Rom Manager not what it once was !

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  1. carkev

    carkev New Member

    I have recently rooted my Huawei Blaze and installed a de-branded rom I found.
    the rooting was finally done quite easily with 'Automatic Root Enabler' after Z4root & Super1click did not do the job.

    what was also good about the enabler was that it also auto installs Clockwork Recovery v5.0.2.7 ...

    however the latest Rom Manager is doing my head in !

    it runs fine, but won't let me backup as it says I have no Clockwork installed. then it won't flash me one, even though I select correct phone model.
    it did let me flash an older version ( but I simply get a black screen when asking it to boot into recovery, requiring a battery pull.

    on reboot Rom Manager says my current recovery is the v3 and my old recovery the v5 ...
    and yet lo & behold, when I go into recovery via Power on and Sound up I get into the v5 fine !

    obviously I can manage my roms and backups fine from here, but what on earth has happened to the once very reliable Rom Manager ?

  2. kaybee327

    kaybee327 Member

    Good question.

    I am having same problem

  3. JC1988AD

    JC1988AD Member

    Hmm, I also noticed that when I downloaded ROM Manager it wouldn't let me do anything because It said I didn't have Clockwork installed.

    I know I have clockwork installed because as soon as I shut down the phone with the power cable plugged in, it boots into recovery mode, and I have done a nandroid backup from this.

    I just uninstalled ROM Manager - I was only interested in browsing compatible ROMs for the ideos x3 anyway

    Sorry no help here from me >_>
  4. StarScream2109

    StarScream2109 Well-Known Member Developer

    Thread moved to the "All things Root" section
    Questions or Concerns? feel free to PM me :)
    Thanks for Understanding :)
  5. Alecz23

    Alecz23 New Member

    I have 2 roms for Huawei U8510... Cyanogen 7.2 and original ... write me if u need someone...

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