(rom) honeycomb rom 3.2 for a85

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  1. riks4039

    riks4039 Well-Known Member

  2. abdullah12341

    abdullah12341 New Member

    Hey, please provide a direct download link, coz I can't understand chinese.
    And also mention the procedure to use the file.

    Thanks dudeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  3. samiqrawa

    samiqrawa Member

    Does it work?
  4. chetank628

    chetank628 Active Member

    long before... it have camera bug and play store bug i am not able too add my google account the rom is very good and sound is just awesome with srs sound enhancement driver but there is update of this rom and this rom is always updating and it hink the developer have fixed the camera and account bug
  5. riks4039

    riks4039 Well-Known Member

    i have tried its
    W700 Android3.2 (Honeycomb) 0520 installed it perfectly, as per developer things that should work are

    ROM features and functionality

    Current work in the function of:
    1, touch screen work;
    2, gravity sensor work;
    3, brightness adjustment;
    4 compass
    5, GPU work, including the system UI hardware acceleration;
    6, voice work, including SRS audio;
    7, built-in storage and an external memory card.
    8, video player, work;
    9, flash online video, work.
    10, GSM/3G modules.
    11, phone to make and receive work;
    12, send and receive SMS.
    13, Bluetooth.
    14, GPS work
    15, Tianyu W700 can also paste SRS 'patented label, transformed into a music phone, ha ha! but i tried n its too unstable and camera didn't work for me, n it restarts again and again, but really looks nice n feels wonderful, if u want i can send u that rom

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