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  1. kristopher5823

    kristopher5823 Well-Known Member

    JoyOS is an iphone look alike Port it is really lightweight for being a port. I know there are some iphone haters out there but you know when someone like myself becomes bored i start to tinker with my phone. anyway here you go.

    Wipe and rewipe at least 2 times i go for 3 myself

    How to install JoyOS:
    - Copy the zip to your SDCard
    - Boot into ClockWorkMod
    - Make a backup
    - Select "install zip from sdcard"
    - Select the JoyOS.zip
    - Select "yes"
    - After its finished press back
    - Select "reboot system now"

    First Boot may take a little while while files are being moved around

    connect to 3g go to settings-Operators-Access Point Names - then select The apn. It doesn't always stick after reboot i am working on that.

    Just list any of the bugs you may find.

    Wanna thank olicious370 for his awesome CM7.2 Build that i used as a base.


    Download : Goo.im Downloads - Downloading JoyOSPrecedent.zip

    Goo manager is included in the rom so you can check for future updates through it

    Enjoy :)


  2. kristopher5823

    kristopher5823 Well-Known Member

  3. It won't partition correctly. Why?
  4. kristopher5823

    kristopher5823 Well-Known Member

    have to make a partition then use S2E from play store to mount sd-ext i dont know much about this phone i use the prevail and dont have a phone to test anything on
  5. Travisholt92

    Travisholt92 Well-Known Member

    at least your nice enough to port it over for the not so fortunate :p. i'd love to see somebody port CT mod. that rom is glorious. when i upgraded my phone i was using Honeybread. that was by far my favorite and works great
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  6. kristopher5823

    kristopher5823 Well-Known Member

    yeah honeybread is nice i updated joyMod for prevail now just have to get it switched over so it will work on this phone lol
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  7. erikbenedict

    erikbenedict New Member

    any work yet done on the JoyOSPrecedent you refer to?
  8. fxchain

    fxchain New Member

    Link to mod is dead, can you please re-upload it somewhere? Looks good I wanted to give this a try. Thanks for all your work.
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  9. uknow

    uknow Well-Known Member

    Hmmm this from looks nice
  10. tradewinds9

    tradewinds9 Member

    Been searching for this rom everywhere. cant find it. Please post a new link. thanks.
  11. kazoo52

    kazoo52 New Member

    +1. md5?
  12. katt3682

    katt3682 New Member

    Hi, I tried your link, but it says file not found? Is Joy OS for Precedent still available?
  13. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    It is on Android Area 51 but you need an account there to download links from it

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