[ROM] EQDKP Sense 3.5 - GB2.3.5 idogx base - OC Kernel [m1ndh4x8r mod] 5-21-12

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  1. disciplexone

    disciplexone Well-Known Member



    EQDKP is an Sense 3.5 [GB2.3.5] idogx Wildfire S port, modded by me m1ndh4x8r. Meaning essentially all chinese apps have been removed in favor of any users in different country use. Some files are modified or replaced to have extended features. Any work, such as mods or fixes, you would like to contribute would be gladly accepted. The project has one goal, to provide a ROM which is as close to Sense 3.5 stock as possible.


    Based off the HTC_Marvel_idogx_2.3.5_Sense3.5_0210
    HTC framework themed with battery percentage and overscroll glowing effect. 4X5 Rosie, changed htc wallpapers and added ICS transistions.
    Overclocked kernel. with tun,cifs,utf8
    Rooted with the latest version of Superuser and Busybox, Zipaligned
    Deodexed ROM available
    Data2sd ROM
    sio vr bfs IO added including the use of ext4 with writeback journaling for all mounts and larger read-ahead buffer for improved sdcard performance.
    Extended Quick Settings and Extended Reboot Menu, with CRT on/off effects
    Add Google Accounts in Sync, Maps, Gmail, ES File Explorer, Flash player, Adfree, Gingerbread Keyboard, Voltage Control, Viber, Terminal, Youtube
    Beats audio by dr.dre
    Multilanguage worldwide


    You tell me


    ROM install instructions:

    1.Download Minitool Partition Wizard and install in PC
    2.Put SDCARD in card reader and
    make the following Partitions NOTE: it should be in the ff. order FAT32,EXT4,SWAP
    Fat32 - Resize this to have unused space of 1500, files won't
    be touched or erased in this partition.
    3.Make 2nd Partiton Ext4 = 1400 - PRIMARY
    4.Make 3rd Partition LinuxSwap = 100 - PRIMARY
    5.In Minitool Partition Wizard - Click Apply wait to finish
    6.Copy ROM to SDCARD, and eject and put inside phone.
    7.Boot in recovery
    8.Wipe Data, Factory Reset
    9.Wipe Cache
    10.Advance > Wipe Dalvik Cache
    11.Go back Install zip from SDCARD
    12.Choose the ROM zip then flash.
    13.When finished flashing, Reboot system now
    14.Wait 5-15 minutes until ROM is fully booted.
    15.Reboot to recovery again > don't wipe > install zip from sdcard then choose data2sd zip
    16.Then reboot system - This will take time cause files will odex. 5-10mins.

    ROM Download:
    Code (Text):
    1. http://www.mediafire.com/?rwj3hrp4nrmmjr1
    Code (Text):
    1. http://www.mediafire.com/?30atfd5y5daxm77
    Thanks to:

    idogx - The Hero of this 3.5 port project
    Team Hydra



    Code (Text):
    1. Changelog
    2. 5.0
    3. Add new kernel
    4. removed V6 Supecharger and KickAssKernel
    5. updated and added some apps
    7. 4.9
    8. add beats icon to music statusbar notif
    9. merged kernel and V6 supercharger
    10. changed to to old android.policy.jar
    12. 4.8
    13. add adreno200 updated libs
    14. deodexed rom update
    15. merged some fixes by idogx new 3.5 rom(thanks dude)
    16. add new kernel
    17. removed and added some scripts
    18. add new apps
    20. 4.7
    21. deodexed ROM update
    22. add V6 Supercharger n Kickasskernel in kernel and in ROM
    23. Removed Arabic patch causing phone overheat
    24. 787-320 smartass boot script
    26. 4.6
    27. Kang fix from idogx bliss ROM
    28. gallery effects fixed
    29. new Htc lockscreen, htc_clock and IME - deodex rom only
    30. added language to added apks
    31. updated to v1.2 d33ps1x gpsfix
    32. add beats audio only noticeable in headphones
    33. new bootanimation w/ beats
    34. added arabic mod patch by seaskyways  - deodex rom only
    36. 4.5
    37. rebased from previous 4.4 cause of some bugs in previous newer versions.
    38. changed services.jar
    39. changed 2 wallpapers
    40. removed bootsound
    41. add new Maps 6.3.0
    42. call end reboot fixed
    44. 4.4
    45. Unofficial kang fix from idogx 0220 ROM
    46. Camera fixed
    47. Internet Pass Thru Fixed
    48. Fixed Quadrant FC
    49. Add Other Languages to added APKs files
    50. Change Bootscreen and Wallpaper
    51. Add battery calibration
    52. Swap mount script
    54. 4.3
    55. Add CRT on off effects
    56. Resize bootscreen
    57. Fix 4x5 App drawer
    58. Extended Quick Settings with Recent Apps
    59. ICS Transistion
    60. Facebook fix by hypercode
    62. 4.2
    63. Added:
    64. bravia engine by djpbx
    65. Gps Fix by d33ps1x
    66. Facebook App
    67. SummerL bootanimation and sound
    68. Multilanguage fix by mstfkaratas
    69. Removed android and HTC spyware
    71. 4.1
    72. Unofficial kang fix from Hintay 3.5 ROM
    73. Add other language: Arabic, Bulgarian, Danish, German, Greek,Spanish, Finnish, French, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Czech, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese etc
    74. Update Google Services Package
    75. Change Weather Sync Provider to AccuWeather proxy
    76. Add HTC Quick Lookup from Euprop RUU and add other languages
    77. Account Sync Manager fixed
    78. A little fix in build.prop
    Explorer Pico Sense 3.5 Custom ROM for
    HTC WILDFIRE S Marvel a510e GSM

    Cooked by m1ndh4x8r in DSIXDA's Kitchen
    ROM Ported by idogx from GFAN

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  2. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

    I for one am happy about this. I was still running 4.6 because nothing after 4.7 was smooth no matter what I did with No Frills.
  3. dtreelf

    dtreelf New Member

    hey, can you make app drawer transparant 4x4 menu for EQDKP Sense 3.5 ?
    because this is so cool... :D
  4. disciplexone

    disciplexone Well-Known Member

    np :) flash in recovery no wipe
    Code (Text):
    1. http://www.mediafire.com/?6hjun2qz209iw7c
  5. dtreelf

    dtreelf New Member

    this isn't transparant... :(
  6. wreckednit

    wreckednit New Member

    Thanks dude for such a gr8 rom but i am facing one problem. My phone lags and even sometimes hang with data2sd, without it it doesn't lag and kernel is just over clockable to 682 mhz?
  7. disciplexone

    disciplexone Well-Known Member

    Your first request, you didnt say transparent. how would I know, Im sorry I dont have it.

    Change rom if this doesnt work for you. Im no phone repair man.
  8. Nightshadow931

    Nightshadow931 New Member

    Thank you very much, your ROMs are the best, at least for me, I'm using 'em since sense 2.1..

    I've downloaded it, and tried to odex it following your instructions(I succeeded with v4.8), but it just won't work.I did everything, checked 10 times, but in the end, I can't make it through HTC white screen.I'm trying for 3 straight hours now, I did the procedure 10 times, but it won't work.
    Can you please odex it, and upload it ?
  9. qarbon

    qarbon New Member

    Thanks for this awesome rom! I like it.
  10. k3yur

    k3yur Member

    i have downloaded the latest but i cant even extract by winzip pro....zip is corrupted!!! i dont know what happend, i have downloaded it fully.

  11. Caro332

    Caro332 Well-Known Member

    Hi k3yur and welcome to AF!

    You're not supposed to extract anything. You have to download the zip file and put it as is in the SD card following the instruction the OP gave carefully.
  12. lukasauno

    lukasauno New Member

    nevermind about this, solved already
  13. tensec

    tensec Member

    I just flashed this rom and I've been stuck on the HTC logo for about 20 mins now...
  14. draconian

    draconian New Member

    m1ndh4x8r you are the best i really luv it btw i flashed the cake kernel, installed the no-frill cpu controler and it works super fine, as for ppl askin to use alternative to app2sd i find no reason to as i flashed the app2sd.zip after partitioning my sd with CWM (sorry for the long post )
    my main problem is the arabic letters are scattered apart in all apps tried to follow APK-fire tutorials to fix this but in vain or maybe i am doing it wrong, so how do u think i can fix this?
    cheers mate :)
  15. lukasauno

    lukasauno New Member

    one question that bothers me, I have 2gb sd card and in guide says one partition 1500, second 1400, third 100. I on other hand have 1000 on first, 800 on second and 100 on third. Will this make any difference while installing rom? Sorry for maybe stupid question but I just don't want to have massive head ache while trying to restore my phone

    Edit: works brilliantly, easier then I thought it would be. For total newbies like me in flashing/rooting:
    I used this guide to root phone: http://youtu.be/UqCk2NiHTTg and then followed step by step installation instructions nothing went wrong.
  16. Scyllax

    Scyllax New Member

    Any chance of supporting no recent apps?
  17. Evenecer

    Evenecer New Member

    install everything in detail as explained in the post
    and the system works well, but only has 1 Mb free
    when installing DATA2SD the system does not start
    get stuck
    I have tried many systems but I can not run DATA2SD
    I have the cell rooted and unlocked bootloader
    but I still have S-ON
    what is my problem?
  18. Nightshadow931

    Nightshadow931 New Member

    I'm having some problems with this rom.
    Whenever I change network mode from gsm to wcdma or gsm/wcdma, I usually get a message 'network error, please check the network.'It does change it, but with that message.
    Also, sometimes when someone calls me I'm unavailable, even though my signal strength is full.Happens on both, 2G and 3G.It's very irritable.

    Anyone else having similar problems?
    How do I fix it?
  19. lukasauno

    lukasauno New Member

    Any suggestions for alternative kernel for this rom? Urgent
  20. asdot

    asdot Member

    Yep I want it too :D

    Is there any MOD like this?

    Sent from MARVEL
  21. uruh

    uruh New Member

    what a rom :D i use this from 4.2. now 5.0 there is no problem with this one. excellent work thanx
  22. 6thinsomniac

    6thinsomniac Active Member

  23. dmonium

    dmonium New Member

    I'm having trouble with Latitude, I can not set it, could you help me with this?, My WFs has 5.0 DEODEX
  24. disciplexone

    disciplexone Well-Known Member

    Try opening Maps first.
  25. cadam11

    cadam11 Member

    I'm running this now and it is gud, looks well, runs well(mostly), thank you

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