Rom for alcatel ot 918

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  1. prashant74

    prashant74 New Member

    i have alcatel ot 918. i want to custom rom for it. please tell me about rom or any other rom which is compatible with it. please also provide the link to download it.

  2. larrynoni

    larrynoni New Member

    the phones wouldn't brings nothing with rom..i will surely give more details with proves later.
  3. iPETE

    iPETE Member

    Sorry it's almost a year since this posting.

    I would disagree
    This phone keeps getting out of internal memory. I won't be able to get new phone til christmas so I have to do the best I can with this phone. Since it's basically free, would't hurt to kill it.

    So, i have rooted mine with a recovery that I couldnt' remember from, not CWM. [​IMG]

    I was trying to install this rom from via ZIP and got error and now my phone won't boot even using the recovery.


    There's several of document on how to custom rom this phone, but just not easily detailed.

    I guess, I dont understand the partitioning SDCARD. With 4gb, what should I set SWAP, EXT1,2,3 to. So on.

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