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[ROM/CWM/OC-KERNEL] [OA]2.3.20-[FINAL] CRICKET+MPCS [Updated: 09/23/12]

Last Updated:

  1. Spz0

    Spz0 Well-Known Member Developer

    [UPDATED 09/23/2012]
    Check Post #2 for complete Changelog revisions and bug fixes.

    New Changes:
    Added a No Formatting version for users already on EXT4 File Systems that need to reflash the ROM and don't want to lose /data.
    Revision 2.3.20
    • Updated APKs
    • Made final revisions

    **Note to Themers:
    You may not use my ROM or Kernel (That Includes STRIPPING COMPONENTS AND APKs)without my explicit consent!!
    Flashable themes to my rom are fine.

    OpenAndroid ROM 2.3
    With OC Kernel+EXT4 Support

    Now Compatible with MetroPCS Admire!!


    What works:
    • Everything (MMS requires a "fix". Explained in instructions)
    Features include:
    • Android 2.3.6 OS
    • Overclock kernel @ 900Mhz (adjustable w/setcpu or other cpu scaling apps)
    • init.d support
    • EXT4 filesystem
    • Busybox runparts pre-installed
    • Pre-rooted
    • Bloatware Free
    • Deodexed
    • Mobile AP (hotspot) and USB Tethering**
    • Significant Battery Usage Improvements
    • Framework Performance Tweaks
    • Custom UI
    • Boot Animations Unlocked (..to /data/local/)
    • Camera Button Restoration
    • CRT off Animation Unlocked
    • Reboot/Recovery Power Options
    • Data Connectivity Performance Tweaks
    • Up-to-date Google Apps
    • ICS Gallery
    • ICS Music
    • Custom Phone.apk
    • Busybox Installer
    • Holo Launcher Integration

    **Cricket actively blocks tethering

    I am not responsible for bricked devices for any reason. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY!!



    Installation: FOR CRICKET USERS
    • Download CWM5.0.2.8
    • Download OA2.3
    • Boot to Recovery
    • Choose zip from SDCard
    • Choose CWM- (Skip if you already have installed)
    • Go back to Main Menu (Skip if you already have installed)
    • Go to Advanced (Skip if you already have installed)
    • Choose Reboot Recovery (Skip if you already have installed)
    • Once rebooted, Choose Install zip from SDCard
    • Choose zip from SDCard
    • Flash OA ROM
    • Reboot (may reboot to recovery again. If so, just reboot again.)
    • Wait
      ***MMS FIX***
    • Once booted, start "ApnBackupAndRestore" (located in app drawer)
    • Choose "Restore APN"
    • Choose the supplied file (OpenVitality-MMS-Fix.xml)
    • Reboot
    • Profit!

    Installation: FOR METROPCS USERS
    • Download CWM5.0.2.8 (Skip if you already have installed)
    • Download OA2.3
    • Download OA-MPCS-MMS-Config-FIX.zip
    • Boot to Recovery
    • Choose Install zip from SDCard
    • Choose CWM- (Skip if you already have installed)
    • Go back to Main Menu (Skip if you already have installed)
    • Go to Advanced (Skip if you already have installed)
    • Choose Reboot Recovery (Skip if you already have installed)
    • Once rebooted, Choose Install zip from SDCard
    • Choose zip from SDCard
    • Flash OA ROM
    • Once flashed, flash the MPCS-MMS-Config-fix.zip
    • Reboot (may reboot to recovery again. If so, just reboot again.)
    • Wait
    • Profit!
    **note: if MMS does not work, start up APNBackupRestore (preloaded) and restore the APN OA-MetroPCS-APN-FIX.xml. Reboot.

    Wanna go back to stock?
    Remember that BACKUP you just made in CWM5.0.2.7 before you converted (You _did_ backup, right??)? Just install CWM-SuigintouLain.zip to revert back to CWM, reboot recovery, then restore that backup you made in Step 1.

    Big thanks goes out to:
    PlayfulGod, ShabbyPenguin, Requisite0, and most others at irc.irondust.net/#admire for their ears in my senseless bantering about mostly nonsense and jibberjabber. Thanks goes out to KageBeast for his help in testing out my MetroPCS fixes. :)

    Download CWM 5.0.28

    Download OpenAndroid 2.3.20 ROM

    Download OA-MPCS-MMS-Config-FIX.zip

    ***For use ONLY if you are already on an EXT4 File System!! (eg: need to reflash the ROM and don't want to lose /data)
    Download OpenAndroid 2.3.20 ROM NO FORMATTING


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  2. Spz0

    Spz0 Well-Known Member Developer

    New Changes:
    Revision 2.3.12
    • cpu up/down threshold changed in kernel (increase snappiness)
    • cpu defaulted to 800Mhz on boot (for people having issues booting @ 900Mhz)
    • Voltage Control app added to scale CPU (although I still highly recommend setCPU)
    • Attempting fix of "492 Market Error" (Only on Full ROM)
  3. Spz0

    Spz0 Well-Known Member Developer

    Just updated:

    Now tested with MetroPCS Admire! Should be fully compatible. ;)

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  4. blaze420916

    blaze420916 Well-Known Member

    It is, and looks great
  5. Spz0

    Spz0 Well-Known Member Developer

    Thanks m8. :)

    quote from first post regarding eq settings.

  6. theevildead84

    theevildead84 Well-Known Member

    Just flashed it. Can't wait to see how it handles. :)
  7. ComradeR

    ComradeR Active Member

    I had to sign up just to reply to this. Loaded it up on my vitality and WOW I love the speed improvement from stock. I am really impressed with this build. I'm still playing around with it, but have not run into any problems
  8. smokinjoe2122

    smokinjoe2122 Well-Known Member

    I tried the EQ flash, no issues so far! Sound is not overbearingly loud :)
  9. Spz0

    Spz0 Well-Known Member Developer

    Great. Glad everybody is liking it :)

  10. ComradeR

    ComradeR Active Member

    Just ran into a problem. My phone restarted twice in half an hour. First time was when I exited out the facebook app. The second time was when I ended a call. Hasn't restarted again though
  11. smokinjoe2122

    smokinjoe2122 Well-Known Member

    Could have a lazy phone that doesn't like the OC settings..
  12. doctor_doctor

    doctor_doctor Well-Known Member

    Is the Play Music app here updated or is it an older version?
  13. Spz0

    Spz0 Well-Known Member Developer
  14. ComradeR

    ComradeR Active Member

    You're probably right. it was the only time it ran into that problem. Been working great today
  15. Spz0

    Spz0 Well-Known Member Developer

    Will be packing up an update this evening. Should be ready in a few hours.

    Revision 2.3.10

    Addressing the following:
    Updated Launcher (Holo 1.1.2)
    Fixed boot animation loop issue (where loop goes black after 15 sec.) -- **Requires kernel modification so a new boot image will be provided.

    I'll be making an upgrade zip for current ROM users so theres no need to redownload the ROM - just flash the upgrade, and you're all up to date.

    Cheers. ;)
  16. Spz0

    Spz0 Well-Known Member Developer

  17. ComradeR

    ComradeR Active Member

    One thing I'd like is to be able to make a 3rd call with the same phone app. I tried adding a new call, but the only way to do that is by pressing adding call and going into the stock android phone app
  18. Spz0

    Spz0 Well-Known Member Developer

    I've_never known another way, and it's all in the same phone apk.
    Make call #1
    Once in call, click Add Call
    Select number and dial
    Press Merge calls.
  19. pedro1977

    pedro1977 Well-Known Member

    If your using requisites code/ kernel does that mean there are no standalone gps drivers/ support for this rom?
  20. Spz0

    Spz0 Well-Known Member Developer

    Using his oc and ext4 code on _our_ stock kernel. 100% functional.
    1 Meter accuracy on Gps (75%)
  21. pedro1977

    pedro1977 Well-Known Member

    Good work, ill give it ago sometime this week.
  22. smokinjoe2122

    smokinjoe2122 Well-Known Member

    Gps works great. Used it for navigating MKE all day today.
  23. Spz0

    Spz0 Well-Known Member Developer

    Had to make a few changes/revisions to my ROM.
    Because of certain modifications you will be required to re-download the ROM (cannot make an upgrade zip). Please use TIBackup to backup your apps, and re-download rom. Sorry for the inconvenience, but enjoy :)

    Revision 2.3.11

    • DSP Manager added to /system
    • APN BackupRestore moved to /data (for easy removal if wanted)
    • Updated core system files (performance overhaul)
    • Some Kernel modifications (testing to help various reboot issues)
  24. pedro1977

    pedro1977 Well-Known Member

    EXT4 has given it a major performance boost - it breezes through zip files instead of hanging, Im not sure if its still worth considering removing media scanner but at least you could give them the option to enable/ disable it with a patch - its a simple file rename if i recall correctly. Dont forget to post the default directories though for media. I didnt really test the speed difference fully as i couldnt put my principle sd card in as I would have lost my offline maps cache. Additionally Im certain it wasnt sticking anymore when i pulled down the notifications window.

    I still prefer stock aesthetically speaking with the stock notications window and stock wallpapers which is one of the reasons why i stick with it (Assuming there is still only one wallpaper option). I still think you should import the non-muse stock wallapapers. I know your trying to pitch it but I still think you should give people the option to have a stock notifications window. Another option could be to put something less obtrusive in the top bar alongside phone service info in the notifications window???

    Your EQ setting worked on mine when applied, i did copy the audio directory (only) over manually though. It burped on first boot but was fine after that (probably updated something that didnt match), sound settings were applied - i dont like your new one - incidentally, it sounded rough and i doubt you could improve much on the beats one anyhow o).

    I remember when i applied your EQ patch to stock it burped in the same manner at startup, i didnt see if it worked on reboot though. I just restored and copied over manaually that time too and it was fine.

    Not a problem but the Battery level disappears while charging??? ive seen this icon before somewhere (miui????)so im sure its built into an app somewhere and not much can be done about, seems odd though.

    If I ever get development rights to XDA im going to try and get one of them over there to do a gps fix as some have done for other samsung phones. Particularly with regards to displaying/ using sats irrespective of their db level (not my gps hardware problem). YOu can see this by turning on gps near a window or other less than ideal conditions (and seeing how many sats are displayed), compared to getting a fix outside and then going to the same place next to the window inside - youll have a lot more sats albeit at a lower db rating (with a fix generally possible). This is only an example but applies to any situation where conditions are more adverse. I think sats can be displayed at around 10db and used at around 12/13db, with ours there not showing till at least 20db and in use first time is higher. Im going to wait till my phone is fixed first too.

    If you havent, Ill alter the bluetooth menu option myself after the final release.

    I didnt get any update options for holo btw.

    Good work, nice to see someone sticking with a project right the way through instead of dumping it after a short period of time.
  25. ComradeR

    ComradeR Active Member

    I can't seem to download from play store anymore. I get an error '492'. Did I do something wrong?

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