[Rom] iPhoneICS v.1.0 By Marriya Salvia

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  1. mastermind1024

    mastermind1024 Well-Known Member

    Wow, finally some eyes on iPhone style rom...Keep up the good work ,will test it soon...
    Android community has very few lady devs n A75 community is lucky to have one...
    Big Cheers...

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  2. kulpreet

    kulpreet Well-Known Member

    Do this ROM is having ADWLauncher with IPHONE theme?
  3. Marriya Salvia

    Marriya Salvia Well-Known Member

    DEAR it dont have any launcher that u know or used in other roms

    and :D Lol that is launcher looks not a theme look ! wait till i finish it !

    New launcher , new apps and new ROM dear HOPE ALL
  4. shahabazas

    shahabazas ~*~ Android Addict ~*~

    By d way till when can we expect this ROM if there is any major concern den u can share with us we will do our best to get resolution. All d best.
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  5. ritesh1409

    ritesh1409 Well-Known Member

    looking promising mariya.

    But is it possible with below by Legoice.

    3G support on both slot, can we change only mode go to setting>wireless&network setting>mobile networks>3G services>enable 3G> choose sim (not nessesary to change sim in slot)

    I love this facility given by Legoice from sagarwap.
  6. saivignesh

    saivignesh Well-Known Member


    lots of empty vessels making too much noises in our a75 forums

    its just my thought

    shes trying something new

    why dont we support her
  7. maccafan

    maccafan Well-Known Member

    Well done Mariya..Hope you will be able to release it soon..

    I have tried this using espier launcher using this article but the phone got very slow..

    Espier Launcher Makes Your Android Phone Look Just Like iOS

    Hope this ROM works better. Not too sure about the demo on the top right corner of the screen. What is that?
  8. Marriya Salvia

    Marriya Salvia Well-Known Member

    sir have not used that my launcher is fast and has no problems like such , also have fixed some issues regarding slow response of it :) but the improvements are in progress !
  9. hiraak

    hiraak Well-Known Member

    how much tm to wait.
  10. Marriya Salvia

    Marriya Salvia Well-Known Member

    until the work finishes :) !
  11. iswanadi

    iswanadi Well-Known Member

    i cant waiting anymore :rolleyes:
  12. hiraak

    hiraak Well-Known Member

    within a year
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  13. falesh

    falesh Well-Known Member

    on what stage has ur dev reached n i suggest u post a lill abt ur work progress as dere r many talented ppl here n dey will surely make ur work easier ! :)
    cheers \m/
    waiting fr ur rom ! :)
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  14. darbhadinesh

    darbhadinesh Well-Known Member

    She is doing her work, thats for sure.
    but she is very naughty. she is teasing everyone including me
  15. Sakib

    Sakib Well-Known Member

    When are you going to release it ??
    I'm totally Crazy For Your Rom !!! :p
    I Think i might be in Love .........
    With your ROM ! :D
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  16. darbhadinesh

    darbhadinesh Well-Known Member

    please, make our phone to apple iphone 5.0, please, do some majic

    people will definately love u

    kidding, just for fun to relax your self,
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  17. iswanadi

    iswanadi Well-Known Member

    still not finished ? still waiting sis:p
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  18. Marriya Salvia

    Marriya Salvia Well-Known Member

    happy to inform yes now it's nearly ready!
  19. Marriya Salvia

    Marriya Salvia Well-Known Member

    if im not mistaking this facility was given in the ICS rom from sagarwap :)

    But yes it was the best one :) im a fan of such developers !
  20. charslan

    charslan New Member

    U R reaLy Oseum Marriya My frnd :) Keep it up :) great w0rk...u r such a great developer :)
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  21. miscos

    miscos Member

    I have been creeping into this page a few times each day and now it is open. I am now using Mastermind's ROM and happy. Would like to follow a few reports from other users before trying. I always mesh up my apps, address book when change ROM or try a new one!
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  22. Marriya Salvia

    Marriya Salvia Well-Known Member

    :) so sweet same waiting for the response here !

    but let me tell u dear it's bug free :rolleyes: im also using my rom :)

    but yes Mastermind's ROM is the one of the best Roms here :)
  23. iswanadi

    iswanadi Well-Known Member

    first think is wow. but something problem for me went make a call and SMS its say application not installed? its left or may be I wrong for installation.
  24. darbhadinesh

    darbhadinesh Well-Known Member

    just downloading

    best of luck

    may be iam late in downloading
    thank u
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  25. darbhadinesh

    darbhadinesh Well-Known Member

    presently iam using gbsandwich v2 modified as per my taste really look nice and look like sagarwep's rom.

    i mixed both the roms and used some of my apks reduced the size and using with Link2sd.

    now i am going to install yours
    just downloading 35.8 mb /138 mb 25 min left
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