[ROM] Liquid GingerBread 1.92

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  1. markc2

    markc2 Well-Known Member

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  2. zach.schenfisch

    zach.schenfisch Well-Known Member

    Will have to try this later today. Unfortunately 1.9 did NOT like my phone, even on a couple different kernels.
  3. almahix

    almahix Well-Known Member

    Sorry. Tried it with stock kernel and Chevy1 kernel. No success. Long pauses or delays with launcher pro plus. Back to 1.90 w/Chevy1 1.2@1.1.
  4. monsterenergy22

    monsterenergy22 Well-Known Member

    Running great with Chevy1 1.1 LowVoltage kernel for me using Launcher7
  5. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Well-Known Member

    Next time you try a kernel, give the Raid Zero ones a go. My Droid has never liked Chevy kernels for whatever reason, and this was no diff. I tried the retooled defabb Raid Zero kernel and that didn't work, either. But the normal Raid Zero one seems to work great.
  6. almahix

    almahix Well-Known Member

    Thanks, YankeeDudeL, but I am finding Raid Zero kernels. Gotta link maybe??
  7. markc2

    markc2 Well-Known Member

    I switched from a Chevy ULV 1.1 to a Chevy LV 1.1 and found significant improvement in battery life and temps.
  8. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Well-Known Member

  9. almahix

    almahix Well-Known Member

    My Droid has not usually done well with LV kernels. I typically get into a boot loop. Because of that I have never attempted to flash a ULV. I stick with the medium voltage and do best. Chevys kernels are my preference, and 1100 is the top speed for stability. My particular Droid is very fussy, even more fussy then me.

    I cant believe I am trying all of these kernels and roms, but with the support of the Android community, even I can get the best out of my phone.
  10. Vehtemas

    Vehtemas Well-Known Member

    Hey, does anyone know if the T-Mobile themes work with OG Droid and LFG 1.92?

    I know it is listed on the website, but when you go to the link it continually talks about having to use a T-Mobile system...
  11. monsterenergy22

    monsterenergy22 Well-Known Member

    Yes they will, im using Honeybread right now.
  12. Picaso86

    Picaso86 Well-Known Member

    Is the "3G issue gone"? I dont want to flash it unless thats done... I hate having to wait after a phone call for my 3G service to come back... :/
  13. monsterenergy22

    monsterenergy22 Well-Known Member

    Havent ran into it once since flashing...also says this in the changelog.

  14. mahashel

    mahashel Well-Known Member

    Giving LGB 1.92 a shot on my D1, but it's not going well.
    1) The "Home" button gives haptic feedback when pressed, but doesn't do anything. Changed settings in LauncherPro that affect button actions, but still nothing.
    2) Doesn't accept incoming phone calls: I can call out, 3G Data works great, and Wifi works fine whenever enabled. Any incoming call goes straight to GoogleVoice and I find out about the call via GV notification of new voicemail. So, it's not a great "phone" atm. lol
    3) No Lock Screen: can enable Lock screen in Android Settings, Liquid Settings, or both. Never get a lock screen. Timeouts are all set to 0, so it should show up frequently. No love.
    4) No dock detection. Everything looks okay if I manually launch the Clock app while docked, but without intervention the phone is happy to hang out in landscape mode forever. Not so much.

    I've been trying to solve these on my own as well as scour the web for similar problems. Not a lot of luck. Guess I'm heading back to CM or BB if I can't get it running, which sucks since this seems to be a snappy stable ROM, aside from the missing features.
  15. monsterenergy22

    monsterenergy22 Well-Known Member

    Anyone having problems when clicking phone or contacts for example? When I click phone I dont get the options at the top for contacts or recent calls. And sometimes when I click contacts it takes me to the dialer screen with no tabs at the top.

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