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  1. itsjperez

    itsjperez Member

    I rooted my phone n successfully flashed Broken Out in cwm, now when I try to flash any other rom it always tells me the installation was aborted. I wipe everything n put it in the backup folder like I did when I flashed BO. It just will not flash a rom anymore. Any ideas? I'm trying to get back to stock ZVA rooted + debloated.

  2. itsjperez

    itsjperez Member

    I actually flashed black plague with no problem. its just the stock roms that won't flash. i need help please
  3. djramod

    djramod Well-Known Member

    the stock roms are not booting, thats what PG said;)
  4. djramod

    djramod Well-Known Member

    this is what he said.....

  5. itsjperez

    itsjperez Member

    Awe, well dang. Guess I'll have to wait. Thanks anyways.
  6. rebelminded88

    rebelminded88 Well-Known Member

    Use your root explored and if you have a clockworkmod backup file, place the Stock in the backup file then reboot into recovery and select restore and there you have it.....make sure you have a back up of that rom just case
  7. airtioteclint

    airtioteclint Well-Known Member

    You can still get to zva if you want. Just download it in the stickied thread. But if you only want the deodexed zva then you will have to wait until pg get it worked out.

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