(ROM) Heavenly Divine Rebirth ICS 4.0.3 (HTC Evo 4G Design)(Updated 07-16--2012)

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  1. Jaay Dogg

    Jaay Dogg Well-Known Member Developer

    Heavenly Divine Rebirth Final

    It's not my fault if your phone bricks, brakes, or is otherwise destroyed. Now boot into hboot mode (volume down & power) then select recovery, (it will take a moment to be able to select recovery) Once in clockwork recovery mod (CWM) select backup. once it's finished flash rom & reboot. Enjoy :D

    If you are flashing this rom with evil kindom on your phone don't wipe or format anything, just flash rom, ( You can also flash this over the previous version without needing to data factory reset) If restoring a back up then i would suggest data wipe & formatting the system then do the restore.

    What's themed

    Apps & Sync Settings





    Calendar Provider

    Chrome Bookmarks Sync Adapter

    Download Provider


    File Manager

    HTC Message Widget

    HTC Music Widget

    HTC Sync

    Google Quick Search


    HTC Album (Gallery)

    HTC Calculator Widget

    HTC Calendar Widget

    HTC Camera

    HTC Contacts

    HTC Dialer

    Mms (messaging)



    System UI

    Change Log: In this update i've fine tuned more of the system framework. Added Custom Boot animation, Added 1% battery mod, Added Reboot, bootloader, Recovery, Screenshot to phone options on shut down menu. Added Themed rom manager, Themed Ring droid, Themed app extractor, Themed File manager, Apex launcher & Rom controls, Added Wifi tether (Working Hotspot) & data speed & media build prop tweaks in build version 3.1

    07-04-2012 Change Log: Fixed battery charging icons, Fixed Status bar header ( Can see notifications now)

    Rom Link 7-04-2012: Dev-Host - [ROM] Heavenly Divine Rebirth v3.1 HTC Evo4G Design.zip - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service

    Rom Link 6-30-2012: Dev-Host - [ROM] Heavenly Divine Rebirth v3.1 HTC Evo4G Design.zip - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service

    Change Log 07-16-2012:

    Changed phone unknown contact picture, Custom bottom status bar header w/ Heavenly Divine written on it, Themed a bunch more in the rom like Rom manager, Ring droid, Gmail, Camcorder, Maps, HTC Hub, Music, Sense launcher, Quick boot, Email, News, Setup Wizard, Clock & Connected Media, Added custom ringtones & notification tones, Added Nova launcher beta & Apex launcher, Updated aroma rom installer, Software version 1.10.653.3 710RD.
    Flash this theme finishing zip after the update DON'T FLASH THEM BACK 2 BACK.

    Let your reboot from the update then do a battery pull & boot into Hboot (for the last time this way i might add) volume down & power, wait for the hboot to run it's checks then select recovery down & power button to select & then Flash the theme finishing zip. May take like 5-10 min on the first boot. Once the theme finishing zip has been flashed you will be able to access recovery & your bootloader from the power menu options (Hold power).

    Heavenly Divine Rebirth Final Rom Link: http://d-h.st/sKU

    Theme Finishing Zip Link http://db.tt/cKZZKeHp

    Working Wifi Tether Link http://db.tt/ASDGsHrT

    Special thanks goes to Apache Thunder, Marc12868, Mantera,G60madman, & If I've missed anyone PM me & I'll fix it.


  2. blackeagle2548

    blackeagle2548 New Member

    Have you change picture when make a call ? I love this rom but I just don't like that picture.
  3. Mikessv

    Mikessv Well-Known Member

    Is there a video on youtube for this rom or screen shots? can anyone tell me if it's stable.

    Things that do work and things that aren't working yet?

    I'm very interested in this mod.

    Thanks in advanced.
  4. joeyrub

    joeyrub New Member

    what happened to this rom, i wanna try it, but the link says no file found????
  5. chiikko561

    chiikko561 Well-Known Member

    any body have this rom
  6. crasyguy

    crasyguy New Member

    i got the links guys
  7. crasyguy

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  8. crasyguy

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  9. Jaay Dogg

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