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[ROM] Harmonia 2 13Oct12

Last Updated:

  1. Leslie Ann

    Leslie Ann Well-Known Member Developer

    Latest version:
    Version 2 13Oct12


    About the Aphrodite Family:
    Harmonia, daughter of Aphrodite, is the immortal goddess of harmony and concord.

    The idea is pretty much a bare rom, based or as close as possible to what a stock rom should have been, that you add your themes and such to. You won't find any bloat, what is here is here because it needs to be and not much more. This allows you to create the phone you want without anything you don't want or need. Just a lean, mean phone, your way.

    While I do all I can to ensure these work properly, but things do happen, so use it at your own risk.

    Harmonia 2.03 Donate here if you feel inclined to brighten my day.

    To upgrade from any previous version of Harmonia 2.x, go into "mounts and storage", wipe cache, systems and boot, go into "advanced" and wipe Dalvik, then flash. If you have issues, do a complete wipe. All others do a complete wipe.

    Current Issues:
    None at the moment

    Screenshots! (simulated, I need fresh images, from a user)

    Important changes:
    Initial Release

    Info, Changed and Removed
    Based on stock rom (Includes Email, Gmail and Google Play)
    Memory and network tweaks
    Init.d support
    Uses stock GB Launcher (Does not auto rotate!)
    No Mobile ID!
    All included items are up to date (as far as I can tell)
    Lightweight boot animation and shutdown animation.
    Wifi tether (uninstallable) - may not function
    VMroms App (uninstallable)
    Flashlight (uninstallable) - may not function
    New default wallpaper

    Boot sound
    GenieWidget (map and weather widget)
    Google Books
    Live wallpapers (they still work however)
    Mobile ID
    Office Suite
    Street View

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  2. Leslie Ann

    Leslie Ann Well-Known Member Developer

    Harmonia 2.0 - Initial release
    MD5: 2627dd98f56a37c153e749c8a9149693
  3. LeaderRider

    LeaderRider Member

    Thank you Leslie! I didn't think a ROM dump could do that much.....
  4. varenHjames

    varenHjames Well-Known Member

    thanks leslie, but i have one question, when i open a file from the zip (such a build.prop) and save it, winzip re compresses the zip automatically. is this ok? i have 3 options, save and update(that one saves it and recompresses) (which mind you after recompression its 43% lighter so i am going to assume thats bad),, keep - which keeps the file locally but does not save it back into the zip, and discard, which saves no changes.

    any ideas anyone?
    oh, i have the paid (cough) version of winzip if that makes a difference
  5. Curtis1973

    Curtis1973 Well-Known Member Developer

    when you want to readd a file back to the zip(at least in winrar) set it to store and things will go fine.
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  6. Dracable

    Dracable Well-Known Member Contributor

    sorry guys! been super busy lately! just got my backup venture rooted and CWM installed, so i have a backup now. just downloaded harmonia, and about to flash! i'd like to post screenshots for u Leslie! what's a good screenshot app? oh, and Curtis, ill be on top of ur theme soon as im done with harmonia, so hang tight! :D
  7. Dracable

    Dracable Well-Known Member Contributor

    so, harmonia installed successfully! so far, so good! only thing ive noticed so far was at bootup, after the hello screen, it goes to a blank screen for a few seconds in place of where the virgin mobile animation should be. i assumed that it was intentional to remove the animation, but from the screenshots u posted, it looked like it was supposed to be replaced with your harmonia logo. not an issue, just figured id let u know. i havent activated it yet, but i can confirm that wifi tether works. it loaded successfully and started tethering fine. no data since im not activated yet, but i also have wifi tethering currently working on my other Venture with no issues, so i assume it will work just fine. i can also confirm the flashlight app works with no issues. currently testing all other apps. if there are any specifics u would like tested, please let me know!
  8. Dracable

    Dracable Well-Known Member Contributor

    so, i dont seem to be able to take screenshots. ive tried like 4 different apps, and the shots come in all garbled (i like that word...garbled...). as fun as the word is to say, it's still quite frustrating that i cant upload shots for u! screenshot ux wouldnt even open, just force closes. any suggestions on what could cause the corrupted shots??
  9. Dracable

    Dracable Well-Known Member Contributor

    nevermind. found the SDK capture method. included shots of both wifi tether and flashlight app turned on so u can confirm their working status. any other shots u need, let me know!!

  10. Leslie Ann

    Leslie Ann Well-Known Member Developer

    Any special settings for wifi tether?
    And yes, there should be a Harmonia animation.

    No idea
  11. Dracable

    Dracable Well-Known Member Contributor

    no special settings for wifi tether. worked perfectly as installed. also discovered that the power off animation doesnt work either. after exploring the file system a bit (kind of a n00b to android/linux, so still exploring to learn exactly how the OS functions), i found the bootanimation.zip and poweroffanimation.zip files in /system/media, which im assuming are your custom animations. so it appears the files are intact. where is the script/scripts that points to those files (just out of curiosity)? is there anything i could have done wrong at install that would have affected the boot/poweroff animations? as for screenshots from the phone, im guessing just some sort of hardware incompatibility? im guessing it's that since i had probs with multiple screenshot apps.
  12. divinebovine

    divinebovine Well-Known Member Contributor

  13. Dracable

    Dracable Well-Known Member Contributor

    i can confirm that the first link that u posted did NOT work on our harmonia rom. that was one of the ones i tried. never tried that other one though. i'll test it later and post results.
  14. Curtis1973

    Curtis1973 Well-Known Member Developer

    if the boot animation is larger than 320x240 it may not work. I recall looking at the stock one from Aeneas and I think its 320x240.
  15. Leslie Ann

    Leslie Ann Well-Known Member Developer

    The boot animations were properly resized.
    Probably one of those instances where I have to build them from scratch.
  16. theminor19

    theminor19 Well-Known Member

    im downloading this right no to install on my girlfriends phone. finally got cmw installed through terminal emulator on the phone cause i have no clue to abd. but i will let you now how this works out. :)
  17. Dracable

    Dracable Well-Known Member Contributor

    ive flash and tested this on all 3 of my Ventures in many different senarios. u should b fine. any probs, feel free to ask. the boot/power off anis dont work. its just black screen. also, if wifi tether doesnt work, try changing the lan setting to worked for me.
  18. varenHjames

    varenHjames Well-Known Member

    could i just add my own boot/power off anim's? i mean to the rom? or is it an issue with the rom codeing?

    or better question, could i use the app called BAC https://play.google.com/store/apps/...sImNvbS5zaW1wcm9kdWN0aW9ucy5iYWNoYW5nZXIiXQ..
    jeeze i hope that looong link shows up as something else.
  19. theminor19

    theminor19 Well-Known Member

    no problems at all besides the boot animation you spoke of. but this works fine. her phone was acting weird before and now it is acting fine
  20. Dracable

    Dracable Well-Known Member Contributor

    well, as i understand it, there was an issue with the anis resizing when being converted to the rom. i would say it would be worth a shot to change it once the rom is already flashed. just make sure the resolutions are correct (320x240 i believe). as always, just make sure u backup before u start. i havent played with anis yet, so im not positive it will work, but id say as long as u r backed up, take a shot at it. make sure to post results if u decide to try it! :D
  21. varenHjames

    varenHjames Well-Known Member

    hmm, if i do it. it try it only for that. could i change the anim before flashing?

    i really want the ics theme. omfg it looks and sounds amazing.

    drac, is the play store working as expected? seeing as your the one who did tested the isc theme, ill get your opinion, i like my phones current deal its got going on, but i know that stability and space are a problem. i have gotten rid of some bloat ware already. but some i wasnt sure of.
    idk, i guess i can always go back to stock if need be right?
    another question, does a cwm back up, back up everything? like will it go back to just like it was before i re-flash?
  22. Dracable

    Dracable Well-Known Member Contributor

    in my opinion, the ics theme makes the phone 100x better than the stock rom. the theme is totally customizable with soooo many easily changable options. it feels much much snappier than the stock rom. the ics theme comes with the virgin mobile boot ani intact, just in case u were wondering. i believe there are programs on the market that can inject boot anis without flashing a full rom, but i cant attest to their success. and yes, a cwm backup will bring everything back exactly to the way u had it.

    oh, and with the play store... the ics theme comes with the old market, and i dont think it will update itself. i dont recall testing the market as-is (oops!). i had done a titanium backup of my previous rom with google play, and just restored it to the new rom. i had to clear the data of play store and google services framework afterwards tho, or else it gives u an error about google talk not being able to authenticate or somethin like that.
  23. varenHjames

    varenHjames Well-Known Member

    WELL THAT WAS HELPFUL. i use boot animation changer, bac from the play store.

    so, that is good i can restore the play store from titan backup. which also answered another question, if i can restore any app from titan backup in the new rom.

    did you change your ( i cant remember the name) i.d number with titan backup to your original? you know that number it says "this number has changed! blah blah blah...change it back?"
    if that works, then i think im good to go...after of course the battery icon is fixed.
    !question tho, if i restore a back up with titan, will it give me the option to update it as needed via Google play? because i have tried to force attach apps to Google play with zero luck. for instance apps i have acquired off market, they will not update in Google play, which leads me to believe that Google play apps wont update after a restore/force attach.
  24. Leslie Ann

    Leslie Ann Well-Known Member Developer

    I plan to update this and fix the animations soon, and yes, it is only an issue with these ones, others should work fine.

    I will get the screenshots fixed as well (Thanks Dracable!)
  25. Dracable

    Dracable Well-Known Member Contributor

    no prob leslie. varen, some people experience probs with some apps that required network access after flashing a new rom without restoring the android id. some people didnt. i personally did restore android id. note, it will only let u restore your previous in titanium backup pro. also, if u look into a program called root toolbox, it has an option to fix broken market links. might be what u r looking for. i recommend u do ur research on it first tho, as i havent tried that option, just recall seeing it in there. its a powerful app tho, so b careful with it. remember, always backup first!

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