[ROM][ICS] Paranoid Android Ver1.6 Beta from source (31JUL2013)

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  1. RolaAddict

    RolaAddict Well-Known Member

    Downloading now to test

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  2. jhonka232

    jhonka232 Well-Known Member

    Videos in landscape mode are glitchy and you can't see anything. This did not occur in the previous version with the gaming test kernel
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  3. BSydz

    BSydz Well-Known Member Developer

    Thanks, I had updated the headers in the device files, I am pretty sure i know what is wrong. I'll clean it up and rebuild, I'll post another tester in a little while.
  4. jhonka232

    jhonka232 Well-Known Member

    Excellent, thanks man
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  5. BSydz

    BSydz Well-Known Member Developer

    Ok, here is the rebuild, video should be good in landscape. For anybody wondering it is the msm_mdp.h in the device files that causes the issue with landscape video.

    Let me know how it goes.

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  6. jhonka232

    jhonka232 Well-Known Member

    The phone goes into roaming/no signal easier since I flashed tester 1...did you mess around with the RIL at all?
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  7. ben1122a

    ben1122a Well-Known Member

    what are the main differences between this and the cm9 builds?
  8. jr9306

    jr9306 Well-Known Member

    PA is based off CM9 (I think)...but the main difference is a cool feature that allows you to change the interface to either tablet mode or phone mode and the DPI (resolution) of each individual app.
  9. jhonka232

    jhonka232 Well-Known Member

    Texts over 160 characters don't send. I posted the fix in the CM9 thread. Could you please implement it? Thanks BSydz.

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  10. BSydz

    BSydz Well-Known Member Developer

    Thanks for the feedback, I think I have resolved both of these issues. I left both phones off the charger with wifi off and have not lost signal at all, since 9pm last night, so 10 or 11 hours with out signal loss. I also fixed the 160 character split, I added it to the device overlay but also added signature while I was there, credit to mantera for the signature.

    I think that I have a very good release candidate, I would appreciate some feedback on this build. I also changed some tethering options, so I think all tethering should work now, can't remember if it was an issue before but I think I remember reading something about tethering.

    Let me know how it goes, so I can put this in the OP if everything is good to go.

  11. jhonka232

    jhonka232 Well-Known Member

    Just wondering, how did you fix the RIL? I'm curious as to if it's a kernel issue or an issue with the system.

    EDIT: Landscape video glitchiness is back
    EDIT2: Deep sleep doesn't work for me
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  12. tamasaurus

    tamasaurus Well-Known Member

    Running with wifi on at the office and home, and haven't noticed any dropped signal in the last day, though signal is admittedly crap both here and at home. I seem to be holding onto that 1 bar as usual :)

    I'm also getting the landscape video glitches, but that's all I've noticed so far (and hopefully that's all!).

    EDIT: I seem to be getting occasional random reboots. I didn't notice it before, so I don't know if this is something new.
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  13. BSydz

    BSydz Well-Known Member Developer

    First, thanks for all the testing and reporting.

    I can't pinpoint what fixed the signal drop, as I changed a ton of stuff, I started the kernel over clean from manteras source, and changed a bunch of proprietary files that we use, and tweaked the frameworks. I noticed in the logs that it is reporting the modem as status 1 instead of status 2, or what ever it is, that may be from the Cherry Magnum files I used.

    I got a MT PA repo setup now it is https://github.com/MT-ParanoidAndroid, I have only got the kernel and device files commits up so far.I cleaned up the device and vendor files to be easier to work with, I also took out some of the kernel objects that get built with the kernel, and changed the kernel make file to export those .ko files to be built in to the system.

    Also it wasn't the msm_mdp.h in the device files that causes the issue with landscape video, I still have to test it, but I think it is the msm_rotator.h.

    I just looked and I have been in deep sleep 80% of the time up which was only 3.5 hours, but ... I think that we have some wifi issues to deal with. First is the not being able to get the wifi to connect after it sleeps, it sucks cause we can't set it to go to sleep to save battery and it won't reconnect if you do. Plus I think there is more too it, I am gonna look on the kernel side and also the system side to see what can be done.

    Thanks for the feedback. So we have a confirmation that the signal drop is not present any more, that is a good thing. I'll fix the video glitch when I get the next release together.
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  14. jhonka232

    jhonka232 Well-Known Member

    Testing is the least I can do for you and the work you put into these rooms, but, no problem!
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  15. tamasaurus

    tamasaurus Well-Known Member

    No worries, glad I can finally help test things out a bit!

    I'm noticing that I don't seem to be getting any text messages... sent some out to my Google Voice number and that worked ok, but I can't get anything coming in. I just thought I wasn't popular, but now that I tested it a bit I'm wondering if I missed anything...

    Rolling back to CM7 for a bit, I'm sure my boyfriend is wonder why I have been ignoring him, ha!

    EDIT: Restarted my phone and texts came in... could have been something I was fiddling with (installed GoSMS from Titanium Backup, along with my other user apps, but prompty removed it...). I think GoSMS settings messed with it, and the restart may have corrected it, but will keep an eye on it in case it stops working again.
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  16. intransit74

    intransit74 Active Member

    I love this ROM, but my experience was that reboots caused com.android.phone to close, causing my account to be cut off. I saw a few other mentions of this and I hope there may be a little fix swimming around. Thanks for your incredible amount of work, BSydz. I'm excited to begin the test, even though I just flashed the alpha of the JB build of PA. What's a few app restores, when it comes to my favorite dev, he said, effusively, with upturned palms...
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  17. tamasaurus

    tamasaurus Well-Known Member

    I've gotten a couple reboots and a phone froze up a few times, but haven't noticed them affecting anything. Was this on the latest tester, or on the JB PA alpha?

    I haven't gotten a freeze or reboot after changing some of the settings to help give the RAM a break, though I don't think that shouldn't affect com.android.phone FC'ing...

    BSydz - You probably already know this, but just confirming that when setting the "Wifi While Sleeping" to "Never", it doesn't connect again after coming out of sleep. Switching profiles or toggling the wifi on/off reconnects easily.

    As expected, CPU Spy is reporting my phone can deep sleep, but only if I turn wifi off or "Wifi While Sleeping" is set to "Never". Personally, this works fine for me as I manually toggle radios and switch profiles fairly often.

    And still no dropped cell signal, which is great!

    EDIT: MMS isn't working... crashes when sending
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  18. intransit74

    intransit74 Active Member

    This has happened on the February build and the last test build. I can confirm the excellence of video game play; I ran several games that caused instant reboots in previous roms. They ran nice(ly) and smooth(ly). I am impressed with the kernel. My issue is that a notification saying com.android.phone. has closed pops about 50% of the time, after the phone reboots. Often, it is the phone rebooting itself. when it boots, the phone reception indicator drops to nothing and the notification pops up. I attempt to dial voicemail, but another pop-up tells me I need to set up VM in settings. Incidentally,when I open titanium, it tells me that my ID number has changed, but nothing is effected by that. If there is any kind of fix, I would stick with this rom; it's pretty dang good... dang it. Gaming is stellar.
  19. intransit74

    intransit74 Active Member

    That's to say that Titanium tells me that my ID has changed, it could be bad, and if I want them to fix it, it'll only cost me six bucks. Because of their altruistic nature.
  20. odojoe

    odojoe Well-Known Member

    This might be a great ROM, but I will never know because the fonts are way too small for me.
  21. tamasaurus

    tamasaurus Well-Known Member

    I agree, the default DPI that comes with the rom is a bit tiny. I restored everything to stock phone DPI and it was fine for me. For me, compared to CM9 it seemed a lil sluggish. There were also a couple things that still needed to be tweaked, so I switched back for daily use (latest tester + Bsydz kernel). Thank you so much for all your hard work, Bsydz!
  22. bob-st

    bob-st Well-Known Member

    You can change your font size in "settings" "system"
  23. Jvirk93

    Jvirk93 Member

    Just recently installed the April 7th tester. Landscape video is still glitchy. I've only had one random reboot. It's a little laggy but maybe that's just me. Other than that it's a great rom. Also, I can't seem to find a good DPI. Whenever I change the DPI the homescreen and the app drawer doesn't seem to change. Any ideas?
  24. odojoe

    odojoe Well-Known Member

    Even on huge it is too small for me.
  25. tamasaurus

    tamasaurus Well-Known Member

    Are you changing the DPI for Trebuchet?

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