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[ROM] CyanogenMod 7 for the LG Optimus M MS690

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  1. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    [​IMG] DISCLAIMER: This is a CUSTOM' ROM! Use at YOUR OWN RISK!!! By using this ROM, you understand that that I am not liable for any or all consequences of using this ROM. If you don't know what you're doing, DON'T TRY IT. Use at your own risk!
    Here ya go folks, a proper port of CM7 for the LG Optimus M. Donations are greatly appreciated, but are not required!!

    • Author: PlayfulGod
    • Developers: PlayfulGod and BobZhome
    • Current Version: 10182011
    • Description: CM7 port for the LG Optimus M. Well, let's be honest. Unless you're living under a rock, you probably know what Android 2.3.5 (Gingerbread) is. Furthermore, you should know what the CyanogenMod project is. However, if a rock is really your home and you'd like to learn more, please visit their site: http://www.cyanogenmod.com

    People I wish to thank
    • BobZhome - for his assistance and forked Repo
    • inferiorhumanorgans - for his awesome coded repo for the LG Optimus line. Sure made it easier to port CM7 to the OC.
    • zefie - for the original port & repo from the thunderg to thunderc.
    • aospbot - I think he had a hand in the original porting somewhere, so want to throw him some credit too.
    • sillyputtyddd - for his testing, feedback, providing needed file, info, and insight.
    • chris9983 - for his testing, feedback, and providing needed info from the OC.
    • Woof, gregcapps - for testing and feedback.
    • thevisitor83 - for testing the MS690 builds and providing the needed files.
    • isaacj87 - for his continued support and advice.
    • koush - for his kickass recovery.
    • CyanogenMod - should I say more? Thanks for the best ROM out for our Android devices.
    • The Android Community as a whole for supporting me while I do stuff I enjoy. [​IMG]
    Whats Not Working: Changelog
    • 08172011
      • sync with CM Repos (2.3.5)
    • 08182011
      • initial build
      • Fixed Network GPS
      • Fixed launcher/added launcher pro
    • 08192011-build 1
      • Changes to try to fix bluetooth
      • Changes to try to fix GPS Satellite
      • Fix for Roaming on lock screen
      • attempt to fix mms
      • added BobZhome oc'd kernel
        • 08192011-build 2
          • Replace kernel with one I compiled
    • 08202011-build 1
      • Applied some more MMS fixes for CricKet
      • Replaced kernel with stock kernel for now
        • build 2
          • MMS fix
          • GPS fix
    • 08212011 build1
      • Synced with BobZhome's repo
      • trying a different bluetooth driver
        • Build 2
          • Switch back to my repo
          • Stock kernel still used
          • Applied GPS fixes
          • Applied MMS fixes
    • 08292011
      • Bluetooth fixed
      • Custom bootanimation added back
      • ADW used from CM src
    • 08302011
      • Compiled build for MS690
      • Initial testing
      • Initial release
    • 08292011
    • Bluetooth fixed
      • Custom bootanimation added back
      • ADW used from CM src
    • 09032011
      • Plague Overclocked kernel - by PlayfulGod, thanks to isaacj87, reppard, and BobZhome for their assistance. Cpu scaling added for 672, 691, 710, 729, 748, 768, 787, and 806, and beyond for those brave and lucky souls [​IMG].
      • cpufreq for CM7 cpu setting
      • TronDroid added to CMWallpapers and as default wallpaper.
      • Custom initlogo (bootsplash)
      • camera fixed
    • 09072011
    • Release with all previous mentioned.
    • 09082011
      • reverted the screen fix
      • bootsound
    • 09092011
      • kernel tweaks, default cpu speed set @600Mhz, smartass and interactive governors added.
      • screen lag fixed - Thanks to BobZhome for finding that. [​IMG]
      • Custom themes added, Honeycomb 3D 3dicon and Rovers Cyan
      • DT's a2sd
    • 09112011
      • Plague Kernel updated, now max overclock of 921Mhz
        • ext4 support
        • swap support
        • max oc of 921Mhz
        • smartass governor
        • interactive governor
      • Inverted camera fixed - download and flash kernel update.
    • 09192011
      • Synced with CM repo
      • Plague kernel updated with smartass2 governor
    Install Notes
    • Install in CWM like any other ROM.


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  2. Other than a different kernel and a lack of camera what is different in this build from Bobz's rom?

    And does it matter what recovery is used?
  3. reppard

    reppard Well-Known Member

    As long as the update script is compatible with the recovery it shouldn't matter what recovery you use, and seeing as how we only have 2 recoveries at our disposal, i don't see much of a point in making an incompatible rom for the target phone :) OP should be updated.
  4. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    Theres slight changes between mine and Bobz builds, but same base yes. And long as what/whoevers recovery works no it doesnt matter which recovery is used.

    actually all my stuff uses updater-script n edify. The CWM I ported for the OC should work just fine on the OM and it has been submitted to koush for official build, he is trying to figure out how to recognize the OC/OM from the other thunderc builds, as you know there 4 or 5 of them.

    And how do you mean my OP needs updated?
    Tokenpoke likes this.
  5. reppard

    reppard Well-Known Member

    Well, this is an Optimus M thread. You have compiled a ROM for the Optimus M which is great. Most of the users on here know which recoveries are compatible with this phone but the OP has instructions for installing CWM which will not work on the Optimus M. A new comer trying to install his first recovery and rom might be a little mislead by your post.
    Android?What!? likes this.
  6. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    If you dont mind explain to me why CWM wont work on the OM? You can do it here or via PM.

    From what I seen of the OM and its mtd ,recovery.fstab etc, I dont see why it would not work. So plz educate me if I am incorrect. ;)

    And not trying to be confrontational, but the OC and OM have the same partition, sizes, and use the same kernel etc.

    I was told the same about CWM and the OC, yet the one I ported works great on it. I'm no guru at these things, but not new on the block either yanno lol.
  7. TweeksRevenge

    TweeksRevenge Well-Known Member

    Hey Playfulgod....do you see this rom having a custom boot splash like the Hauwei Ascend build? And will future updates allow for splash animation to be changed through the terminal emulator or adb instead of all the hassle of using perl scripts to bust apart and repack the boot image?

    Thanks for all the work you put in for the community!!!
  8. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    Yea I will eventually get around to compiling a initlogo.rle for it. But far as being able too change em out on the phone I dunno, its in root, which as you know is locked down/secured. We can make root unsecured when we build, but then there would be alot more n00bs breaking their phones lol. I will look into seeing if they could be changed by flashing a update.zip tho. ;)
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  9. TweeksRevenge

    TweeksRevenge Well-Known Member

    Thank you soo much! I believe the update.zip method will be more noob proof as that could probably be handled by the user through the ZipThemer app. Atleast this way if they mess it up the app will give em an error message instead of a bricked phone. :)

    I've learned that some splashes on other models be changed by placing the new splash on the root of the sdcard and typing this into the terminal emulator:
    #flash_image splash1 /sdcard/yoursplashhere.img
    Its pretty much the same syntax used for replacing an exsisting custom recovery with a new.
  10. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    yea or thru recovery/RM, but I have to finish that debate first lol.
    TweeksRevenge likes this.
  11. TweeksRevenge

    TweeksRevenge Well-Known Member

    Lol true...
    My two cents: If CWM and Rom Manager work in this device it would be soo much easier to update and customize as the user can long-press the new flashable zip and simply select Rom Manager as the app to handle that file instead of rebooting into recovery the hard way and risk total failure. :)
  12. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    Very true! I dont see why the one I did for the OC wont work, still waiting on that explanation besides 'it just wont'. ;)
  13. TweeksRevenge

    TweeksRevenge Well-Known Member

    Okay well I flashed Playfulgod's recovery and seeing that CWM logo brightened my day!!!! The Rom and recovery are GREAT....Now the games can begin!:D:D:D:D:D

    Bye-Bye old recovery....and HELLO TO ONE-CLICK FLASH!!!!!!!!
    DaniellieeE likes this.
  14. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    thank you for listening to me and trying it ;)
  15. So does this mean rom manager will work now too?
  16. reppard

    reppard Well-Known Member

    Playing with fire :)
  17. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    Yes. For ROM Manager to do its thing it has to have CWM install for the particular phone. Not one with the same name, or close to it.

    And as the OM and OC are almost identical esp with the partitions and mount points, I didnt see any reason the one I prted for the OC shouldnt work lol. Just needed some to trust me and try it out ;)
  18. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    No not really, as I just posted, CWM has to be built for the phone(s) its not a all-in-one. And as Tweeks just proved it works and works great.
  19. TweeksRevenge

    TweeksRevenge Well-Known Member

    Yup....However you WILL have to change recoverys. but those updates we used to flash like the ROCK kernel and MMS patch are signed with AMEND scripting and wont work. Heres how to change recovery the easy way (since you already have one) DO NOT INSTALL IT FROM ROM MANAGER!!! I cannot confirm that way works as I always change recoverys with terminal emulator.

    Place the new recovery.img on the root of your sdcard and then do the following from terminal emulator. (mount the system R/W however you prefer)

    #flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery.img
    #reboot recovery

    if all goes well you'll be seeing that brutal CWM recovery in no time, flat!
  20. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    I have a metroff mms fix converted to edify on my wiki, and the others just need repackaged as well. Actually the copy of reppards kernel I have came as edify ;)
  21. I installed the recovery with the gui, the posted instructions didn't work, tweeks would have tho...

    CWM working on the M, sweet. Things are changing round here.

    Now to try out this rom.
  22. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    CWM can be installed using ROM Manager too, just dont install any form the list, just dl.

    I will copy my guide on how and post it in a few.
    TweeksRevenge likes this.
  23. TweeksRevenge

    TweeksRevenge Well-Known Member

    I always recommend changing recoverys through terminal or adb. In this case we are switching from AMEND to EDIFY which most android apps wont recognize since this isnt a common thing to do. I have tested one-click flashing through my file manager (the stock one) and it reboots into recovery and installs. My only stumbling block is I cannot get used to using the camera button as enter.

    If you press the power button in CWM recovery the screen will go black but DO NOT PANIC!!! Press it again to restore the screen and continue on playing with this new recovery.
  24. Wifi Is non functional for me. Flashed the new recovery, wiped everything, flashed this rom, no wifi. It says error in the menu when I try to select it. How did I manage to **** that up?
  25. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    yea use the hard buttons, VOL+- to scroll, camera button to select, back button to goo back. All other buttons will blank the screen, just press one of them again to bring it back.

    And to make a small correction, its not android or apps that determine if AMEND or EDIFY is used, but the recovery and its associated files. ;)

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