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(ROM) Droidcharge

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  1. ansarimm

    ansarimm Well-Known Member

    Here is the feature of my rom
    1)all the build.prop tweaks
    2)modified build.prop of optimus 2x so u can get the full market acess out of box
    3)installed jit(java in time )cyanogenmod source code
    4)zipalligned all the system apk and added zip alligned scripts for better ram mangment of rom and fixed some oom group priorties for smmother multitasking
    5)sqlite optimization for better database mangment
    6)sony xloud sound enhancement(tweaks)
    7)sony bravia engine tweaks for smmother and sharper display
    8) lagfix and smmother scrolling response u will not find anywhere
    9)added some updated voltage stbalization libraries & battery tweaks from motorola droid forum made for tegra pwered processor
    10)regarding apps i updtaed all the google apps to the latest version and for rest u have google play i dont want to overflow with apps
    11)and some script for kernel optimization
    12)and many more.....

    regarding installation
    1) download the rom from here
    2)put into ur sd card
    3) go into recovery mode
    4)flash the rom

    before installing some notes
    1) pls delete all the scripts and ather optimization made by u
    2)or flash first the v2058 via nvflash multidown so that ur phone is formatted and the install this rom

    This Rom is uploaded by Chetan Kotian... Thanx to him..

    download link of rom:droidcharge.zip

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  2. niksss

    niksss Well-Known Member

    anyone used it yet?
    howz the performance & battery backup???
  3. ansarimm

    ansarimm Well-Known Member

    i am using it...scroll is pretty smooth and battery backup is satisfactory....its a good rom based on optimus2x script
  4. hackmykack

    hackmykack New Member

    Hey Guys ...

    I too have been using this ROM for a couple of days now with a Baseband of V0902 and I have to say its very smooth.

    See ya.
  5. hackmykack

    hackmykack New Member

    Thanx Ansarimm
  6. AamirPetrucci

    AamirPetrucci Member

    Hey... Ive started using Droid Charge! And am VERY satisfied with it! However Im facing MAJOR connectivity issuse! This may be a problem with the baseband! Where do i download a better base band from? and HOW do i replace the old one? Please Help!

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