[Rom Info] Light Elf 3.0 Beta Rev 9 (Android 4.1.2) By Tragidy (10/1/2013)

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    Tragidys original post below i've taken out download/other links
    they can be found in the source at end of post

    [ROM][BETA] Light ELF III
    Light ELF 3.0 Revision 9
    Ainol ELF 2 Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean ROM


    Core Features & Highlights:

    Android 4.2 Operating System on your Ainol ELF Tablet

    Known Bugs & Issues:
    *Move to SD card may cause segfault/freeze

    Install Notes:
    These steps are in the most basic

    Turn tablet off ( leave off for 30sec or more )
    Enter an official ainol recovery not CWM
    Select ROM & Packages for install
    Reboot & Enjoy

    Notes in General:

    Here we go, light elf version 3.0 is underway based on the android open source project which will release JellyBean on your Ainol NOVO7 ELF II Tablet.



    Due to the ROM leaking early today I have decided to compile a public version, this file comes without warranty and you use it at your own sole risk, this is also the last public release of light elf for a nice while as people leaking and mirroring elsewhere has forced our hand, the light elf project is now private.


    Light Elf 3.0 Release - Dork Files

    Extra Info:

    Version 3.0.9 RELEASE 1

    YouTube playback forces close.

    black edition kernel
    Update Checker
    Game Booster
    Cpu adjustable
    Netflix works
    Screen responsive 2pct
    Lower voltage
    Pre adfree
    Es task killer
    Es file manager
    AOSP MPEG4 decoder
    Driver for Mali auto clock 33mhz 2d 422mhz 3d

    More changes then this list.......

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