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[ROM][EPIC]AMPE A31 4x Core Android 4.2.2

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  1. SithLordDroid

    SithLordDroid Member

    The ROM has been tested and verified to work on the following android devices.

    1. AMPE 10 Flagship A10 with A31 Quad Core
    2. NOVA 10.1 Version 1 Release aka ProtoType
    3. AMPE 10 A31 Starter All Versions
    4. SANEI 10 Power Tablet
    5. Plexus Ion
    6. StarTab 4
    The ROM Has been tested on these devices too but need compatibility packages, as community members tested these.
    The issue and or patch will be enclosed in brackets below.
    StarTab MAX ( Screen and Wifi )
    Momo 19 A31 ( Screen )
    Nextway ( Screen and GL driver )
    SLEEX 10 ( Audio does not work )

    (The ROM may or may not work on your device, feel free to try it but have a backup first)
    Key ROM features.

    • FastBOOT
    • Hyper MOD by Tragidy
    • Zen Sphere power scheme
    • Rooted!
    • Stable
    • Removed China Market
    • Removed Bloatware
    • Default to English Tablet
    • Great for gamers and power users.
    • Will be updated very often!

    Getting Started

    First you need to download the android ROM for your tablet which you can do on this page in the above box.
    Then you can follow this guide + video ( or just watch the video )
    Video Guide How to upgrade your allwinner A31 tablet to 4.2.2

  2. barc43

    barc43 Member

    Thanks for the info but the Phoenix Suit link on Dorkfiles site is broken. The file will not unzip and shows no archive available. I have a new Allwinner Softwiner a31 Quad Core tablet. I need Phoenix Suit to update the Android 4.1 on the tablet to version 4.2.2. I notified Tragidy about this matter and I am confident that he will post a working link soon.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. SithLordDroid

    SithLordDroid Member

    Links on dorkfiles work for me and I can extract everything fine perhaps you are doing something wrong, also dorkfiles isn't the official source for phoenix suit its just a mirror, perhaps the most popular one according to Google but yeah,

    here you go Phoenix Suit 4 Noobz
  4. barc43

    barc43 Member

    SithLordDroid: Thanks for your prompt reply and assistance; however, the link you gave me for Google gives the result of PhoenixSuit A31 Updating Software for Android | Dork Fileswhere it states that the download is TBA. Is there any way you can e-mail it to me or direct me to a site that has a working link? I appreciate your patience as I am new to Android and this forum and I know that version 4.2.2 has lots of cool stuff. Have a nice day!
  5. SithLordDroid

    SithLordDroid Member

    I see looks like they updated the download links.

    Also Black Edition for Allwinner Quad Core version 2 was announced from what I see here Allwinner A31 Black Edition 2.0 Announcement | Dork Files
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  6. barc43

    barc43 Member


    After the Android 4.2.2 upgrade the Wi-Fi won't stay on in Settings. Any way to restore original 4.1 version- and retry?

    Can you help? Tragidy is out of the office until May 21.Thanks
  7. SithLordDroid

    SithLordDroid Member

  8. barc43

    barc43 Member

    Clicking on that Dropbox link results in:
    Error (509)

    This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!
  9. Granite1

    Granite1 Zercron Encrusted Tweezer Moderator

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  10. adibadro

    adibadro New Member

    for some reason the dorkfiles link does not let me change the email address so i can get a download link... any way you could dropbox it?

    a million thanks

    p.s. i'm gonna try it on a chuwi v10 that has the same specs... hoping to get it to work

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