[ROM/CWM/OC-KERNEL] [OA]2.3.20-[FINAL] CRICKET+MPCS [Updated: 09/23/12]

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  1. jpizle

    jpizle Well-Known Member

    I have the metro pcs admire my mms quit working. I flashed the fix again and tried apn restore but got nothing you got any ideas spz0?

  2. caseyjp11

    caseyjp11 Well-Known Member


    In the world of tech, the only stupid question is the one not asked, so I'll ask a couple:

    Is the new revision an 'upgrade' or will it set the phone to the OA stock setup? --I ask because my gear is now very customized beyond the OA rom.

    Is it a necessary, or just a bit of tweaking to the .12 version?
  3. Spz0

    Spz0 Well-Known Member Developer

    Not a necessary upgrade by any means. Just some apk updating and final revision number.

  4. caseyjp11

    caseyjp11 Well-Known Member

    ty for that man! You've made my phone a better place ta' live. :)
  5. Taic00

    Taic00 Member

    Good Evening, I have another question. BTW thanks for the previous answer. I have installed this ROM by following the directions and it works beautifully (props to the poster). My question is about my contacts, apps, data etc. - Before installing I did a backup to Titanium Backup and also the backup suggested in the instructions. How do I recover the info that was erased by installing this ROM? Again thanks in advance for any answers.
  6. loudurdee

    loudurdee New Member

    First off, WOW! Very nice work! I have had my MPCS Admire over a year now, with Admiral Beast, Stock++, Monster 5.3, and a few others. This is the best ROM I've tried on this device, I love it. Thank You!

    That being said...I have yet to get MMS working. Everything else is great, sends txt msgs np, but attach a pic & just says "sending" forever, never "sent". I have reflashed a couple times, each time wiping cache & formatting everything before flashing the ROM, then the MMS fix, then rebooting. I've also tried the APN restore a few times, nothin doin...

    As I said the ROM itself is beeeautifull. Really. I haven't had any other issues besides MMS. I REALLY wanna keep this ROM, but I gotta have that MMS you know..

    Is there anything else I can try before slinking (head low) back to Monster 5.3?? Please help if you can, willing to try whatever...Thanks.
  7. loudurdee

    loudurdee New Member

    Also..just curious if this has the data governor removed?

    the description says:

    • "Data Connectivity Performance Tweaks"
    but I'm not sure if it has anything to do with me sending data msgs...
  8. Abrinx

    Abrinx Member

    when i try to install oa rom it starts then aborts installation. does anyone know whats wrong?
  9. Spz0

    Spz0 Well-Known Member Developer

    I can't answer this question. You haven't provided any information for anyone to help you solve this.
  10. Spz0

    Spz0 Well-Known Member Developer

  11. Spz0

    Spz0 Well-Known Member Developer

    The mms apk must not be taking.
    Try extracting the mms apk from the fix zip and overwriting the one in /system/app/. Don't forget to change the permissions to rwrr (0644).
    Good luck!
  12. Abrinx

    Abrinx Member

    I have cwm so I downloaded no.oc rfs final. I followed instructions but when i go to install rom from sd card it starts and then aborts installation. do you know whats wrong
  13. Spz0

    Spz0 Well-Known Member Developer

    Have no clue. If you're using 5027 and are following the instructions to the letter than it should be installing fine m8. Anyone else have this issue?
  14. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    I have install this rom on the admire running the Admire Update from samsung 2.3.6 andwhen i hit the power button to boot into recovery it turns off but it turn on to a screen saying Restomode, Ramdump. Im using cwm and the oc version of oa.
  15. sactownstar

    sactownstar New Member

    Messed up, came from a HTC MyTouch 4G and would always have to wipe cache partition and data so I figured it was the same here. I did this after I made the backup though which is what I also used to do. Anyways, was stuck in a bootloop and overall the ROM just wouldn't load and I'm guessing it's because something I did. So I go to restore and I hadn't placed the SuigintouLain.zip on my sdcard because I figured everything would go fine. Is there anyways for me to put it on my sdcard and flash the zip from recovery mode?

    Edit: Just figured out how to put it on from recovery mode. Still may be in trouble though.

    EDIT AGAIN: So I was able to restore and get back to how I was before I started messing with this ROM, but I am really excited to try this ROM out, so I rinse and repeat the steps outlined in the instructions and when I go to reboot after flashing the mms fix my phone freezes at the custom boot animation.
  16. smokinjoe2122

    smokinjoe2122 Well-Known Member


    How's it going? Are you doing this while the usb is plugged in? I think there's a bug with that.
  17. keefer2k4

    keefer2k4 Well-Known Member

    when i first flashed this rom when i hit the power button to shut the screen off it shut off like a tv...i just thought it was cool...now it doesn't do it. is there a setting some where to get it back??
  18. Millertime904

    Millertime904 Well-Known Member

    Everything works fine with the rom on my phone, the only problem i have is that my google wont sync with my emails or contacts. Does anybody know a fix for this?

  19. Spz0

    Spz0 Well-Known Member Developer

    Reflash the ROM

    Reflash the ROM
  20. GiveVitality

    GiveVitality Member

    Thanks for your help. I figured it out and now its working :thumbup:
  21. ComradeR

    ComradeR Active Member

    Mine just went into ramdump mode or something like that. so I tried powering to recovery. which I guess kicked it to boot and now it's running with no problem
    I used the OA2.3.20-FINAL-EXT4-900[FINAL]
  22. Spz0

    Spz0 Well-Known Member Developer

    The phone will occasionally do that, regardless of rom or kernel. This phone likes to barf a lot :p
  23. jking3826

    jking3826 New Member

    Even before i flashed my vitality, the data connection seems to drop on its own. i usually have to toggle airplane mode on then off to make the data work again. Is there any fix for this so i dont have to toggle airplane mode?
  24. leshan

    leshan Member

    Never mind. Thanks
  25. Twisteddreams

    Twisteddreams Member

    SO I installed Both Cricket OA2.3 and I love the GUI and all that are applied, But I am running into Apps Freezing ALL APPS Facebook, Gmail. etc I really Love this ROM and Want to use it. Can Someone explain why it is doing this?> Also Using CWM v5.0.2.8 If anything else Ask. Thanks In advance

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