[ROM] CyanogenMod 9 for the LG Spectrum 4G LGVS920

  1. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    Source: https://github.com/s...endor_lge_i_vzw
    Mod Type: ROM Difficulty: Moderate Mod Status: Alpha Mod Base: CyanogenMod Carrier: Verizon
    Requires Root: Yes Apply In: CWM RecoveryAndroid Version: 4.0.4 (ICS)

    [​IMG] DISCLAIMER: This is a CUSTOM' ROM! Use at YOUR OWN RISK!!! By using this ROM, you understand that that I am not liable for any or all consequences of using this ROM. If you don't know what you're doing, DON'T TRY IT. Use at your own risk!

    Here ya go folks, CyanogenMod 9 for the LG Spectrum 4G!!! Well, let's be honest, unless you're living under a rock, you probably know what Android 4.0 (IceCream Sandwich) is. Furthermore, you should know what the CyanogenMod project is. However, if a rock is really your home and you'd like to learn more, please visit their site: CyanogenMod | Android Community Rom based on Jelly Bean
    • Version: 12.08.2012
    • Developers: Death2all110, PlayfulGod, TDM, Neph
    • Description: CyanogenMod 9 for the LG Spectrum 4G LGVS920

    CyanogenMod 9

    What is this?

    This is a port of the popular CyanogenMod 9 for the LGE Spectrum 4G.

    Whats not Working??

    • Mms - hit or miss for now.
    • GPS - ???

    • 10-05-2012
      • booting build finally, thanks to tdm and his kernel guru'ness.!!!!!
    • 10.06.2012
      • Keyboard issue fixed
      • HWAccel fixed (ion ftw)
    • 10.09.2012
      • Fixed radio, hopefully.
      • Camera fixed
    • 12.08.2012
      • Data fixed - Thanks to death2all110, tdm, & Neph


    CyanogenMod 9 for the LG Spectrum 4G LGVS920 - YouTube

    How do I install this?

    • 1.) Download the .zip & copy to sdcard (make sure 4g or wifi is enabled if dl'd from phone).
    • 2.) Zip can be installed from CWM
    • 3.) MAKE A BACKUP
    • 5.) Go to install zip from sdcard
    • 6.) Select *.zip
    • 7.) Reboot

    Google Apps
    md5sum: 7c524e1e078164f681e0aa6753180b2c


    If you like our work and would like to show your appreciation and support, click on the links below to donate. All donations are greatly appreciated!!

    updates will be posted on wiki first [​IMG]

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  2. Biotic

    Biotic Well-Known Member Developer

  3. cryoaura

    cryoaura Well-Known Member

    I will have a donation come each of your ways as soon as MMS is up and working so I can throw it on my phone. Unfortunately, cash is strapped here at my household, the joys of a wedding and honeymoon. So don't feel a smack in the face if it's only like $5 each, it's not what you guys are worth, but rather what I can give out... :'(
  4. reeseboy

    reeseboy Well-Known Member


    TRAVI5TY Well-Known Member

    Very cool. I will try this out tonight!
  6. brianmaedche

    brianmaedche Well-Known Member

    Just took it for a spin. looking awesome devs keep up the good work
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  7. aaronp121

    aaronp121 Well-Known Member

    - 4G or 3G data connection not working. I can see only Rx1TT:6
    - Phone can't see SIM card but in service. In options choose both RUIM/SIM or NV not helpful. Using NV option I see incorrect IMEI number. Choosing RUIM/SIM option shows correct IMEI.
    - camera works ok but video records at low resoultion.
    - Tried to dial *228 to activate phone and failed.

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  8. zoomup627

    zoomup627 Member

    Thank you so much guys..
    Spectrum is really seeing the light after our devs started work on different roms..

    I will try to flash and let you know of any issues.
    Hope the 3g/4g issue can be resolved asap.

    Thanks for all the hard work!
    I will donate once I get my next paycheck hah!
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  9. MrB206

    MrB206 Well-Known Member

    Don't quote me on this, but that's because LTE phones use Sim cards... 3g phones use that to activate, but the Sim card takes the place of having to call to activate or update roaming/towers.

    Awesome news guys. I'm gonna flash and test it out!
  10. admn81

    admn81 Well-Known Member

    Is it safe to throw up d2a's donation link? lol. Anyway Im gonna try this tonite and couldnt be more excited! Forget LG and VZW and their ICS, as the dev's we have working on this put them to shame :) Expect donations from me on Friday guys!

    Oh by the way tdm, its way, way, dare I say way...respectable that you'd rather have donations to you go to charity! ")
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  11. tdm

    tdm Well-Known Member

    Activation typically doesn't work with custom roms, inn my experience.
  12. ccic2491

    ccic2491 Well-Known Member

    How do I get the google apps installed??? I have ICS installed and LOVE it!!!! I just need to get at-least google play installed. Please help :D
  13. hollywoods14

    hollywoods14 Well-Known Member

    See OP to download gapps, then flash zip file in cwm
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  14. nathanhaywood

    nathanhaywood Well-Known Member

    Slightly off-topic, but relevant (I hope!)

    For those of you not coming in from the other threads here, "official" CWM is available for the Spectrums. Once Neph and PG got it working, Koush mainstreamed it and you can now download and install CWM directly from within ROM Manager. If you'd like to grab a copy of CWM Touch, you can get it as an in-app purchase in ROM Manager or download the IMG from ClockworkMod ROM Manager - Recoveries and use the scripts floating around the forums to push it.

    As a warning for anyone flashing this beautiful but not-yet-100% ROM, be sure to set your CWM backup format to TAR (*nor* dedupe) and take a nandroid backup from CWM before installing. Several people have had problems on the Spectrum with CWM "dedupe" backups, so you've been warned! :)

    NOTE: "tar" option requires that you update to You cannot select tar format in

    One more time, big thanks to all the devs who got as this far whether their still with us or not... even he-who-shall-not-be-nameD(2A)

    PS: I now officially no longer miss my DX ;)
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  15. TRAVI5TY

    TRAVI5TY Well-Known Member

    Wow. I mean wow. I've been playing with this for a few hours and it has exceeded the my expectations. Unless someone beats me to it, I'm gonna make a video for this ROM. Probably tomorrow.

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  16. ortrigger

    ortrigger Well-Known Member Contributor

    I decided to go ahead and keep this one on my phone. No mobile data is a bit of an annoyance but I have wifi in most places I go. Thanks again devs for all your time to make this happen. It's much appreciated and you will all be getting donations from me when I've got the money.
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  17. tdm

    tdm Well-Known Member

    Yeah don't trust dedupe, put that in the op please. It failed restore on me.
  18. hollywoods14

    hollywoods14 Well-Known Member

    Me also just now....how do i switch to tar? I didnt see an option anywhere in cwm
  19. nathanhaywood

    nathanhaywood Well-Known Member

    Make sure you're running CWM 6.x.

    backup and restore > choose backup format > tar

    This writes a file to your sd card (/sdcard/clockworkmod/.default_backup_format) indicating your pref. As long as you don't wipe or replace your card, you should only have to do this once.
  20. hollywoods14

    hollywoods14 Well-Known Member

    Running . I reboot into , cwm chose back up and restore , options i have are : back up, restore, delete, advance restore, free nandroid space
  21. admn81

    admn81 Well-Known Member

  22. atomilluminati

    atomilluminati Well-Known Member

    i used wifi and was able to sign into my google account.... im not sure if you tried that yet but give it a shot .... hope it works out for you
  23. nathanhaywood

    nathanhaywood Well-Known Member

    Hmm, option may be specific... Grab the latest from ROM Manager or the link above and check again.
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  24. admn81

    admn81 Well-Known Member

    I tried using wifi and it didnt work...how long did the activation process take via wifi?
  25. Breukdance

    Breukdance Well-Known Member

    Wow guys was not expecting this amount of fit and finish! Excellent work. I just bypassed the activation screen and set up Google account with WiFi. Radio seems to work just fine as I am able to make calls and send texts.
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