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[ROM] DE-ODEXED Cricket+ (WIP)

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  1. DaemeonZane

    DaemeonZane Well-Known Member

    So, check it out. I've gotten tired of this MMS issue that everyone is having... and the only way I've gotten it to work, is using the stock image from Cricket. So, here's what I've done. I did a backup of my phone, and have de-odexed it, rooted it, and zipaligned it. I then sent it to 2Gigayte for the under-the-hood work, and this man has helped us get a working ROM together.

    Thanks also goes to Stark_Raving, for support, and for the promise of an awesome theme; SPZ0, for letting 2GB use his kernel; Shabbypenguin, for good reason; and B198301 for sending me instructions on A2SD.

    It will be called, simply, Cricket+.

    Update 16DEC2012 14:30hrs, CST: A2SD support will be a key feature of this ROM. As of now, I am working on whipping this kernel into shape, and anticipate a release soon. I wish I could say I could have it in time for Christmas, but that's probably not going to happen. :p I should be able to push this out for testing by then, however, and will be interested to see how this turns out. It may very well all be for naught, but damn, we Vitality folks need some love :p If you have any ideas for theming, I'm open. Stark Raving pointed out the issues with using UOT, and I have since seen them for myself. Any recommendations on theming kitchens, then?
    This is what we're working with:

    Boot animations enabled
    Init.d enabled
    busybox applets symlinked
    DTA2SD enabled
    CronMod A2SD+ added and enabled
    Tweaked build.prop
    Added shyte load of init.d scripts
    AwesomeBeats Audio v3.0

    The Beta will be uploaded later on today, after I've done some testing on it to ensure it's compatible. As is ALWAYS the case, NO ONE associated with this ROM is in any way responsible if you screw up your phone. It is what it is.

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  2. DaemeonZane

    DaemeonZane Well-Known Member

    Reserved for future use
  3. Stark_Raving

    Stark_Raving Well-Known Member

    Please don't theme it in uot kitchen. Leave it vanilla and let the themers work. Uot breaks some xmls...add extraneous images and makes decompiling/compiling a pain. As far as A2SD make sure you use a kernel with ext4 support.
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  4. DaemeonZane

    DaemeonZane Well-Known Member

    I'll take you up on that advice. I'm still fairly new to this, but I have about 60 hours of hard work and research put into this and climbing :p I've gotten some help with A2SD, and I'm comparing notes with the stock kernel and the one SPZ0 has been using. I may just PM and see if I can use the kernel outright, but I'm honestly not sure of a few things. I have the basics down, though, and my research is getting more solid by the minute. I expect to have this complete in a week, and will be pushing it through as soon as I am able.
    I've been trying to land a gorgeous woman, and been job-hunting quite a bit, so this is a spare time project, but one I feel the Vitality needs. The Metro folks (of which I WAS a member of, until recently) get a LOT of love, but we Cricket folks get OA, and that's pretty much it, so I'll be glad to do what I can with this stock rom, and really get something moving.
  5. twogbsd

    twogbsd Well-Known Member

    Dude... Check your pms.
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  6. DaemeonZane

    DaemeonZane Well-Known Member

    If anyone cares, here's a status update. 17DEC2012 0939CST:

    A) 2Gigayte has the ROM's base files in his hands. Let's cheer him on as he makes my base files look more like a ROM :p :D

    B) We're looking at boot animations and init.d support, as well as ensuring A2SD works well. Once 2GB has finished it up, I'll take a look at it, and we'll be going from there.

    C) I've been thinking of theme options. Anyone care to gimme some input and ideas?

    Cricket+ is a team effort, and I want to give credit where credit is due. With that being said, I haven't really done much but supply the base files, de-odex, and get some other things done (root, busybox, etc). The REAL credit goes to 2GB for the scripting, and making this something besides a collection of random sh*t :p Round of applause for the guy, k?
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  7. twogbsd

    twogbsd Well-Known Member

    Zane hmu, uploading :)
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  8. DaemeonZane

    DaemeonZane Well-Known Member

    You, sir, are a golden GOD :p :smokingsomb:
  9. DaemeonZane

    DaemeonZane Well-Known Member

    For anyone patiently waiting, the new ROM is almost here. We had some issues getting it to flash to the phone properly, but I do believe that everything is good.

    Special thanks goes to Shabbypenguin and Interloper for their awesome assistance in getting this mod going.
  10. twogbsd

    twogbsd Well-Known Member

    Yeah ShabbyPenguin and Interloper FTW! Go thank them in #oudhitsquad on freenode! ;) :D
  11. idk3ither

    idk3ither Member

    The thing about this phone is the volume is so low when I connected to my car radio. My bravo(mb520) is more louder. I hope that beat audio audio u add gives it a good volume boost. But I appreciate there are devs that still have this phone, I was skeptical on buying this phone. Anyways good luck on the rom and merry xmas
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  12. twogbsd

    twogbsd Well-Known Member

    My turn for a status update ;) 21DEC2012 1236PST

    A) The rom is booting, but we had to take out custom boot animations to make it work.

    B) Now that it is booting, we are waiting for Stark_Raving to pop online and grab the zip and start theming the h3ll outta it :D

    C) Zane has disappeared off the face off the earth. He is about 44 pixels tall wearing a suit and tie with a question mark as a head. If you have seen Zane please contact your local police station. :p

    No, seriously, I don't know where he is.....He isn't responding to any form of communication....
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  13. twogbsd

    twogbsd Well-Known Member

    Captains log; Stardate 950640854185104531024128653.1054130012.21083451.2.

    After a wild Zane finally appeared, he tested it out and the data (3G Internet) isn't working:( We need one or two testers with working data to test for us. Please PM me for the link :D
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  14. DaemeonZane

    DaemeonZane Well-Known Member

    Sorry, ladies and gents... After 72 hours of non-stop GO, I had about 14 of sleep. To confirm, I HAD working Data and WiFi on OA, as well as the original Stock.
    However, I do NOT with the new package. We seriously need more testers, to confirm whether this is an isolated issue, or something widespread.

    PLEASE PM 2GIG for your Alpha 2.0 link.
  15. DaemeonZane

    DaemeonZane Well-Known Member

    Ladies, Gents.... I regret to inform you that there has been an issue involving broken Data and WiFi with this ROM. We're working out the kinks, but do not expect, with all the holiday commotion, to have it released for a few days yet. I'm going to have to assume that the ETA will be after the 1st of the year.
    2Gig is a pretty busy little teenager, and I've got a lot of s**t on my plate :p If anyone wants to volunteer their assistance in helping us fix the broken WiFi and data (Talk and SMS work fine) I would appreciate it. PM myself or 2Gig if you want to help.

    Also, some of you have PM'd with insults, saying that we have based out work on that of others. While it is true that SPZ0 gave 2Gig the rights to use his kernel in his ROMs, this entire project is actually based ENTIRELY on the stock 2.3.4 OS that comes with every Vitality, and the work put in has been mine and 2Gig's, with assistance from those credited in the OP. I have ALWAYS been an avid AF user since I joined, and have always given credit where credit is due for all the help I have received from many of you. That is all.
  16. twogbsd

    twogbsd Well-Known Member

    Lol, hellz yes I am :ridinghorse: Between the after Christmas clean up, planing for New Years, and preparing for a Math test on the 7th, I also have a lot of shyte on my plate :p

    Indeed, as Zane said, this is based off (other than the kernel) stock 100%. No more, no less. And due to Data and Wifi not working, we are trying to see if it is even worth modding stock, or if we should be building from source. Zane and I will keep you updated :D
  17. Spz0

    Spz0 Well-Known Member Developer

    Perhaps I'll chime in here as well, for all those people that are slinging mud, yet contribute nothing to the development community:
    You all should be over-f***ing-joyed that people are still even developing on this pos phone!
    I have given permission for 2Gb to use my kernel for his ROMs, provided he only use the Kernel, and not any components from OA ROM. So far, that has been complied with 100%.
    So stop all your bitching and crying, and contribute instead of trying to stomp out the dwindling fire this development community still has, ya?
  18. twogbsd

    twogbsd Well-Known Member

    Updating time!

    Sponsored by Money.
    Money: theres really no downside.

    Both Zane and I tried compiling the stock rom and we are running into some crap. Why Zane is running into crap? He has 2GB of RAM. Why I'm running into crap? I really don't freaking know :p

    I don't know about Zane, but I'm going to take another crack at it soon.

    Keep a good look here for updates :)
  19. Cogra147

    Cogra147 Well-Known Member Contributor

    If I'm able to help in any way (Developing, hosting) PM me... Ill be able to test basic stuff because i have an admire...
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  20. ComradeR

    ComradeR Active Member

    I need to find myself another vitality to mess around with. Seems like you guys are having too much fun :p
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  21. DaemeonZane

    DaemeonZane Well-Known Member

    Yeeeeah... this has been one hell of a ride... but thank you, SPZ0, for your kind word. ComradeR, you have a messed up idea of fun, man hahaha
    I'm about to be taking a job with Buffalo Technologies, so I won't have much time... but I assure you I am still working on this as well... I hope to have a ROM ready for release soon.
    Thanks for being patient folks.

    That is all.

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