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  1. webmanoffesto

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    I'm trying to Root my Samsung Galaxy S (T959, Vibrant). I have it rooted with "Super One Click" and I have "ROM Manager" installed. I successfully backed up using the "ROM Manager" "Backup Current ROM". I've tried a few different ROMs.

    Each time I attempt to install a ROM (e.g. CyanogenMod) I am presented with options like "Reboot Now" and "Reload Packages". The "Reboot Now" did nothing except Reboot.

    This last time I downloaded "Team Whiskey" "NextGen v2" (took a long time) and selected "Reload Packages". Again this just rebooted into my same old ROM. How do I successfully ROM this thing?

    An additional question: since I already downloaded "NextGen v2" how do I make a second attempt at installing it without re-downloading it? Where is it on my phone? I assume I can "install from SD Card", but how?

    My Phone (now you know why I want to ROM it)
    Firmware: 2.1
    Kernel: 2.6.29
    Build: Eclair

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