[ROM][ICS 4.0.3.] Metallic Blue Theme (HTC Evo 4G Design)

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  1. Jaay Dogg

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    Metallic Blue Rom

    It's not my fault if your phone bricks, brakes, or is otherwise destroyed. Now boot into hboot mode (volume down & power) then select recovery, (it will take a moment to be able to select recovery) Once in clockwork recovery mod (CWM) select backup. Then select data factory reset, once it's finished select, go back, then select install zip from SD card, then choose zip from SD card, flash rom & reboot. Enjoy

    What's Themed
    Mms (messaging)
    System UI

    This is the first build of this theme I have done, so if enough people want me to theme it all the way through then we'll see.:D

    Rom Link:Dev-Host - [ROM][THEME] Metallic_Blue.zip - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service

    Not tested on sprint only boost, Do so at your risk.
    Special thanks goes to Apache Thunder, Marc12868, Mantera,G60madman, & If I've missed anyone PM me & I'll fix it.[​IMG]

  2. blackeagle2548

    blackeagle2548 New Member

    can you give me some screen shots ?
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  3. fripas

    fripas New Member

    Translate by Google xD:
    Wow, I really do not understand why it is most famous this Rom, I'm testing but at the moment is perfect!

    Really Thanks and Congratulations

    In Spanish:

    Wow, realmente no entiendo porque no es mas famosa esta Rom, estoy testeandola pero por el momento es perfecta!

    De verdad Gracias y Enhorabuena

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