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    Originally Posted by Mur4ik
    Till I have the GT540 this ROM never become a final release

    I draw your attention that this firmware, as CyanogenMod 7, as the Android 2.3 is still under active development.
    By giving all that is laid out here is considered experimental, use a daily personal matter. Benefit you have enough alternatives.
    Whatever youhttp://www.cyanogenmod.com/wp-content/themes/cyanogenmod/images/btn-getcyanogen.png do, do at your own risk and no responsibility for your actions, I am not. And none of you do not owe anything.

    SwiftDroid v2.0 RC5
    RECOVERY= Deposit Files
    FASTBOOT= Deposit Files
    fastboot Latest Android 2.3.7 by CM 7.1.0, and a few fixes by me.


    Link for 2.0 RC4
    For recocvery:
    For fastboot:
    Link for 2.0 RC3
    For recovery:
    Deposit Files
    For fastboot:
    Deposit Files
    Link for 2.0 RC2
    For recovery:
    Deposit Files
    For fastboot:
    Deposit Files
    Link for 2.0 RC1
    For recovery:
    Deposit Files
    For Fastboot:
    Deposit Files

    Link for 2.0 RC0
    For recovery:Deposit Files
    For fastboot: Deposit Files

    Link for 2.0 M6
    For recovery
    ??????? SwiftDroid_v2.0_recovery_M6.zip
    Deposit Files
    For fastboot:
    ??????? SwiftDroid_v2.0_fastboot_M6.zip
    Deposit Files

    fastboot -w
    fastboot flash boot boot.img
    fastboot flash system system.img
    fastboot reboot

    How To Upgrade LG GT540 running Mur4ik's Gingerbread 2.3.3 Without Loosing Data/Settings/Apps
    Using Recovery Method:
    You need to extract the zip. Then install the extracted zip file from the SD card in recovery mode. (Full credits go to fishears for this method)
    Using Fastboot Method: Use the "fastboot flash system system.img" command (without the "). You can do a backup afterwards in recovery mode.
    You can extract it with root explorer on your phone. However, if you encounter system errors then, try using suggested backup apps mentioned below.

    How To Backup Your LG GT540 running Mur4ik's Gingerbread
    For those who prefer to do a clean wipe of their systems first before upgrading (in case of errors) fdespotovski & mircea89fzr have suggested using Titanium & MyBackup (rooted) apps. After upgrade, reinstall your chosen app & run restore to restore all previously backed up data/apps/settings

    Thanks to edy4sure

    Originally Posted by edy4sure

    Battery Issues Fix

    For all those having battery issues, I have been following all the comments & tips about it on this forum & I have been doing some experimenting over the last few months. And finally I have a working solution which has been working for me (see screenshot of my phone), it's been working now for 53hrs now & still at 45%. And I have been using the wireless at btw 4-6hrs per day & some long calls.

    Here's what to do:

    1. Drain your battery totally, put it on & off until it's totally drained (screen refuses to come on)

    2. Charge it over night (a good 4-6 hours). It might also be good to unplug and re-plug a couple of times if it reaches 100% prematurely.

    3. Once the specified time has elapsed, without unplugging the phone from charge, go into (clockwork) recovery (from your reboot screen), go to advanced and, wipe your battery stats, then reboot. Once you click reboot, unplug your phone. And that's it!

    Things to note:
    You must have one of the newer versions(versions 3+) of clockwork to go into recovery from full charge. I hope this is helpful & compliments Mur4ik great work & Joost's wonderful thread :)

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  2. Ahasverus

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    Some of the options and names are in russian, and that's somewhat annoying :p Thanks!
  3. Phantogenic

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    Please stop posting up items that have already been covered. On top of the fact that this isn't even in the right location.
  4. androidboss7

    androidboss7 Well-Known Member

    Bro sorry for the wrong location
    but this is the original!!! ;);)

    The other one is the new method!!
  5. Delsus

    Delsus Well-Known Member

    It was posted in the CM7 thread before this one, so its not the origanal
  6. androidboss7

    androidboss7 Well-Known Member

    I mean original as in normal!!
    The other one is only the new method!!
    This one is recovery and fastboot.
  7. Delsus

    Delsus Well-Known Member

    So is the one in dudeman's thread which was posted 2hrs before yours you know the thread made for CM7 here is what acording to you is the new method http://androidforums.com/optimus-gt...oid-2-3-4-avaliable-gt540-42.html#post3289670

    Incase you dont like links

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    Great Update!

    But I found a major bug:

    Touchscreen right side is still not detected by touch. Very hard to touch "p" button durinng sms or mail writing.

    I have this problem only with this rom.
  9. zidder

    zidder Member

    Manual network search still not working...
    Language selection screen why not running on first startup?

    Recovery menu working excellent now :)
  10. androidboss7

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  11. zidder

    zidder Member

    Screen rotation not working after running google sky...
  12. Delsus

    Delsus Well-Known Member

    2.3.5 and 2.3.6 were in there as well and we didnt see threads for those, all updates to swiftdroid have been in that thread, its the best place for them, because it is a relevent active post.
  13. androidboss7

    androidboss7 Well-Known Member

    ok then i will just delete this one!! ;)
    (if i know how to)
  14. androidboss7

    androidboss7 Well-Known Member

    IF that doesn't work reflash
  15. zidder

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  16. poolegooner

    poolegooner Active Member

    I'm having problems with my wi-fi since updating to 2.3.7 via recovery i'm connected to my network but been unable to update any apps in the new market or even use any internet based apps anyone getting the same problem? tried reflashing recovery same problem arises should i try fastboot instead?
  17. androidboss7

    androidboss7 Well-Known Member

    if reflashing with fastboot doesn't work,
    try wiping everything!!
    If not try flashing a different rom and see if
    wifi works!
  18. master-king

    master-king Active Member

    my bluetooth device doesnt work anymore why is that ?
  19. androidboss7

    androidboss7 Well-Known Member

    what do u mean by device?
    if u mean ur phone try updating to the new versions..

    I forgot to update starpost, go to all things root
  20. pantravi258

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    i have installed android 2.3.3 on my lg gt540. now i want to upgrade it to 2.3.7

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