[ROM][GENERIC??] LG AS855 (Ignite) Craptorman_Mod_1.0 beta [BEATS]

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  1. Craptorman

    Craptorman Well-Known Member

    LG AS855 (Ignite) ZV2 Craptorman_Mod_1.0 beta

    It appears much faster and smoother than stock.

    [​IMG]DISCLAIMER: This is a MODDED STOCK ZV2 GB ROM! Flash at YOUR OWN RISK!!! By flashing this you understand that that I am not liable for any or all consequences of using this ROM. If you don't know what you're doing, DON'T TRY IT. Use at your own risk! Please read everything before asking questions that may have already been answered.


    Thanks to playfulgod for providing CWM Recovery and script files examples).
    -koush, Paranous, TryingToRoot, lMonsterl, rockodev, dsixda

    What is this ROM?
    -Stock Based
    -Added /etc/init.d scripts support (busybox run-parts)
    -Custom boot animation functionality - This allows one to use a custom boot animation in place of the default one. Place custom bootanimation.zip in /data/local.
    -Beats Audio boot animation
    -Beats Audio Drivers
    -My Beats Google Play Music app
    -Slightly Debloated
    -Build.prop tweaks

    -You MUST, do a Factory Reset prior to flashing.
    -Download or copy the zip to the root of your sdcard
    -Reboot into CWM Recovery
    -Wipe cache partition & Dalvik
    -"Install zip from Sd"
    -Select zip and hit "yes"
    -I've been wiping cache partition & Dalvik


    -v1.0ZV2 beta:(md5: 9c45aa87987cd290bba14e8f9ee77cd9)

    Like what u see? Hit "Thanks"

    Donations are appreciated! PAYPAL

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  2. Will this work with the marquee
  3. Craptorman

    Craptorman Well-Known Member

    My concern would be the boot.img is not the same. Also I noticed the mount commands in the updater-script for the Marquee roms only have 3 parameters. I had to use 4 parameters to get it to working on the Ignite. If one changed this and replaced boot.img it would probably would. But, I don't thing it would be much different than the other roms being posted.
  4. lMonsterl

    lMonsterl Well-Known Member

    whats the md5 sum of your boot.img?
  5. Craptorman

    Craptorman Well-Known Member

    Please note I updated my post. The stock boot.img is:


    It might be a good thing to know for further development. One rom might work for both the LS855 and the AS855.
  6. lMonsterl

    lMonsterl Well-Known Member

    marquee's kernel is: 5844d428f6bdd5ace15c7569e4a5ab51

    so they are not identical.
  7. Craptorman

    Craptorman Well-Known Member

    I MD5'd the boot.img. Are you refering to the kernel file itself?
  8. lMonsterl

    lMonsterl Well-Known Member

    naw, i meant boot.img
  9. Craptorman

    Craptorman Well-Known Member

    Ok.:D I believe one byte difference would result in different md5. No sure how big of a change tho.
  10. wartorn

    wartorn Active Member

    loads and works on my marquee. though i do not get cell service.
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  11. Craptorman

    Craptorman Well-Known Member

    I'm assuming you did know this was for the Ignite. My guess would be the kernel in the boot.img. We have verified they are different. Not sure tho.

    So everything else works, bluetooth, data, wifi etc?
  12. lMonsterl

    lMonsterl Well-Known Member

    different radios probably
  13. wartorn

    wartorn Active Member

    i knew it was for the ignite, but i just wanted to test it since the Undeniable ROM wasnt working for me.

    dunno why, but everything on this ROM works(except the radio obviously). the undeniable ROM loads, but the radio and the buttons dont work.

    any ideas how i can get something that works for my fone?
  14. Craptorman

    Craptorman Well-Known Member

    I'll think so. I'll try to look at it tonight.
  15. Craptorman

    Craptorman Well-Known Member

    Hey Monster, do you have a factory boot.img for marquee you could send me?
  16. Bionic Chronic

    Bionic Chronic Well-Known Member

    The Undeniable ROM by Playful was for the Sprint version of the Marquee.. Not sure if you have Sprint or BOOST.. I have installed Marky Beats v1.1.21 by |Monster| (which I am loving by the way). You may have to edit a couple small things to allow for MMS to send and Bluetooth is in the works of becoming finished but, this is for BOOST Mobile and has worked exceptionally well! Hope this may help...
  17. wartorn

    wartorn Active Member

    i am on sprint, but when i load the "marquee" versions of the ROMs, the home and menu buttons are swapped. the buttons are in the proper place when i load this Ignite ROM.

    im kinda at a loss on what to do... :confused:
  18. lMonsterl

    lMonsterl Well-Known Member

  19. Craptorman

    Craptorman Well-Known Member

    @wartorn - I sent to a pm with a link to updated rom if you want to try it and see if it works completely for you.
  20. stealth110

    stealth110 Member

    Great work on the rom been running it since yesterday and absolutely no problems!
  21. Craptorman

    Craptorman Well-Known Member

    Glad its working well for you.
  22. parkview

    parkview New Member

    Great rom guys thanks to all who put there time in to the lg ignite
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  23. GypsyHeretic

    GypsyHeretic New Member

    Just flashed this to my LG Ignite from CSpire. Up and running great and everything working. I really like this because I did like the LG ROM, but this polishes it out. Thanks, will donate when I get paid.
  24. Craptorman

    Craptorman Well-Known Member

    Glad too hear that. Got a cm9 port booting tonight. Hopefully good things to come.
  25. IndiaBhai

    IndiaBhai New Member

    Hi there! I'm waiting for the cm10 to stabilize and was wondering, does this work on ZV3?

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