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  1. jas2090

    jas2090 Well-Known Member

    Well I didn't saw any opera app also some apps like titanium backup 4.0.2 which I installed myself after performing restore it gives a FC each time i restore an app although it restores well but still and while restoring quadrant advanced it hanged

  2. androidvivek

    androidvivek Well-Known Member

    plz provide a zip of ( corrected dialer + framework )
    as i have a limited net plan so i m not able to download whole rom again..!:(
    please.. Thanks in advance..!
  3. Androidshek

    Androidshek Well-Known Member

    Great Work....appreciate ur hard work but can u fix the bugs as i m tired of waiting.....:(

    Till now i haven't flashed it...waiting for it to be stable...
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  4. androidvivek

    androidvivek Well-Known Member

    can anybody provide ICSdialer*Fixed of this rom..!
  5. jas2090

    jas2090 Well-Known Member

    ok ayush here the verdict after final testing your last provided zip worked fine keyboard fc fixed,now the only thing remaining is the working apps fc's like the desk clock when u switch the alarm on/off 5-6 times (in my case it was after 3 times) from the side buttons it gives fc in my case it was exactly after 3rd time
    another was the titanium backup fc and while using quadrant i encountered a problem that while th overall performance is good but while test the i/o performance fell a lot,plz see to these points
    rest ics modding of system apps is very good at par to orignal
    wish u luck in ur ics project hope all bugs gets resolved soon !
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  6. mastermind1024

    mastermind1024 Well-Known Member

    I tried to convey the same few days ago instead I was helping here but guess what...I received notice from moderator n my post was deleted.
    No hard feelings,Moderators are doing right what they have to.

    downloading the new rom,will let u know after testing.
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  7. tanj2011

    tanj2011 Well-Known Member

    After flashing if we run fix permission from recovery..will it help all the FCs??
  8. D3odex3DAyusH

    D3odex3DAyusH Well-Known Member

    Thanks! That's what I wanted! Now I can look at other bugs too!!!:)
    Again, thanks for this useful post!!:)
  9. Lohit shetty

    Lohit shetty Well-Known Member

    in my case it was still FC problem, I am waiting for fully fixed working rom. and I m very thankfull to ayush for making ics in dis device...:)
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  10. tanj2011

    tanj2011 Well-Known Member

    Ok last qs..is dis rom usuable or shud i wait for the stable??..im dieing to use it bt m waiting for the bug fixes..wat shud i do??..
  11. D3odex3DAyusH

    D3odex3DAyusH Well-Known Member

    Sure bro!! Sorry for that!! But it was recommended by some other ppl to reup the whole ROM, otherwise I was too going to upload just Bugfiixng files...:)
    Everyone, download this file for fix for USB layout and Dialer Background....
    Also, it has a TEST fix for DeskClock FC..........Test and lemme know....:)
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  12. D3odex3DAyusH

    D3odex3DAyusH Well-Known Member

    As that user said, it doesn't help!:( The zip I gave before also include setting permission for /system/app directory to---- 0777, 0777, 0777, 0777-----That's the most we can have, but it doesn't work, as reported by others.... ...
    See if these apps FC now(This is not related to the above zip!!):-
    1- Opera Next
    2- Root Explorer(has been reported working, but though confirm it!)
    3- Terminal Emulator
    And you said keyboard is now fixed, but it was just after flasing zip or after fashing you restored it from Ti Backup file for keyboard that was included in zip itself for emergency??

    I can clear up the App FCs, but if someone tests the zips I provide, you can download the zip I posted above for some of them.......
  13. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Just a friendly reminder:

    ROM developers do what they do for free. Please remember that.

    Constructive criticism and bug reports will always be welcome to improve their work, but bashing either the ROM or other users is neither useful or acceptable.

    This is a public discussion forum, with the emphasis on "discussion". That means that members are perfectly entitled to respond to others' posts, provided it is done according to the Site Rules.

  14. androidvivek

    androidvivek Well-Known Member

    thank you very mch...
    but the link u provided gives error 403.
    means link isn't working..
    plz upload bugfix file some where else..
    thankx in advance..!
  15. androidvivek

    androidvivek Well-Known Member

    thank you very mch...
    but the link u provided gives error 403.
    means link isn't working..
    plz upload bugfix file some where else..
    thankx in advance..!
  16. D3odex3DAyusH

    D3odex3DAyusH Well-Known Member

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  17. androidvivek

    androidvivek Well-Known Member

    first of all thanks a lot for providing bugfixes separately..

    another bug i found.. is that i am unable to apply this tweak in normal fonts,
    so i changed the fonts which shrinks tittle text..
    after that apply button is visible..
    can u plz fix this bug..
    i think title text is bigger than normal..please reduce that..!
    thanks in advance..!

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  18. tanj2011

    tanj2011 Well-Known Member

    I downloaded the main rom..v1.5 wt else do i need to download??
  19. D3odex3DAyusH

    D3odex3DAyusH Well-Known Member

    Nothing!! The zip above is for just old ROM!!:)
    EDIT:- You can download it to test alarm clock, It may fix that.........
  20. D3odex3DAyusH

    D3odex3DAyusH Well-Known Member

    Will take a look at it! Ans what about Deskclock(alarm clock)?? Is it FCing now or not??
  21. sourru250

    sourru250 Well-Known Member

    ths is an awesome ROM bro... at d end of d day having more than 40% battery is just wonderful... downloading 1.5 now... will let u knw if there r any bugs... though i can use this ROM even with any no. of bugs... \m/ \m/
  22. androidvivek

    androidvivek Well-Known Member

    desk clock is now working fine...
    but sitll there is a bug in desk clock... its text is not visible..
    alarm is working but text is not visible..!
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  23. samsouyma

    samsouyma Well-Known Member

    hey also do something for that white bg white text that's too
  24. tanj2011

    tanj2011 Well-Known Member

    keyboard fc alarm fc didn't stop evenafter..btw d icons in d notification tray i flashed the bug fix zip even opera n terminal emulator didn't work..though i fixed it via recovering data from my previous rom..btw in thee notificatipn tray is the icons n yea opera has dat white bg white text bug is spaced wid too much gap or is it just me??
  25. tanj2011

    tanj2011 Well-Known Member

    sorry abt the above post i wrote it widout being able to see coz white text on white bg..:p wt i meant was is the icons on the notification tray spaced wid xtra space or isit just me??

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