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[ROM] Frunisher v1.0|LG Ally|Android 2.2.1|VS740ZVD|Wicked Fast|Stable|Themed {Updated 4-4-11}

Last Updated:

  1. death2all110

    death2all110 VIP Member VIP Member

    What do you mean it doesnt work?

    Simply stating something "Does not work" HAS NO EFFECT WHATSOEVER!

    Please for christ's sake give me some more output such as an error message. Or something.

    I can't fix something when i don't know what the hell is wrong!

    Jeez. And you guys wonder why this is my last rom....

    *walks away*

  2. dautley

    dautley VIP Member VIP Member

    I like this ROM a lot, Thank You!!
    Please consider an option or script to remove the BootSound during boot animation. the Enable BootSounds? (1/0) toggle in terminal emulator doesn't seem reliable.

    One note for everyone, your going to need the provided "LG bootsplash.zip" to get rid of the "bootsplash skull", because otherwise it sticks even when flashing to another ROM like Velocity. I didn't try flashing a stock Nand but the skull wouldnt be good if you had to take your phone into Verizon for some reason so thanks for providing the "LG splash".
  3. death2all110

    death2all110 VIP Member VIP Member

    Again. Saying something isn't reliable doesn't help. IF I HAD MORE TO GO WITH I'D RELEASE A FIX!

    Lack of any useful feedback is really making me regret my decision to release...
  4. tigersfan1

    tigersfan1 Well-Known Member

    Ok nevermind I got the sound off on it also thanks very much for this ROM. I would donate but I don't have a credit card or debit card
  5. tigersfan1

    tigersfan1 Well-Known Member

    Ok I think this is what they are trying to say is in terminal emulator it looks like this when trying to change the boot animation:

    Code (Text):
    1. $# bootani
    2. Changes BootAnimation
    4. Options:
    5. -s stock
    6. -p standard punisher
    7. -h honeycomb]
    8. -d droideye
    10. Reboot for Changes to Take Effect
    11. # -h
    12. -h: not found
    13. #
    I hope that helps you a little death2all tell me if there is anymore info needed
  6. bnitty

    bnitty Well-Known Member

    when I stated it doesn't work I didn't know I needed to elaborate further, but I will. on bootani it list 4 options when I use either S P H or D it says not found?
  7. dautley

    dautley VIP Member VIP Member

    Okay my apologies, I didn't see this for some reason, that took care of it. donation on the way in either today or tomorrow.
    And hey, you did a great job with a solid ROM here, don't let the little stuff on here stress you out.:)
  8. 4hed517

    4hed517 Member

    you need to use the sysrw script first, to mount the system as writable. I'm guessing when you ran the bootsndtoggle script, then entered 0, it gave you an error about not being able to create a file? Thats the sort of details that would get your question answered right off the rip.

    the correct usage would be "bootani -h". command followed by option on the same line
  9. tigersfan1

    tigersfan1 Well-Known Member

    Okay thanks
  10. Corki2

    Corki2 Well-Known Member

    I am blown away by this ROM death2all110. It's running flawlessly. Thank you, thank you! Donation has been sent. Please don't let the PITA's with attitudes stop you from developing ROMS. It would be a shame to waste talent such as yours. :)
    thatguy4044 and Nemesiis like this.
  11. d3310n

    d3310n Well-Known Member

    Thanks just about to post the error but your method fixed it. Where can I get some new fonts? And death if people are being a pita you don't have to help them you know. Just you making the rom is enough for me I'm not demanding tech support from you.
  12. yohobojo

    yohobojo Well-Known Member

    Ocd for a while for 4hrs and still only 88%
  13. ndrew2505

    ndrew2505 Active Member

    Hey d2a about the fc I mentioned.. I redownloaded and reflashed and still got the fc for gmail but I updated it through the market and all seems well now. Nice job!
  14. death2all110

    death2all110 VIP Member VIP Member

    */ Begin Rant

    Someone got on IRC and said i had mental issues. AllyUser01. Yeah. I saw that. Maybe if you understood where I was coming from you wouldn't blame me. So i have a few kind words to say to you. If ya got the balls PM me on here or nn IRC I wont hold my breath.

    /* End rant

    Ill try to fix the scripts and put out a maintenance release. Unless one is not needed. I till have yet to get feedback on the bootsndtoggle script.
  15. tsgeek

    tsgeek Member

    Hey d2a, don't let the bastards get you down. This is awesome. I was just minutes away from dropping $15 on SPB Shell, when I saw your post. Will send some $ love your way.

  16. 4hed517

    4hed517 Member

    lol life would be soooo droll if noone had mental issues.

    As for the bootsndtoggle script, it worked for me after I su'ed and ran the sysrw script. Also, the OP has a typo stating the sysrw script as syswrw.

    this rom kicks so much ass it'll blow yer mind all over yer face! I think it's great anyone is still even developing for the Ally, this phone is a dinosaur
  17. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    C'mon people, you know the drill.... keep it civil and clean please. ;)
    4hed517 likes this.
  18. Afteraffekt

    Afteraffekt Well-Known Member

    Make sure your using proper form when using our Rom, command (toggle) is the way it should be! =0, glad you like our Rom guys, Deatha and I put ALOT of work into it!
  19. tsgeek

    tsgeek Member

    Basic question: Am I going to need an ext partition on the sd card? I'm seeing some people still suggesting using a2sd and such even on Froyo ROMs.
  20. death2all110

    death2all110 VIP Member VIP Member

    No. Just Use Move2SD enabler on market.


    First Post Has been updated! Patch released!

    Fixes the 2 scripts that were buggy. Bootsndtoggle and bootani
    4hed517, Corki2 and tsgeek like this.
  21. KingOfGreen

    KingOfGreen Well-Known Member

    you're the shit bro!
  22. tigersfan1

    tigersfan1 Well-Known Member

    wait what got patched
  23. death2all110

    death2all110 VIP Member VIP Member

  24. tigersfan1

    tigersfan1 Well-Known Member

  25. death2all110

    death2all110 VIP Member VIP Member

    Because I added that 2 sec. after your post lol

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