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[ROM]ICS Redux v1.4.3 Bi-Winning for SK4G (12/10/12)

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  1. RicAndroid

    RicAndroid New Member

    Hello, everyone. I used to port themes for the Sidekick 4G over at xda-developers. I got tired of the drama so I'm going to give this a shot.

    This is based off of Reviewers ICS Domination v2.0 and I ported over Bi-Winning Redux to it. Enjoy my rom!

    I take no risk if you brick...blah,blah,blah.

    Follow these steps to get the camera button working:

    Go into the app drawer and launch the camera app. Now, use the home button located at the upper right corner. Press the camera button and voila....it works. You can even close the app using task manager and it will still open using the button.



    *Replaced Zimly with NemoPlayer+


    *Fixed White on White Issue with EPM
    *Minor Adjustments to the Framework


    *Removed CronMod-INT2EXT4+ init.d Script (The master reset when it reboots is not cool.) [​IMG]
    *Added App2SD


    *Switched from Bi-Winning Phone apk to Sidekick Phone apk to Avoid Force Close with In-Call Volume


    *Switched from INT2EXT+ to INT2EXT4+ init.d Script (Thanks to SammaelAkuma for clearing this up for me...Please create a EXT4 partition before updating)


    *Replaced Link2SD with INT2EXT+ init.d Script (Please create a Ext2 partition before updating)


    *Minor Bug Fix Related to Zimly


    *Re-sized Icons in the EPM
    *Replaced USB Connected Icon
    *Changed Color of Progress Bar to Cyan
    *Added DriveSmart (To avoid the force close when choosing it in Settings)


    *2.2.2 Froyo rom - Based off Reviewers ICS Domination v2.0
    *glimmling's Froyo Iced Up Theme
    *Bali 20120602_nxd - Keystroke logger removed
    *SGS III Sounds with a special appearance by Charlie himself
    *SGS Captivate Camera App
    *Holo Locker
    *Holo Launcher
    *Updated TwWallpaper Picker with some nice Live Walls
    *Touchpal Keyboard
    *Jelly Bean Boot Animation
    *Build.prop edits - for memory and net optimization



    All credit going to ayoteddy, sduvick, Reviewers, nxd, Whitehawkx, Moped_Ryder, Fishman0919, sicopat, ASimmons (For the useful Theme Injector), croniccorey and SammaelAkuma

    - Put zip file in your /sdcard
    - Reboot into cwm recovery
    - Wipe Data/Factory Reset
    - Wipe Cache Partition
    (Optional but recommended to prevent any minor issues)-Wipe Dalvik Cache from advanced menu in CWM
    -Select the zip file and flash. Reboot.


  2. Metroid Prime

    Metroid Prime Oil Can!!! Oil Can!!! VIP Member

    Moved to All Things Root section. :)
  3. dermo529

    dermo529 Active Member

    Wow, still supported! I'm getting a Sidekick soon, can't wait to try this out!

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