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  1. nu2moding

    nu2moding Well-Known Member

    iwas curious yesterday and decided to look up...
    well, it seems the guys over at XDA are all the way up to ICS on the ideos u8150. feeling lucky, i flashed the latest beta 2 updated and and it worked. google cm9 u8150 and maybe some one might dirty port it over or whatever...
    no data or signal but everything seems to be OK. no a2sd, either

    here's a link
    [ROM][Huawei U8150]Ice Cream Sandwich[Beta 3]Released {8/1/2012} Updated - Android Software and Hacking General - Android Apps Android Games Windows Mobile Apps - Powered by Discuz!

  2. MatIzKool

    MatIzKool Active Member

    so u cnt make calls or txt?
  3. nu2moding

    nu2moding Well-Known Member

    nope but im pretty sure that one of the geniuses here might b able2 figure something out. at least b4 i figure how 2do it myself.
    it takes a shit ton of memory, tho cuz with no a2sd, total of 49.8 BYTES remain free out of 179mb internal
    and on top of all that' it HAS to b flashed with CWM 5. bla bla bla
  4. TBTE

    TBTE Well-Known Member

    I am currently on a m835 and I got Data, Calling, MMS, SMS all to work.
    Also got the Memory to a bare low, you have to install the APN manually and it is a pain, other than that all that really needs to be fixed are Wifi and Bluetooth, unless that was fixed in this version, in that case I can just combine the ROM I customized with this ROM.

    Also this thread looked dead. So I bumped it.
  5. macjay420

    macjay420 Well-Known Member

    ummm...how bout a link...;)
  6. TBTE

    TBTE Well-Known Member

    I will, I have to bundle it with APN Backup and Restore.

    Before you go to install this backup your APN with the app.

    Then Install the backup, after done installing it should have APN backup installed already, if it doesn't I there will be a built in File Management app installed. (whoever made this didn't include one and frustrated me to high hell).

    Will do shortly.
  7. TBTE

    TBTE Well-Known Member

    Could not upload to any Cloud website due to the file being to big (File is 350 MB, Compressed)

    Will upload to dropbox as soon as possible and link here.
  8. TBTE

    TBTE Well-Known Member

    So as i am going though ICS everything is going to go okay, When i finally hit a snag, you cannot install your APN with an 3rd Party App.

    So when you guises download this and install, DO NOT WIPE YOUR DATA AND CACHE.

    I Repeat


    Now here is your link.


    Step-By-Step Here

    What's not working:
    That's actually just about it.

    You should get a system isn't responding at the beginning after your phone boots.
    That's normal Force Close it and your phone will continue.

    *Note: This was for the u8160 which is the vodaphone model. It's tweaked obv. but still there you go.

    Not Responsible for what this does to your phone. Ever. Don't come after me if it does something.

    EDIT: I put u8150 not u8160.
    EDIT: Added Disclaimer.
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  9. cosuji121

    cosuji121 Active Member

    I have a few questions
    Can anyone say how this runs?
    whats improved?
    is it plain ics ui or r there tweaks?
    do u need gapps?
    is there a2sd?
    at what oc is it stable?
    does sms and mms work?
    great work btw if it does work
  10. TBTE

    TBTE Well-Known Member

    1. It runs great after you get done getting rid of the all the *.*.android is not responding things.
    2. yes there is an improved kernal that goes up to 748 mhz, freezes after that.
    3. Everything.
    4. so so, they used half of the ICS UI and half CM UI.
    5. Yes. You do, if you need a link i can provide that.
    6. 748 Mhz, but can go up to 800 or something like that.
    7. I just toild you how to do that. -_-
    8. Thank you :D
  11. slutyman

    slutyman Well-Known Member

    what recovery can i flash it with
  12. TBTE

    TBTE Well-Known Member

    Huawei U8160 or U8150 ClockworkMod Recovery.
  13. cosuji121

    cosuji121 Active Member

    can someone post a link for the gapps?
  14. TBTE

    TBTE Well-Known Member

  15. slutyman

    slutyman Well-Known Member

    is ther anyway of making it look like the original ics not miui
  16. cosuji121

    cosuji121 Active Member

    ok so i tried to flash it with the u8150 cmw and i got an error, can anyone help?

    Edit:Sorry flashed with the wrong cwm
  17. cosuji121

    cosuji121 Active Member

    can u wipe system, boot, and cache without having data wiped?
  18. TBTE

    TBTE Well-Known Member

    What do you mean?

    Just i told ou exactly what to do in the Step by Step Post?
  19. cosuji121

    cosuji121 Active Member

    i flashed it and the touch screen didnt work, i had to move the cursor then select and none of my soft keys nor my call or end call button worked. Would wiping everything and flashing it help or hurt?
  20. TBTE

    TBTE Well-Known Member

    Well if you wipe everything you APN will be gon with it so you can't call or text.

    you might want to go back to the old one seeing how this one is unstable.
  21. YouWanaCooky

    YouWanaCooky Member

    WHen i used the ROM i always get this weird cursor. any ideas?
  22. TBTE

    TBTE Well-Known Member

    what do you mean weird cursor?
  23. giggy51

    giggy51 Active Member

    For weird cursor we mean that in order for the touch screen to recognize what we are touching there is a "cursor' in the shape of a circle, that performs that same way a mouse pointer on a computer works. And in order to press on something else like to go through settings or anything, you have to move the cursor and have what you want to be pressed in the middle of the cursor's shape and then it will be pressed. This is very hard to navigate through the phone since we can't just touch on an item and it work, we have to move the cursor to the item and then press anywhere on the touchscreen for it to work. Is there a way to disable this maybe?
  24. TBTE

    TBTE Well-Known Member

    Not quite sure yet, I didn't have it on mine, so I will look into it.
  25. giggy51

    giggy51 Active Member

    Did you install the multi touch driver that was recently released because maybe that's what made it different for us.please just let me know what you come with.

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