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[ROM][FINAL] CM7 7.2 RC1 - g60 style [7.11.12]

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  1. MikeRL

    MikeRL Well-Known Member

    Luckily, for some reason, 99% of my random reboots are gone. Must have been some hidden timeout value set incorrectly prior to CM7-RC1. I reported some minor bugs in the bug tracker today, but have no fear, each can be, I am sure, easily fixed. Like the lack of any sort of g60style branding on this release, and the lack of an icon for speech recorder. These bugs do not need to be immediately fixed (they don't make the phone blow up), but can be fixed by the next build, whenever that comes. No rush for these new bugs.

  2. dsmryder

    dsmryder Well-Known Member Developer

    Dag, I missed this one.
    One thing I noticed is that the link to repo in the bin filder gets lost on my rig. What I do to sync os add ~/bin/ to the repo command.
    Code (Text):
    1. ~/bin/repo sync
    Not sure if this what you are talking about, but that's what I understood it as.
  3. g60madman

    g60madman Well-Known Member Developer

    Not following you there should be an icon for the speech recorder. I would recommend a factory wipe and dalvik cache and a reload with no restores.
  4. Bruce777

    Bruce777 Active Member

    Good luck with this rom "60".
    The only issue I've ever had with tg reloaded is an in call proximmity sensor issue.

    For example:
    when I'm on froyo roms; I'm talking on the phone the screen goes dark, I pull the phone back to look at the screen and it automatically lights up.
    when I'm on TG RELOAD; I'm talking on the phone the screen goes dark, I pull the phone back to look at the screen and it doesn't turn back on until I press the power button :(
  5. doggscube

    doggscube Member

    I popped into this thread because TG reloaded would simply refuse to wake up when wifi was turned on and connected to a network. If I made it forget the network, the problem was not replicated. I did not have reboots, just had to remove the battery and turn it back on multiple times a day.

    I have not tried disabling Juice Defender to see if that helps. I'm on the Minimal Triumph rom (Froyo) and want CM7 back.

    If I restore my TG reloaded backup, can I flash this over it or do I have to wipe data?
  6. dsmryder

    dsmryder Well-Known Member Developer

    The general rule is: from FroYo to FroYo or CM7 to CM7, you just need to clear caches. If you are switching between FroYo to CM7 then factory reset.
  7. Rolo42

    Rolo42 Well-Known Member

    Various issues ("coma" mode, prox sensor, random reboots, button lights, etc.) seem to appear with some users, making it difficult to replicate/troubleshoot.

    After a certain point its difficult to see the cause as the user/user's config and not a latent ROM issue. Perhaps these should be tracked in detail to find what configuration triggers these issues.
  8. Bruce777

    Bruce777 Active Member

    If it helps at all with diagnosing: it doesn't happen on stock or froyo, and as a last ditch effort I completely wiped (factory reset, cache and dalvik) and flashed tg re 3-25. The in-call black screen came back after about a day. (I didn't mess with any settings just to see if was my fault :)
    Even if it never gets resolved (for me) best rom!
  9. danielkeyes45

    danielkeyes45 Active Member

    I just want to confirm that I also have the proximity sensor issue (when I remove the phone from my face during/after a call the screen stays off until I hit the power button). I have tried wiping the phone and freshly installing different versions of CM7 reloaded and it still persists.

    When I run a froyo ROM the problem goes away.

    Otherwise this ROM is great. Thanks for your commitment to this ROM and the community.
  10. Teklogikal

    Teklogikal Active Member

    Which version are you on? I'm still having that problem, so this sounds fantastic to me. My reboots, btw have been pinned down to being somehow related to downloading things. Almost every time I dl a file, regardless of the browser, wifi, 3g, play store or unknown source it freaks out halfway and reboots. Any body else experiencing that?
  11. MikeRL

    MikeRL Well-Known Member

    Well, I take that back. My phone rebooted once just recently this week. )-: Good news is that I seemed to have found out how to fix some of the random reboots through trial and error. I cannot guarantee that this will work, but many of them disappeared after I changed some settings and done some other stuff:
    1) Format SD card in Windows (back up your SD card data first!) Make sure you format to FAT32. Don't try formatting it in Linux. I done this once and the phone wouldn't boot up!
    2) Slightly overclocking prevents some freezes.
    Under Settings > Cyanogenmod Settings > Performance overclock the max speed to around 1300-1400ish. This should speed the phone up, but not to the point of the thing overheating.
    3) Fix SD Card permissions. Do this by booting into Recovery (You can do that if you have this ROM installed) and go to advanced > Fix SD card permissions. Now reboot.
    4) Do not use Firefox, except the Nightly builds. Firefox has went through drastic speed and performance improvements recently, but the older builds, despite being called stable, are so slow, they will make the phone freeze and reboot. Yes, this includes Aurora.
    5) Give the phone a break from time to time. After intensive gaming for hours on end, the phone will often reboot while exiting a game.
    That's all the tips I have. I managed to drastically reduce my reboots by doing these, but not eliminate them completely. I hope g60madman or mantera find some hidden timeout value in the kernel (if one exists, like the auto reboot on BSOD in Windows) and either lengthens the timeout value or disables automatic rebooting so if this is a kernel panic, we may see the debugging details and upload them to fix some crashes.
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  12. MikeRL

    MikeRL Well-Known Member

    There is an icon, just no custom icon. I mean that it appears in the app drawer, but only the standard Android APK icon appears. Although I thank you for the advice, I would not want to wipe this phone and loose all of my data for such a minor issue. Now, if the random reboots everyone gets would be miraculously fixed, I would do a wipe. And on wiping to remove the reboots, I've learned that the reboots sometimes persist after a wipe. (Refer to the reasons I've mentioned above, please.) And if it's an issue, it's either with Android or the Motorola Triumph hardware itself. These phones are awesome, but unfortunately some companies are just plain too cheap to actually fix bugs. I'm looking at you, Google. This random reboot issue even occurs on your flagship phones! Thank God we have the devs here, or this phone would be worthless, in my opinion.
  13. dsmryder

    dsmryder Well-Known Member Developer

    All I can say abount the reboots is My phone hasn't done it sense I removed a certian app. It was a game from a reputable developer, but it would eat my memory and overload my processor. The game wasn't that great, so I didn't dowload it again. I have my settings and mods in place that work for me. I know why I bought the phone ($25 service) and that's the only reason I don't do with another provider.
  14. Teklogikal

    Teklogikal Active Member

    I have my fingers crossed, it hasn't happened again (yet) since I went back to go launcher earlier today. I'm thinking that launcher pro plus had a memory leak because, honestly that was my last resort. It seems to be the culprit.
  15. dsmryder

    dsmryder Well-Known Member Developer

    Like I've said many times before, apps can cause issues. Random reboots, freezes, memory leaks, battery consumption. I am sure that there are many more things that can happen like one app not liking another. That used to be a big problem on Windows 9x.

    The first thing in diagnostics is remove what it can be. In our case, that would be any apps that you have changed. After that dianosis can begin. Sometimes that can be a longer process, and if you're someone like me, then you have messed around with the ROM even before you have installed on the phone.

    Teklogikal seems to have found his/her culprit. I think that when the actual devlopement begins again, we should all consider starting fresh if a flash over seems to have broken something. Maybe listing all installed apps can help. If we see the same app showing up again and again, soneone can have an "ah ha" moment.

    Remember, we are a community of tinkerers. If we keep on just saying " my phone reboots" nothing will get done. If we start with a more "and I have these apps installed, with these non default settings" I think that we can move along.
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  16. g60madman

    g60madman Well-Known Member Developer

    This is very true, I for one have never had a random reboot on any of the CM7 version from TickerGuy, Whyzor or g60. However I only have pandora, chess.com, and pulse installed for apps on my phone. Everyone is different and the more everyone installs the more issues you will have. The one thing that has been bugging me is the proximity issue. While this doesn't effect my much as most my calls are over bluetooth, the times I am not using my hands free it does bug. I will spend some time on that this week.
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  17. markzombie82

    markzombie82 Well-Known Member

    The proxy sensor was bugging me to it made calling the walmart call in hotline hard lol. Ha
  18. viget

    viget Active Member

    Good to hear that everyone are annoyed by the proximity sensor issue.
    This is especially painful when you are dealing with automated answering system which you would have to punch in numbers from time to time.
  19. dsmryder

    dsmryder Well-Known Member Developer

    Does anyone know how this is done on a phone that works correctly? I think it would be in the phone.apk. I hope to have some real time... oh, maybe at work if we're slow again.It's late for me and I need to get to bed. If someone wants to do some research and see if this issue existed on another ROM, then maybe we can do some contrast and comparing to see if we can figure this out. I'm sure it's simple, like the phone.apk needs to grab the screen lock or something.
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  20. Teklogikal

    Teklogikal Active Member

    Figured I'd report back. Since removing lp plus, I've had one reboot in 2 days as opposed to the 10 or so per day I was having. Let's hope it stays that way. Indeed, I agree with us being more specific about our issues. Like I said, I knew a little about Linux based system when I came to android, but this is kind of a crash course. I'm learning more every day do hopefully I can offer more input as the time passes.
  21. Bruce777

    Bruce777 Active Member

    Not sure about the phone the apk, at least for me the sensor issue goes away when I am running a froyo rom ( I've tried stock and froyocream)
  22. dhi29

    dhi29 Member

    also, cm9 doesn't have the proximity sensor issue either.
  23. Bruce777

    Bruce777 Active Member

    Just a random thought...I flashed that GPS libraries zip. Is there anyone who did not flash this that is still getting the proximity issue?
  24. danielkeyes45

    danielkeyes45 Active Member

    I haven't flashed the GPS zip and still have the prox sensor issue.
  25. mantera

    mantera Well-Known Member

    Have you all tried theOC kernel 1.7.20 and are you still having the proximity issue?
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