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Rom Manager not seeing Clockworkmod recovery

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  1. arinkus

    arinkus New Member

    Hey, had an issue with Rom Manager. Just installed it on my rooted S-off with Cyanogenmod 6 dinc and it is not recognizing that I already have Clockworkmod recovery flashed. It is telling me to do it again, however I have read in a few spots that with S-on it is just fine allow Rom Manager to reflash it but with S-off this could be an issue.

    If I allow Rom Manager to reflash clockworkmod when I already have it on my phone will it be a problem?

  2. DizkoDan

    DizkoDan Well-Known Member

    There is no problem reflashing clockwork. You can let ROM Manager do it, or manually reflash it yourself if you prefer.
  3. RustyNail

    RustyNail Well-Known Member

    I believe Rom Manager installs its own separate copy of CWM.

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