[ROM] Gingerbread 2.3.5 is now available for LG P350 :)

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  1. Nallasivan

    Nallasivan Member


    This is my first ROM, I bought P350 last August 2011 and I was trying to learn. Last week I started to port gingerbread into P350. I think it is working now and will have some bugs.

    Please alert me if you find any bugs, I will fix it and improve the ROM.

    Do not forget to wipe data/cache.

    Please download using the following LINK


    Please flash Gapps using the following link after the ROM,


    Otherwise market wont work.


    Please turn off zip verification during recovery and flash this rom. I didnt sign my rom.

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  2. Laudano

    Laudano Member

    Awesome, pal. Will try it soon. Thanks a lot!
  3. haxxi

    haxxi New Member

    Could you please write down a full installation instruction? From the rooting to the end. I have a P350 with the same version kernel but the 2nd edition. Can I flash your rom to the phone? Here, the phone called Optimus ME (Hungary, operator: T-mobile)
  4. themiskak

    themiskak New Member

  5. venkat kamesh

    venkat kamesh Member

    is this one had any effect of working. please reply me:)
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  6. jabulani

    jabulani New Member

    Did someone tested this ROM? it is working??

    PS: who tested, please verify if there is portuguese language option, for me.
  7. akhiljp

    akhiljp New Member

    plz tell me the full steps
  8. venkat kamesh

    venkat kamesh Member

    I was successfully rooted it but when flashed it my mobile got restarted and not working. now my mobile was not working yet. it is working only for the given one only i,e; only 2.2
  9. eyan2011

    eyan2011 New Member

    can you please send me a link to you're lg factory home launcher for p350... i tried every forum to get that same thing but luck please please
  10. nikhilporwal94

    nikhilporwal94 New Member

    please post the tutorial to install this ROM!!
  11. Nallasivan

    Nallasivan Member

    First of all you have to install recovery:


    When you install recovery, poweroff your phone, and turn it on by holding volume down key and both buttons on bottom of the mobile phone.

    When the recovery starts, open "Backup/Restore" menu and backup your current rom. After that open "Wipe" menu, and select "Wipe ALL". When wiping finishes, open "Flash zip menu" and "Choose zip from sd card" and install new rom.

    If anything goes wrong, just start the recovery again, and restore old rom.
  12. istupdio

    istupdio New Member

    wait how can i flash Gapps i cant understand sorry,but its great..

    and the link is broken..
  13. venkat kamesh

    venkat kamesh Member

    the link that you given was broken can you please get the new link. or the programing method please
  14. jabulani

    jabulani New Member

    So... no one have managed to install it... witch means no one knows if it really works...:confused:
    actually, only one guy has tried, and he says this rom is not working...

    be careful installing this rom guys.... bricked phones happens

    If someone else managed to install it, please give us a feedback... can we trust this rom?? it is fully working??? all the features on the phone works with it? (GPS, bluetooth, data, wi-fi...):confused:
  15. venkat kamesh

    venkat kamesh Member

    if u had got ur mobile stucked then install this one
    at first your are suppose to install lg drivers of lg p350
    and next open the file
    1. Install MSXML 4.0 SP3 Parser (msxml.msi)
    2. Run KDZ_FW_UPD.exe
    and then now download
    this is lg version in english

    this is new verion but it is russia only few options in russia

    after the download run the kdz file and select as smart phone and select the version
    then remove the battery and reconnect it on pressing vol + and vol - at a time by on/off button
    then u can find emergency mode and now click launch software
    and now your mobile is ready to use. if your mobile not get update try it once it will be sure cured. :):):):):):):):):):):cool::cool:
  16. venkat kamesh

    venkat kamesh Member

    i rooted and used the clockword recovery by programme but the final result i got is "asses denined". so please friends wait it for few days because we don't have the exact results of working. this is may be my suggestion. thats ur wish friends.
  17. haibusa2005

    haibusa2005 New Member

    I have found a horrifying auto-rotate bug - the accelerometer reacted exactly the opposite of the phone rotation. I've wiped the rotate data but without effect. I am still looking for a solution and I will post it here as soon as I find one. My accelerometer isn't defective, as it worked fine with stock 2.2.2 and pecamod 2.2.2
  18. cakal263

    cakal263 New Member

  19. pontoykoy

    pontoykoy New Member

  20. cakal263

    cakal263 New Member

    How will the installation????
  21. SHaX

    SHaX New Member

    who tested, please verify if there is turkish language option, for me.
  22. johnnail1996

    johnnail1996 New Member

    i bought my phone about 2 months back nd the only reason why i want a custom rom is to overclock it....mine is rooted with gingerbreak but no matter which app i use none will let me overclock more than 600mhz. can the optimus me p350 not be overclocked more than that?? i cant find anyone else who has overclocked it. also what is the point of a custom rom if the phone is rooted??
  23. haibusa2005

    haibusa2005 New Member

    If you only want to overclock I suggest to use the kernel drapalyuk wrote - you can download it from here. Install custom recovery and flash the zip.
  24. venkat kamesh

    venkat kamesh Member

  25. catastre

    catastre New Member

    hey what happened are you sure your cp is ok?

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