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[ROM] CyanogenMod 7.2&##ZaD!!RoM V 1.5Huawei U8650 Sonic

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  1. coldice

    coldice Member

    Here I found on a Spain forum two custom roms.
    I will explain how to install them and install the custom recovery.

    First you need this files:
    1) Drivers Huawei (adb drivers) Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
    2) Custom CM Recovery Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    1-a)Install the adb drivers for your Huawei (JUST FOLLOW THE STEPS)
    2-b)Put your Huawei in fastboot ( Volume down+Power for 10sec)
    3-c)Extract Recovery from .rar and run instalador.bat
    4-d) Plug your device in fastboot mode to the PC and follow on screen instructions

    After the Recovery flash you will reboot in Recovery DO A BACKUP OF YOUR ROM

    Both Roms have OC kernels with speeds of 780MHz for ZAD and 729 for CM7, and a lot of programs were deleted for faster response, but both are GOOD and stable. I have tried it both.

    CyanogenMod 7.2



    Download the Rom
    Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    1. Download and put the zip in root of SD card
    2. Reboot in recovery (volume up+power 10 sec)
    3. Wipe/Clear cache/clear dalvik
    4. Install custom zip/ select CM7
    5. After install reboot your device

    ZaD!!RoM V 1.5



    1. Download and put the zip in root of SD card
    2. Reboot in recovery (volume up+power 10 sec)
    3. Wipe/Clear cache/clear dalvik
    4. Install custom zip/ select ZAD
    5. After install reboot your device


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  2. Fybre0ptix

    Fybre0ptix New Member

    How do I put it into fastboot?
  3. resago

    resago New Member

    1) can we get a translation?
    2) does it change the names to spanish?
    3) can we get a step by step instructional? ****:)
    4) does the FM Radio still work? (I value this in emergencies)
  4. GsmEasy

    GsmEasy New Member

    for connect in fastbootmode keep hold Volume up and down and then connect USB your phone will be detected in fast boot mode
  5. klsdream

    klsdream Active Member

    hello guys,,

    regarding CyanogenMod 7.2, does it come with English or just Spanish lang.??
    anyone try it ? please let me know if any hardware problem appeared "Radio, gps, wifi"?
    if try it, then wanna go back? is it easy?
  6. EddsLV

    EddsLV New Member

    I had problems with both. With these ROM my mobile internet didn't work. In settings everything were right, but no response, no 3G icon in task bar to. When I put back to original rom everything worked just fine.
  7. djzame

    djzame Member

    hello there guys :) i have a problem. i rooted the phone i did everything the tutorial said i intalled the cfw and when i did the reboot after the installation it stuck in the cyanogenmod logo. it is like a loop and it happens again and again but the phone do not start. any ideas??

    plz hepl me :'(

    problem solved. I installed the 4th version of cyanomodgen which is very stable and very fast. the only problem that i have is that i cant have the overclocking feature...I cant select any frequency its the default
  8. razor420

    razor420 New Member

    can anyone re upload the 2 files above please?
  9. djzame

    djzame Member

    i have seen in the known spanish site that there are newer and more stable versions the one is cyanogenmod-7.2-4everandroid_v4.1 which i have and is very very good and stable and a version of android 4 that is from c8650 and they try to port it properly....If anyone knows spanish and want to help us with these new modded firmwares plz post here
  10. Lebo

    Lebo Well-Known Member

  11. Pamela

    Pamela Active Member

    anyone have the adb drivers?
  12. epunk91

    epunk91 New Member

    after install the CM7 ROM.. i can't watch TV on my phone...:( anyone can fix this???
  13. Lebo

    Lebo Well-Known Member

    An updated u-verse app is available from the android market. If you want the original app I can upload it tonight. (I will link it in this post)

    Considering that your AT&T DRM is removed it may not work but it's certainly worth trying if you like TV.
  14. daveydav27

    daveydav27 New Member

    I finally found them after digging for a few hours and many failed attempts.

    I have to get my first post out of the way so I can post the link I guess.
  15. daveydav27

    daveydav27 New Member

    Here is the link to they Huawei adb driver. I am assuming that you are having a problem with one click or anything else seeing your device while in "Debugging Mode". It is because the adb driver is all messed up and this is the fix

    Downloads - Huawei Device Co., Ltd..
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  16. pod091

    pod091 New Member

    ok so i can't figure out how to put my phone in fastboot mode... i've tried both ways given above.... also how do i know if i have actually put the phone in fastboot mode??
  17. Lebo

    Lebo Well-Known Member

    When in the proper mode the screen will show the oem logo only. When connected to the computer the device will be recognized by the computer and you will be able to enter adb commands from your computer.

    You may be prompted to install drivers again depending on OS. Be sure the drivers are sorted as this may prevent you from using adb.
  18. ink13

    ink13 Member

    Tried installing, got stuck in a boot loop with the spinning arrow and the skating droid... Mmhhh
  19. ben_simpson

    ben_simpson Member

    I installed this a week ago and have had no problems at all. I did however delete the CPU manager/overclocking app in a moment of excitement! What was this CPU app called so I can get it again please without reflashing the phone? Thanks :)
  20. tottyRice

    tottyRice New Member

    ok i did everything what i'm suppose to after installing CyanogenMod-7.2.0 - benru89 v3.0 the cyanogen logo keeps looping, so what did i do wrong???
  21. EtherLW

    EtherLW New Member

    im having the same problem i can use wifi and everything else perfect but i cant use 3g whats the problem:mad:
  22. DosDawg

    DosDawg New Member

    i have yet to get a download from the links that lead to this ilivid site. what is up with this site. you have to sit there and wait 20 seconds, then it wants me to install some .exe i done that once and started getting all kinds of spam, and immediately removed that thing from my computer.

    i am messing with this new HTC Fusion, trying to get root on it, and not really finding any location that has the necessary files (ROMS) that are available to us.

    The adb driver url worked, when you click on it, it immediately downloads the zip file to your machine.
  23. zargeus

    zargeus Member

  24. Andale

    Andale New Member

    yay! ended up using zad cuz cyan is in spanish and i couldn't find a way to turn it english (if there even is the option)
  25. michaelboothe

    michaelboothe New Member

    on first boot (with the android guy waving at you), there should be two buttons. the one on the lower right lets you choose you language

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