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[ROM] Glorious Overdose V3.3 [Updated on September 3RD, 2012]

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Last Updated:

  1. JiN1337

    JiN1337 Member

    GOV3.3 (Or Simply Glorious Overdose V 3.3)

    GO v.3.3. changelog : LEAN-PERFORMANCE Build

    This build is for power-users, people who want the most speed and performance out of their phone, with the best stability. You make sacrifices to stay up-to speed. Like a launcher change, or default apps for 3RD party ones.

    Build.prop edits :

    (locks this in memory to speed up launcher access, since our launcher is small, this increases performance)

    debug.sf.nootbootanimation=1 (slightly better battery, slightly faster boot)

    dalvik.vm.dexopt-flags=m=v,o=y (better RAM and app management)

    Stripped Browser.apk ---ADD YOUR OWN FROM PLAYSTORE!!!---

    Stripped Maps.apk ---ADD IT FROM PLAYSTORE!!!---

    Stripped anything to do with LiveWallpapers!

    Stripped Memo.apk ---Download EverNote if you really need one!---

    Stripped Street.apk ---Download from Playstore!!!---

    Stripped Email.apk ---Either use GMail or 3rd party e-mail client!---

    Stripped VoiceRecorder.apk ---What's the point?---

    GO v 3.2 changelog : BULKY-ESSENTIALS Build

    This build is for people who need it all, and need options at their fingertips. You're the type of user who looks to enjoy the scenery and aren't in a rush. You'll have apps of wide-arrays available at your fingertips for disposal. You won't have to make sacrifices, you have multiple launchers and keyboards.

    *Kept MTM Gingerbread Keyboard
    *Added ICS Keyboard.
    *Kept LauncherPro
    *Added Lightning Launcher.
    *Added TouchWiz Calendar.
    *Added TouchWiz Calculator.


    Tips for usage :

    -- If you are experiencing a glitch while using the touch screen, simply pass a dry Q-Tip over the screen to remove excess grease and oil from your fingertips. Using a screen protector further remedies this situation. Disable the trackpad if you don't use for additional stability of the touchscreen.

    -- Tegrak Overclock can be set to either further increase your battery performance, or increase your phone's speed.

    Maximum STABLE performance (slightly lower battery life) - Set Tegrak Overclock to 1000 GHz MIN/MAX permforance govenor

    Maximum STABLE battery (Significantly higher battery life, lower speed.) Set Tegrak Overclock to 100MHz - 400MHz conservative govenor

    -- The default browser will be left for those who need it, but a recommended browser for this phone is Dolphin HD Mini.

    -- Remember to SuperCharge with V6 Supercharger from zepplinrox. Simply set it to AGRESSIVE and bulletproof home launcher. Don't ask me how to do this, simply read the options and it should come to you.

    -- If apps start to force close, immediately reboot into recovery, clear cache partition, dalvik cache, and fix permissions. This may happen due to installing new apps, using apps that require and access root permissions, or even uninstalling apps.

    -- For most people, you won't even need to overclock. Due to the change of home screen launchers and it using a lot less RAM, lag isn't common. Only overclock if you require additional performance or if you are benchmarking your phone.

    -- This particular ROM has fast dormancy activated. In a nutshell this means the following, when you are not in range of Wi-Fi, data (3G/4G) toggles on automatically. However, when in range of Wi-Fi, data will remain active, but not in use. (Thus you're connected everywhere you go instantly, but your battery remains intact.)

    -- Disable GPS if you don't use Google Maps, Google Navigation, or Lookout Mobile Security. (save battery)

    -- For additional battery, I do recommend using JuiceDefender. Although the battery life is pretty decent already.

    I may add additional features, but this is what is planned for a near release. I'm waiting until I get my new rig back to do this. I'm not going to do this on a netbook running Linux, it's a pain in the ass as it is.

    Mirror for BULKY-ESSENTIALS GO V 3.2


    Mirror for LEAN-PERFORMANCE GO V 3.3


    PLEASE NOTE! All credit goes to sduvick and ayoteddy and nxd without them NONE of this would be possible. I'm continuing their name in a legacy because this ROM implements their kernel, and theme amongst other things. Though nxd wasn't with PDT, he contributed a working fix in the kernel for the keyboard logging problem.



    Thanks to ayoteddy!

    Looking for v6 supercharger? I recommend this one! : http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=661892&d=1311292674 -- Thanks Zepplinrox!

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  2. rogerski1

    rogerski1 New Member

    anyone try this?? i'm looking for a rom for my wife's sidekick and am nervous about flashing something that has no feedback.
  3. JiN1337

    JiN1337 Member

    Saw you on that piece of crap XDA-Forum. Anyways, this has no feedback and I haven't had time to try it, but I'm sure it's stable IF it boots. (I can't remember which zip compression I used)

    In any case, if you are looking for a ROM that has good feedback and works well for right now, I'd recommend RAGE 3.6 Rev 01. (It's HewettBR's ROM but I did a bit of work on it.)

    Code (Text):
    1. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ebg1eguww9kqy5p
    Good luck.

    Also, if you brick using CWM, you hadn't checked your mounts.

    PROTIP : install Red Voodoo CWM, and you won't need to check your mounts.
  4. rogerski1

    rogerski1 New Member

    i didn't even get cwm installed. i replaced the recovery file and rebooted and nothing
  5. rogerski1

    rogerski1 New Member

    alright dude, i'm giving your gov3 a flash. i'll check back and let everyone know how it goes!!

    flash went great, only thing that doesnt seem to work is HQ youtube and the theme settings (which i'm assuming is intentional)
    i'll let my wife use it awhile and see how it runs for her
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  6. JiN1337

    JiN1337 Member

    Yes, the theme settings force close is definitely intentional. It's a modified framework, so changing the theme wouldn't work too well.

    Also, the HQ YouTube problem I'm looking into, thanks.
  7. rpmccormick

    rpmccormick Member

    Hey JiN.

    I'm still running Rage 3.6. I love the theme (loved GOv2 too though). It is very fast (much faster then GOv2 ever was). It had 40hour battery life for over a week when I installed it, but after trying your build.prop edits, the battery dropped to 15 hours, and has remained at 15 hours for weeks even after restoring the auto-backed up build.prop from before your edits (and yes, I have tried clearing battery stats multiple times with full phone and then letting it drain to off). The worst part (besides the battery) is that the Voice Search and TTS "driving mode" do not work.

    Question: What do you think is the best ROM for me, Rev 01 or GOv3? (must have working "driving mode" under settings->Voice I/O->TTS)
  8. JiN1337

    JiN1337 Member

    Honestly, there's not much difference anymore. Except bug fixes, launchers, and the works.

    I got auto APN to finally set correctly.

    Battery has been acting funky for me as well. Although, I'm not too sure it has to do with the software at all.

    Also with GOV3, I have disabled "auto interactive setting" this should help with the battery, unless you have Tegrak Overclock running.

    All around, I FEEL it's a better ROM because I spent time on it fixing it, but it's all up to you. It looks like GOV2, but is very revamped and uses a lot of tweaks and settings from RAGE.

    The reason TTS doesn't work on Navigation or Maps or anything else, is because HewettBR and I thought people didn't really use it, so we removed it. As of GOV3, I have reinstated those files. Also battery life should be a lot better. But make a backup and try it.

  9. JiN1337

    JiN1337 Member

    Futher investigation into the ROM discovers that the 3G/4G tweaks are interfering with YouTube altogether. Removed for next release.
  10. riflez

    riflez Well-Known Member

    Ay jin, if you don't mind me asking... why did you get banned from xda? Any xda forum I've gone to you have dudes thinking they gods or something so I really don't even consider making an account wiff em. I just got a hold of my sk again and come to find out it has more development now than it did back when I first got it... I'm using Gov2 and this rom kicks ass... what are hidden features on the sk4g ? I wish it still had the jump+j in aim chat... lol those where truly the sidekick days... do you think updating the adreeno files would be of any help to hq and such?
  11. JiN1337

    JiN1337 Member

    dont mind answering. Well first off, xda is a great place to learn...but yes a lot of people have a god complex problem there. make an account, browse things and ask questions...but never make anything for them, they are very hypocritical and dont appreciate good free development...

    anyways, some guy named Reactive was copying and pasting scripts along with this 14 year old kid named Revolution. it was xbin scripts, build.prop scripts, and init.d scripts. he stole these from tweakzv6.zip and edited the comments inside to say he created them...i had a problem with that so i decided to use the work that was already done for the community and make it better, i didnt ask permission because he didnt do anything in the ROM at all...in fact he actually broke two problems which no one but me could figure out...Youtube HQ streaming, and APNs. all because he wanted to copy build.props and delete nesscessary files. anyways, he was at the site longer than me and the moderator came to his aid..his name was conantroutman hes real stuck up. he asked me to remove open source work and i didnt comply with his freedom breaching bullshit so I got banned. so, everytime I make a big release I sign up on XDA wth a fake mail and IP (spoofing MAC) and link them to androidforums.

    but as for what youre talking about with the phone...i honestly regret to inform you i have no idea what you mean. i dont use jump keys and isnt adeeno a galaxy s 3 GPU?

    btw, all the best riflez, enjoy the ROM and comment on it!
  12. rpmccormick

    rpmccormick Member

    Yeah, I was on JiN's side of the argument, but can't really blame the MOD for banning him when he told the MOD off.

    ReActive was being silly, and Revolution is just a total tool. FYI: After arguing the point with ReActive and him saying he just wanted people to ask for permission, I asked him and he replied something like "Even after all the sh*t you gave me, yes, you have permission." which to me makes his reaction to JiN even more ridiculous, but at least he really does abide by his own morals.

    JiN: Thanks for the continued work here. I will leave some feedback once I have time to give GOv3 a shot (or v4 if you fix that YouTube stuff... I have no 3G anyway).
  13. JiN1337

    JiN1337 Member

    Yeah. However rpm, the YouTube issue is already fixed. In fact, all bugs are fixed, unless some new one is discovered. also, TTS works well. I tested it myself.
  14. rpmccormick

    rpmccormick Member

    Ok, I'm running GOv303, and I am happy to report this is the best SK4G rom ever. Just as fast as RAGE/IcyBlace, without the TTS/VR bugs, and just as stable (or more stable) then GOv2.

    Great work JiN!

    I'll report back if I encounter any problems, but so far so good after 2 days.

    FYI: I wiped, installed this ROM, installed Blaze4G, then adv-restored my data partition, then rebooted. By doing this, I somehow killed Root (no superuser app, installing one didn't work). I re-rooted using One-Click and all has been awesome since. I'm sure this issue is just due to me restoring my data-partition.
  15. JiN1337

    JiN1337 Member

    Thanks. Haven't been banned on XDA yet for the record. I gave permission to Hewett and anyone who wants to incorporate this as a base to do so. And yeah, adv data partition what now? Lol, that probably caused the problem, cause I have no clue what that is.
  16. rpmccormick

    rpmccormick Member

    I didn't want to have to re-configure everything. In CWM when you restore a backup, you can do an Adv. Restore and then select a single partition to restore. This way you can keep everything as-is on a new ROM...

    1) In CWM backup your ROM.
    2) Wipe, Wipe Dalvik, Wipe Cache, Format Data, Format System, etc.
    3) Flash new ROM
    4) Flash modem
    5) Adv. Restore -> Data
    6) Fix Permissions
    7) Reboot ...and you have a new ROM in system with all your apps/accounts/sms/callhistory/sounds/wifi/bt etc. just as they were on your old ROM.

    My guess is that your ROM puts some things (including the SuperUser app) in the data partition doesn't it? That is the only way I can explain that I didn't even have a super user app (since in RAGE, it is in system-partition).

    EDIT: If that is true, then installing your ROM and doing a wipe before rebooting would likely have the same result (no superuser). In my mind, the data partition should be left alone when installing a ROM, and there should be no need to wipe (not while sticking to the same Kernel at least), the ROM should just format system (+dalvik), install a new system (+fixpermissions), and be done. Why don't people release this way? Do I not know what I am talking about here? It mostly always works for me.
  17. JiN1337

    JiN1337 Member

    OH. Sorry, what you described is a backup also called NANDROID. Yes, I commonly do these as insurance. But no, I commonoly wipe everything, data, cache, dalvik cache and battery stats and all works well. Superuser.apk is in system/app so...it should be fine as long as you're rooted and have voodoo red cwm.

    Can't be sure, but maybe something went haywire on your end? I know it sounds weird, but are you sure your SD card has free space left? (NANDROIDS require tons of space.)

    Also...this is how I flash..

    1. Make NANDROID.
    2. Format data, cache, dalvik cache, and battery stats.
    3. Flash the new ROM, in this case GOV303.
    4. Format data, cache, dalvik cache, and battery stats AGAIN!
    5. Flash the new ROM, (GOV303 once more.)
    6. Boot normally, once setup is done, reboot.
    7. CWM flash the Blaze 4G modem.
    8. Fix permissions, wipe cache and dalvik cache.
    9. Reboot. (All is well.)
  18. rpmccormick

    rpmccormick Member

    I know all that stuff... and you should know that I know :) My SDCARD has plenty of free space. It doesn't matter though, something went wonky with root/su, but I fixed it and the ROM has been rock-solid since.

    Your second wiping/flashing seems completely pointless. Why do you promote such non-sense? Your #4 erases everything that #3 did. If "something" is left behind that it did not erase, then #5 would overwrite that "something" with the exact same thing... therefore you can skip 2 of your steps, they are completely nonsense unless you believe that the other steps are prone to error, and in that case, why not do the steps 5 or 6 times instead of just twice?


    After your process, you then have to do the following steps:
    1) Re-configure your WiFi connection
    2) Re-setup your google account
    3) Wait while your phone runs slow while syncing for 5min
    4) Download Ti Backup
    5) Restore all your user Apps+Data
    6) Restore your Launcher's Settings and Desktop Layout
    7) Fix all widgets by removing them and re-adding
    8) Restore all your SMS / CallLog using SMSBackup+
    9) Reconfigure every thing under settings including RingTone, WiFi Routers, BT pairings, etc. (or restore SOME of these with Ti Backup)

    The whole point of using CWM Adv. Restore -> Data is that on your reboot, it already has your WiFi, Google Account, BT, Ring-Tone, Apps, etc just how you left them on your previous ROM.

    I realize this is not the "fool-proof" method, and if you have issues, yes, wipe everything and start from scratch... but that's takes like 5-hours worth of my time to visit every settings page in the system and my 100 apps. Using my method worked fine and I could reconfigure everything in 30min instead of 5hours... after spending 15min to figure out I needed to Root it for some strange reason.

    The point is, I wish that all developers released a flashable.zip that formatted system+dalvik, then installed the new ROM, and left Data alone. Then everyone (coming from a ROM with the same Kernel) could just flash that zip without wiping and have instantly upgraded their ROM without needing to re-configure anything (which for me takes 5hours of telling the phone a bunch of stuff I've told it to do 100 times before and am sick of re-entering passwords and approving apps and everything). ...that's how the phone companies release their OTA updates!
  19. JiN1337

    JiN1337 Member

    AJust seems like a lot of work to do it that way. Traditional way is much easier, faster, and less prone to errors. As for why I mention my CWM format procedure the way I do? Because for some odd reason, Voodoo CWM leaves a ROM intact after data format (honestly its weird as ****) this way its sure to be a clean install...it may be pointless for you, but keep in mind I'm developing this for everyone in hopes it'll work for them, so its not really nonsense. Follow my way, and I'm sure you won't have a single problem.

    I also highly disagree with Titanium Backup, the restore can cause FCS that permission fixing won't help with. I'm not going to lie, I never tried a serious backup other than NANDROID because its against my belief of optimization.

    The other way I can describe this process is by using DBAN on a hard drive. If you format normally, old OS files can cross interfere with the new OS, by overwriting it multiple times, that data becoems reverted to 0's.

    Edit : also most people don't have that many apps, so whatever works, works for you, but at most an average user has about 20-60 apps at the most the less you have the better, some run persistent at bootup and eat your RAM like a zombie. Also, supercharger works wonders for this ROM.
  20. rpmccormick

    rpmccormick Member

    Are you saying this ROM does not include v6 supercharger and we should install it per instructions here?

    Good to know ;)


    I disagree... unless you do a long format that write's 0's to every block, the "erased" bits are just as random the second time you flash the ROM as they are the first time. As I said, if you think the random bits are more stable the second time, then you have no excuse not to think they would be even more stable a third time. I would love to be proven wrong (please explain more), but my understanding of partition tables and hardware continually leads me to be angered by devs (first ReActive and now you) who suggest such silly things to users... it all seems like mumbo jumbo.

    NOTE: I have never had any problems with any ROM except by either restoring the entire Data partition as discussed, or by restoring data for all System Apps using Titanium. Just wiping once and installing once ALWAYS works fine (absolutely no need in the world for anyone to ever do it twice). Restoring USER apps+data using Titanium ALWAYS works fine (only system data is dangerous).

    In fact, you can easily build a ROM install that formats the boot, system, data, and cache partitions and then there would be no reason to wipe at all, since the first step of flashing the ROM would do the exact same thing as a manual wipe.


    Also, I don't understand how you can think re-setting up a phone is "faster" then restoring, or how anybody could possibly get by without ever restoring some app-data with titanium (ie: games). Doesn't it take you hours to login to every app and go through each of it's settings? Maybe you use mostly defaults, but I like to choose a separate ring-tone for GMail, GTalk, Calls, SMS, GVoice, Calendar, General... that alone takes like 10 min to set up. I like to enable Lab's features in Maps and change other default settings in many apps. I like to have my history of Calls, SMS, and Nav Locations without being lost every ROM upgrade. I have 5 WiFi spots I connect to and 3 BT devices... entering passwords and pairing takes a long time. What about game scores? Don't you want to keep your scores, or are you ok with always starting over on level 1 after a wipe? You have to use Titanium for that. I just don't understand how devs can be so willing to start from scratch... backups and restores save me weeks of time each year.

    This is why I propose that devs start making ROMs that only format Boot, Cache, and System before installing, and that are tested to work fine as new with wiping-data AFTER flashing the ROM, or with retaining the Data from a previous ROM (based on the same framework). I know I can't change the way all ROMs are released to the rooted masses, but I know this approach is possible, and I can't understand why it is not the way things are done.

    Again, the way I am talking about is exactly how the phone mfg's do their OTA updates. After you do an OTA update of a stock phone, you do not lose any of your 1000's of settings or scores or history. If you did, the general masses would be pissed and would never want to update their phone. Root users have to put up with it, but I don't understand why we should need to.
  21. rpmccormick

    rpmccormick Member

    57 Android Apps I use almost daily (28 green ones I could not live without!)

    9 Core Apps
    Code (Text):
    1. [B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]ExDialer[/COLOR][/B] - Best Dialer
    2. [B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]GMail[/COLOR][/B] - My only E-Mail
    3. [B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Google Talk[/COLOR][/B] - My only Instant Messanger
    4. [B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Google Voice[/COLOR][/B] - Best Visual Voice Mail (and my SMS app)
    5. [B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Google Calendar[/COLOR][/B] - [COLOR="Red"]Please add this back to GOv3.04[/COLOR]
    6. [B]Google Drive[/B] - Docs viewer / Cloud Storage
    7. [B]DropBox[/B] - Alt Cloud Storage
    8. [B]Voice Recorder[/B] - Auto uploads to GMail
    9. [B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Dolphin Browser Mini[/COLOR][/B] - Best Browser other then Chrome which won't work

    15 Utils
    Code (Text):
    1. [B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Titanium Backup[/COLOR][/B]
    2. [B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]SMS Backup+[/COLOR][/B] - Saves SMS/CallLog to GMail and can restore on wiped ROM
    3. [B]Root Explorer[/B]
    4. [B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]SwiftKey X[/COLOR][/B] - Best Keyboard
    5. [B]Chrome-To-Phone[/B]
    6. [B]Phone-To-Chrome[/B]
    7. [B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]AutomateIt[/COLOR][/B] - Scripting automation tool.
    8. [B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Samba FileSharing[/COLOR][/B] - Allows me to get to sdcard from PC with \\SK4g\sdcard
    9. [B]WiFi ADB[/B] - Allows ADB without a USB cable
    10. [B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Link2SD[/COLOR][/B]
    11. [B]LightFlow[/B] - Makes LED work for GMail, GTalk, GCal, etc.
    12. [B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]AdFree[/COLOR][/B] - Removes all ad's from webpages and some from in apps.
    13. [B]GPS Status[/B] - Fixes GPS and makes it connect faster
    14. [B]Fing[/B] - Network Discovery Tool
    15. [B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]FaceTones[/COLOR][/B] - Shows peoples latest Facebook Pictures+Status when they call you

    4 News
    Code (Text):
    1. [B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Pulse[/COLOR][/B] - Best News Reader
    2. [B]FlipBook[/B]
    3. [B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Google News & Weather[/COLOR][/B] - [COLOR="red"]Please add this back to GOv3.04[/COLOR]
    4. [B]Google Currents[/B]

    4 Social

    Code (Text):
    1. [B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]FaceBook[/COLOR][/B]
    2. [B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Google+[/COLOR][/B] - Auto-Uploads all new Pictures to Google+ (only-you) so you can get to them from any webbrowser.
    3. [B]Google Schemer[/B]
    4. [B]FourSquare[/B]

    7 Web
    Code (Text):
    1. [B]IMDB[/B]
    2. [B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Flixter[/COLOR][/B] - Best Movie Times/Trailers
    3. [B]Wikipedia[/B]
    4. [B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Yelp[/COLOR][/B]
    5. [B]Google Shopper[/B] - Bar Code Scanner
    6. [B]Google Offers[/B] - Like Groupon
    7. [B]Groupon[/B]

    6 Media Apps
    Code (Text):
    1. [B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]MX Player[/COLOR][/B] + [B]Codec[/B] - Best Video Player
    2. [B]YouTube[/B]
    3. [B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Fast Burst Camera[/COLOR][/B] - Best Camera App, takes 10 pictures in 3 seconds.
    4. [B]Pandora[/B]
    5. [B]Google Play Music[/B]
    6. [B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]BubbleUPNP[/COLOR][/B] - DLNA controller for viewing any networked media on phone or any networked display

    5 PC Remote-Control
    Code (Text):
    1. [B]XBMC Remote[/B]
    2. [B]MPC&VLC Remote[/B]
    3. [B]uTorrent Remote[/B]
    4. [B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Valance[/COLOR][/B] - Remote mouse/key app (using VNC as a server)
    5. [B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Pocket Cloud[/COLOR][/B] - Best VNC app (to remote to PC's)

    7 Car
    Code (Text):
    1. [B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Google Maps[/COLOR][/B], [B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Nav[/COLOR][/B], [B]Places[/B]
    2. [B]Google SkyMap[/B]
    3. [B]Google Earth[/B]
    4. [B]Digital Dash[/B] - Landscape Car Launcher
    5. [B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Gas Buddy[/COLOR][/B]
    6. [B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Torque Pro[/COLOR][/B] - Best OBD Scanner
    7. [B]Dash Command[/B] - Alt OBD Scanner

    All running from ADW.Launcher /w Black Glass Theme.

    ...and that's not including built in utilities like SuperUser & VooDoo Sound, nor any games (AngryBirds alone is 5-apps if you want them all... which I do :) ).
  22. rpmccormick

    rpmccormick Member

    I really don't get what you mean by this.... you really don't restore apps ever? You play no games at all then I guess right? How else would you get your scores/open-levels back? ...and you don't mind losing your call history and SMS every time you flash a ROM? That would drive me nuts... I love that my phone can tell me the last time I talked to anyone, even if it was years ago.

    Well, yes... formatting \data should leave the ROM intact... the ROM is all stored in \system. How does doing the exact same thing twice ensure a clean install above just doing it once? It doesn't!

    If it does, please keep trying to prove it to me using technical details (I'm not being stubborn, I'm just really trying to understand, or convince you to stop doing things twice). I am a computer engineer who has built a ROM for a Chinese tablet before, and saying that wiping/flashing the ROM twice is "safer" does not make any logical sense to me (and I am shocked that any Dev would seriously recommend it or do it themselves).
  23. JiN1337

    JiN1337 Member

    No it does not. I figured it was better off for people to choose their own minfrees. And maybe it is mumbo jumbo, but I've had erased RAGE, and flashed GOV303 and it felt like a new flash except it looked like RAGE still. I value your opinion, but out of anything Reactive said this was probably true.

    As for the packaging of the ROM, to be quite honest I wouldn't know how to mess with that at least not yet, as I'm not too sure how to edit it to do that. But feel free if you can do it, and ill add it to the ROM. Small overhaul coming anyways.
  24. JiN1337

    JiN1337 Member

    As for games, no I don't play many except for logo matcher. I mean, the sidekick isn't a gaming console or even that powerful. I backup my SMS with GoSMS Pro/Pansi, as for call history, not too concerned. Its in a NANDROID if I REALLY EVER needed it, and or my SIM card has most important contacts saved.

    Maybe the wiping of /data is a placebo, but sometimes things don't work for me just by formatting everything once, and flashing the ROM. The first boot, ill have the old ROM still..so that explains my flashing 2 times thing.
  25. JiN1337

    JiN1337 Member

    And you probably don't know, I'm an upcoming dev. This isn't even my speciality, its my hobby. I'm a certified A+ Technician going to college for Network Security. By all means, this ROM is open to anyone as a base with credit. (Hewett is doing so) if you think there's something that can be done since you developed a Chinese ROM before, take a shot at it.

    Edit : I never have more than 40 apps. Everything I need on my phone can be handled by less than 40 apps.

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