[ROM] Hello Venture 1.0 ~1/12/13~ (2.0 on the way)

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  1. sunsuke

    sunsuke Well-Known Member

    Hey yall did you think I just forget you guys, well I didn't. But why a update didn't you do enough :(. Wow I thought I was doing something for you guys :mad:. XD ok enough playing around. As you can see I am updating all my ROMS I released so far to the community. So here is what I am going to do. The ROMS that have released to the latest will be released first. So Phone8 will be updated first, then Hello Venture, then Black Rock Shooter. Then I guess I will be done from there ^^' cause I don't think I will be making any modifications to them after that update so enjoy it while it last ;).

    "Note: Over-clocking can cause serious and permanent damage to your phone if used improperly! please do ur research and use at your own risk! im not responsible for any damage that may occur from using my kernel!"


    To avoid the problem make sure temperatures do not reach over at least 120-Fahrenheit, over this limit you can cause the phone to damage permanently, I am not held responsible, nor Dracable, for more questions about over-clocking I will try to answer.


    Leslie Ann - For making the Aneneas ROM and Harmonia ROM. Without her work their would be nothing to flash.

    Dracable - For How to do the custom colors with UOT Kitchen and changing the framework and system UI without him I still be stuck changing the colors and status bar. I also thank him for letting me include the OC kernel to the Hello Venture.

    Shabby Penguin - For how to install the CWM Recovery, without the recovery their would be no way to install a ROM that i know of ^^'

    Hello everybody, I present "Hello Venture"
    It is based off the "BlackRockShooter 2.0" but I changed the theme a bit.
    But hey why a separate ROM?
    Well for one the launchers are totally different.
    "BlackRockShooter 2.0" uses the ADW while "Hello Venture" uses the go Launcher. Here's some screen shots.

    The - stands for what i still need work on
    The + stands for finished
    The 0 stands for have not gotten their yet
    The $ stands for what I am working on at the time being

    2.0 Not released yet:

    For all:
    *Updated all android apps [+]
    *Changed bootscreens [-]
    *fixed Signal bars [-]
    *Fixed browser [-]
    *Changed Notification sound to Cat Meowing [-]
    *Calculator replaced with realcalc [+]

    Go Launcher: $
    *Included stocked mms.apk (so you can receive pictures) [+]
    *Including OC kernel (I will have another set that does not include the oc kernel) [+]
    *Added AFW - Cute Widget Pack [+]
    *Fixed SMS GO PRO (not sending messages) [+]

    ADW Launcher:
    *Changed Glow to Blue [-]
    *Changed Color to Blue [-]
    *Removed GO locker [-]
    *Replaced mms.apk with stocked mms.apk
    *including OC kernel (I will have a another set that does not include the oc kernel) [-]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    ~initial Release 1.0~
    *Go Locker Pink Theme plaid
    *Ad away
    *3d chainfire
    *Go Locker added
    *Contacts replaced with Go Contacts EX
    *MMS replaced with go sms pro
    *Go Launcher Ex Added
    *Pink Theme's for Contacts, SMS, Go Launcher
    *Removed Virgin Mobile Bloatware
    *The Notifacations, Ringtone, are the same as BlackRockShooter 2.0
    *Gallery replaced with Quick Pic
    *Music replaced with Rocket Player (is going to change in next release)
    *Videos replaced with Mxplayer (never going to change)
    *my files replaced with OI File Manager
    *Wifi Tether
    *Boot on and off animation same as BlacRockShooter 2.0 (this is going to change in next release)

    *Browser replaced with Opera Mobile Browser
    *Changed Status bar
    *Custom Glow

    Here is the wallpaper if you want it (couldn't add it as default)


    Download ROM here:

    Hello Venture 1.0 (100mb of internal storage):

    Free large file hosting. Send big files the easy way!


    The ROM works smoothly and found no bugs at the moment.
    If you have anything you want me to add or change or there is a bug just let me know and It will be fixed or maybe changed in the next release.

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  2. Jeni_James

    Jeni_James Well-Known Member

    I don't recommend Opera Mobile as a default browser because it's best used w/Wifi (it doesn't compress your data like Opera Mini & it's slower - read that on the Opera forum)
    BUT if you want to use Opera Mobile may I suggest this one: Opera Mobile 12 (w/extensions)

    Also Ive noticed if u have GoSMS as ur default SMS ur pic msgs wont download as well
  3. Dracable

    Dracable Well-Known Member Contributor

    i luv opera mobile. my fav browser by far and away!
  4. sunsuke

    sunsuke Well-Known Member

    thank you and i never had a problem sending a picture
    Never mind I couldn't receive pictures either
  5. Jeni_James

    Jeni_James Well-Known Member

    Yea, u need the stock mms.apk for that

    I use both versions of Opera on mine but I had a question NOT related to this rom

    How do I use the wifi Ive created w/Barnacle Wifi Tether? I cant sem to connect to it w/my phone...
  6. sunsuke

    sunsuke Well-Known Member

    I haven't tried barnacle wifi tether but since it uses ad-hoc the only thing i can think of it only connecting to is a laptop
    from what i did with barnacle click start then associate then the laptop should be able to use your connection I usually use wifi tether than barnacle

    I hope i answered your question
  7. Jeni_James

    Jeni_James Well-Known Member

    Does it work better?
  8. Dracable

    Dracable Well-Known Member Contributor

    if u are trying to connect a phone to a phone with barnacle, it cant be done. the phone only transmits in ad-hoc, but only picks up infrastructure. u can connect it just fine to a computer, but u may have trouble with other devices. i believe there is a way to crack it to transmit infrastructure, but its not easy if i remember right.
  9. varenHjames

    varenHjames Well-Known Member

  10. Jeni_James

    Jeni_James Well-Known Member

    Decided to try this rom out cuz I wanted something girly :)

    So far Im likin it
  11. Dracable

    Dracable Well-Known Member Contributor

    very cool, jeni. ya, i havent flashed this one personally, but i really liked the screenshots! u r really gettin the hang of theming, sunsuke. ur a natural! ;-) ur themes r so creative and original. i love it! keep up the great work, sunsuke! ur contributions to the venture r awesome, and much appreciated! let me kno if there is ever anything i can help u with!
  12. Jeni_James

    Jeni_James Well-Known Member

    I like (alot) it but I had to do a few changes to make it more comfortable for ME - I'll tell you this: Its alot more girlie now :p

    Thanks to you sunsuke for making me wanna create a girly rom :D

    I'm working on mine now... scraped Hades 2.0 for the time being to work on my new one (Jeni James-Randall v0.13) might change the name tho...
  13. sunsuke

    sunsuke Well-Known Member

    hehehehehehe no problem :)

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