +1 sticky
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    Thanks for reposting
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    What android version is this??
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    +1 sticky
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    Cm7 link is down
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    Don't you think there are too many stickies. Or is it just me?
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    Does cm 7.2 have 3D accelaration? I wanna play 3D games
  11. Lol dude there are a lot more forums with a lot more... Stickies to me makes things look important ... And alertive
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    Only down side to stick'n roms and such is it makes other things get over looked. Makes every one think that it's at the top of the forum so it's better then anything else. Which it could be or it could not be, but even if it is its not fair to others that put hard work into their roms and such to not have their work stickied too. That's the main reason in the Esteem forum we have the ATR guide stickied and that's it. Everyone deserves the same amount of "spot light" as every one else and plus makes it a lot cleaner and also all roms and such are typically in the ATR so technically is stuck at the top of the forum ;)
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    That may work at MACYS but this is WALLMART guys , what may be good for one brand may
    not work for another. Its a shame that when those who think their elite flex their will on the have nots. Typical. The so called "Esteem " faction must incrouch on the working class
    so they may content themselves being elite. Thats why they ALLWAYS come sluming here.
    please leave "admire" alone and let it end its service life gracefully. The people here and the device itself DESERVE it.

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    unfortunately none of the links work since the content has been removed
  16. qandres12

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    unfortunately none of the links work since the content has been removed. nasstyrome has working links separating the kernel and cwm zips. i have the kernel/cwm package so either get them from the links nasstyrome posts or pm me for the package link
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    Sounds like someone got there panties in a bunch oops I'm not supposed to post here:p

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    I think req took these files down for a reason. Not very tactful to post them up again. Maybe keep that to PMs m8.
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    i noticed a few days ago that there is a mirror link in the ROM GATHERING thread that works for the kernel/cwm package and also for sue's cwm. if any one needs them they can just go there and press CTRL+F and type them in. there both near the end of the OP ijs
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    Can someone help me? I just followed all the instructions and I get stuck at the ANDROID screen for a really long time and I've tried reflashing, rebooting, pulling the battery, and I've tried it with and without the OC, I'm coming from Stock++ and I reflashed the CWM and Kernel but still nothing
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    Links are back up and running if anyone needs CM7 :)
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    Those of you trying to fix your MMS I'll share what I've done to get mine working. Not sure if it'll work for everyone but here goes...

    Go to Settings > Wireless & Network Settings > Mobile Networks
    Change Network Preferences to CDMA/EvDo
    Change System Select to Automatic click ok.

    Download MetroMMSFIX[Gingerbread]_reppards_cwm_fix.zip
    Reboot into CWM go to mounts and storage mount System and Data then Flash the MetroMMSFix.
    Reboot phone let it load up.(I toggled Airplane mode on/off when turning my phone on after flashing MetroMMSFIX)

    Well, this is what I used to get my MMS fixed. The MetroMMSFIX I found randomly while searching for a CM7 MMS fix for MetroPCS. Hopefully it works for someone else as it has for me. MMS works after rebooting the phone and such =) Good luck

    I take no credit for the FIX Above.

    I found the MetroMMSFIX in this post http://androidforums.com/optimus-m-all-things-root/515307-rom-miui-official-miui-port-5.html
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