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  1. bigcva82

    bigcva82 Member

    I have a showcase from ntelos and can not find anything for it rut how to root r there any roms that would work or is there anyone else in the world that has this phone for ntelos I feel like that annoying kid in school that no one likes come on I need a friend someone throw me a bone please

  2. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Well-Known Member Contributor

    Check out rootzwiki, they have some devs that work with the showcase.
  3. bigcva82

    bigcva82 Member

    I've been talking to them just seeing if there's any already out there can't wait dieing for a rom but team hienz good people helping me I'm still learning pure noob. us netlos showcase users need to come together to show were out there I've only seen 1 other I know there out there
  4. TheWorkz513

    TheWorkz513 New Member

    If you find a ROM that will work for the Showcase (nTelos), please post it!!! I am stuck on CS Rom, that used to work with nTelos, until, recently. They changed something in the system, but even with a EH09 build (What nTelos showcase uses now), I still cannot get data...:(. I am willing to help with anyone. If you already own a showcase, email me at, and I can give anyone step by step instructions to get the stock ROM off their phone for all of us who need it! If you're in the same boat as me, email me, and I can let you know when I find something.

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