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[ROM] MidnightRom: Sense 1.5.4

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  1. xthedakmanx

    xthedakmanx Well-Known Member

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you MidnightRom

    All the awesomeness of the MidnightRom series, but in super CM form!

    The high performance supercharged stock ROM

    This ROM consists of the best tweaks, modifications, and optimizations to make the fastest, most stable rooted stock ROM out there!

    Before installing this ROM, I HIGHLY suggest you take a look at this thread do everything it says. http://androidforums.com/evo-v-4g-a...ng-turning-your-phone-into-evo-3d-thread.html

    MidnightRom Version 1.5.4 Download Here! (Goo.im Downloads - Downloading MidnightRom154.zip)
    Mirror (MidnightRom154.zip | by xthedakmanx for EVO 3D)

    The included goomanager app automatically notifies you when there is a new ROM update! It uses virtually no memory at all, and updates can be downloaded directly from within the app!

    Playstation Mobile (psm.apk | by xthedakmanx for EVO 3D)

    Sprint has released some phone updates (as of this posting, which is 11/21/2012), including software and firmware updates. It's highly recommended that, along with this rom (which has the other sprint updates integrated) that you also update your phone's firmware.
    To do so, simply download this
    Goo.im Downloads - Downloading PG86IMG.zip (Goo.im Downloads - Downloading PG86IMG.zip)
    Put it in the root of your sd card (Do not extract anything from this. Just download and put it straight on there)
    Power off your phone, hold the power button and the volume down button at the same time, and it should do the rest! Just accept the update and you'll be good to go!
    (If nothing happens, make sure you select bootloader)

    If you do not have S-OFF, you WILL HAVE TO flash the boot.img file in fastboot at each update, as the kernel is almost always updated with each new version of MNR. Not doing this will cause issues with wifi, 4g, bluetooth, and lots of other things. For more information on this, please see Contact Support ... p?f=11&t=6 (Contact Support)

    I recommend wiping everything before installing an update instead of just flashing over a new zip. This usually fixes common problems.

    First boot will take a few minutes

    If you have any problems, questions, suggestions, etc, do not be afraid to ask!! =]

    Thank you everyone who has donated It really helps!

    Attached Files:

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  2. xthedakmanx

    xthedakmanx Well-Known Member

    Sprint has released some phone updates (as of this posting, which is 11/21/2012), including software and firmware updates. It's highly recommended that, along with this rom (which has the other sprint updates integrated) that you also update your phone's firmware.
    To do so, simply download this
    Goo.im Downloads - Downloading PG86IMG.zip
    Put it in the root of your sd card (Do not extract anything from this. Just download and put it straight on there)
    Power off your phone, hold the power button and the volume down button at the same time, and it should do the rest! Just accept the update and you'll be good to go!
    (If nothing happens, make sure you select bootloader)


    1.4.9 1/13/2013 (Latest)

    -Fixed small boot.img issue

    1.4.8 1/12/2013

    -Redid the services.jar file a bit (logging)
    -Fixed HTC Sense Weather Widget crash
    -Refixed V6 Supercharger
    -Updated entropy seeder

    1.4.7 1/12/2013
    -Fixed issues with Amazon Appstore

    1.4.6f 1/10/2013

    -Removed google voice search (didn't need it anymore because of google now)
    -Optimized all system apk's to reduce memory load
    -Updated Entropy Seeder to V7
    -Updated apps that needed it
    -Reverted touch screen update (Was causing issues)
    -Updated HD Youtube

    1.4.5 1/9/2013

    I've officially broken the 9600 mark on AnTuTu! (I've gotten reports of people beating the 10,000 mark!) http://i.imgur.com/JifDy.png

    -Updated Adrendo libs (Everything will now run smoother) http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1828902
    -Touchscreen update (from http://androidforums.com/evo-v-4g-a...tccm10-build-20130102-touch-screen-addon.html)
    -Integrated Entropy Generator (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1987032)
    -Changed install script to make Entropy Generator work correctly
    -removed libsmith.so, libhtcqxdm2sd.so, htc_ebdlogd (Loggers. There should now be ZERO left)
    -Added init.d script for WiMax hack
    -Change default wallpaper

    1.4.4 1/7/2013

    -Integrated google now
    -Integrated V6 Supercharger into services.jar
    -Removed htc logging services/other logging services from services.jar
    -Removed htc logging services/other logging services from framework.jar
    -Remove CheckinProvider.apk
    -Build.prop htc logging edits
    -Removed duplicated entries in build.prop
    -Removed googlequicksearchbox
    -Services.jar edit for better Google Now performance (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=30368133&postcount=4384)
    -Changes in install script for Google Now permissions

    1.4.3 1/5/2013

    -Fixed support of HBOOT Version 1.04
    -Playstation Mobile compatible and preinstalled!

    1.4.2 1/2/2013

    -Lots of under the hood changes in the install script
    -Deleted unneeded modules
    -Fixed error in build.prop
    -Some init.d scripts added
    -Fixed gmail issue

    1.4.1 12/31/2012

    -Switched to MAC Kernel

    1.4.0 12/30/2012 (Latest)

    -Change Kernel to Buttered Toast
    -Add zip align init.d script
    -Change install script
    -Updated Gmail, Titanium Backup, Superuser, Youtube, Google Calendar, AdAway, File Manager
    -Removed Smith and QXDM2SD

    In buildprop...
    -Disabled checkin services, error reporting, and logging
    -Changed windowsmgr.max_evets_per_sec to 240
    -Change of line "dalvik.vm.dexopt-flags=m=y-"

    In init.d postboot...

    -Change read ahead to 1024
    -Enable zram compressed memory
    -Removed fsync code
    -Change wifi settings
    -Removed undervolting
    -Change memory settings
    -Removal of some code that was no longer needed
    -Change default clock back to 1.296

    1.3.9 12/21/2012

    -Kernel version changed to 3.7.0
    -Lots of postboot changes
    -Fixed calender issue
    -Change default clock
    -Update Kernel Tuner to market version
    -Update Market
    -Update all other apps
    -Other stuff I've forgotten about (I've been tweaking this rom for about a month or so now)

    Been running for 24+ hours now with no issues whatsoever. (No reboots during calls, no random reboots, etc)

    Older releases
    Older releases can be found HERE

    1.3.8 11/30/2012

    -Changed kernel to version 3.6.4 (seems to be the best with no random reboots or anything)
    -Change default sched to deadline
    -Removed a lot of unneeded files (audio, system, lib, bin, etc.)
    -Small changes to build.prop
    -Fixed some system files
    -Changed install script a bit
    -Fixed some missing files issues
    -Misc fixes (literally can't remember all of them. I just went through tons of files and checked things over and over again, fixing small things along the way)
    -Changed some postboot scripts
    -updated default ad blocking
    -update talkback
    -update titanium backup
    -update file manager


    1.3.7 11/23/2012

    -Changed kernel to verion 3.6.6 (fixes 3D issues among others)
    -Changed kernel command line (fixes some more issues)
    -Change min speed to 384 mhz
    -Change max overclock to 1.566 ghz
    -Change gov to lagfree
    -Change screenoff gov to conservative
    -Change install script (formatting, misc)
    -Change version number in build.prop for the sprint updates (ty to Hollaback12786 for noticing)

    1.3.6 11/21/2012
    MD5: 7127290f72b129d8cbb3421c8bce7b8a
    -Update Kernel and all files to version 3.6.7
    -Update Kernel Tuner
    -Integrated Sprint's updates (still need to flash firmware though)
    -Update Play Store
    -Update Gmail
    -Update Youtube
    -Update Calender
    -Update Google Play services
    -Update SuperSU

    1.3.5 10/21/2012
    MD5: e17024b78e3bda42186dfc56ba1d9c8c

    -Fix for Kernel Tuner not working correctly
    -New kernel tuner version
    -Removed Calendar app and replaced it with Google Calendar
    -Removed HTC calendar widget (google one is there now though ^_^)

    1.3.4 10/19/2012

    -Reverted kernel version to 3.50 to fix camera issues

    1.3.3 10/16/2012

    -Updated Kernel to version 3.5.1 (Overclockable to 1.512 ghz. Anything else is unstable)
    -New Governers are added again because of the newer kernel version
    -Updated Adobe Flash
    -Updated Titanium Backup
    -Updated Ad Away
    -Updated Kernel Tuner
    -Changed default gov to xondemand
    -Updated VM Minute Checker
    -Updated Google Play Music
    -Updated Street View
    -Updated Google Maps
    -Updated Google Play Store
    -Updated Youtube

    1.3.2 9/30/2012

    -Removed some postboot scripts
    -Fixed Google Maps
    -Removed NoFrills cpu (use kernel tuner)
    -Updated kernel tuner to 2.3.1
    -Added HTC Message Widget (request)

    1.3.11 (fix release) 9/22/2012

    -Reverted kernel version to 3.4.3 because of overclocking issues
    -Cleared out some code in the post boot file

    1.3.1 9/21/2012

    -Updated kernel version to 3.4.6
    -Fixed a small postboot problem
    -Updated maps to latest modded version (can be used in any country)
    -Added Kernel Tuner app. With this, you can customize your kernel. CPU settings, check times in state, voltage settings, gpu settings, soft buttons backlight, fastcharge, vsync, color depth, Sweep2Wake, etc!
    -Fixed default gov. to be xondemand
    -Changed build.prop settings for sound
    -Updated the music app, video app, etc, to fix beats issue
    -Fixed wifi not connecting as fast
    -Updated browser to JB version (ty leslie ann)
    -Fixed alot of unneeded files
    -Fixed audio files
    -Beats notification now active
    -Misc lib and file changes

    1.3.0 9/17/2012

    -Updated kernel version to 3.4.3
    -Removed audio tweaks from previous version due to issues
    -Removed wifiwatcher script (I don't think it did much)
    -Changed install script again
    -Added oom tweaks (ty Mobstergunz)
    -Changed max screen off speed a bit to fix reboots. Should have 0 reboot problems now
    -Changed post_boot.sh file to reflect new changes, and to fix some mpdecision issues
    -Few init.d scripts for new kernel version
    -Can now turn on sweep2wake by changing "echo 0" to "echo 1" in the system\etc\init.d\99sweep2wake file

    1.2.9 9/13/2012

    -Updated to kernel 3.3.2
    -Removed some init.d scripts and integrated them into the build.prop
    -Fixed some duplicated tweaks
    -Added "Xloud,Beats,Srs,EQ Tweaks" ([CDMA/GSM BASSMOD][SENSE3.6/4.0]v17.20 Xloud,Beats,Srs,EQ Tweaks[02 JULY] - [GSM] EVO 3D Development - RootzWiki)
    -Changed the install script to set permissions for new files, and to reflect new additions
    -Added new build.prop settings for new services
    -Beats is now 110% working. Notifications come up now when it's enabled.
    -New dolby mobile app that enables dolby mobile for both headset and speaker.

    1.2.8 9/11/2012

    -Updated to kernel 3.3.1-Test2
    -Updated market to 3.8.17: Modded version
    Mod version features patched to skip self-update and removed device restrictions
    -Updated Youtube to JB HD Black Youtube version
    -Updated Titanium Backup
    -Updated adreno_config.txt a bit
    -Removed DSP Manager
    -Added FM widget
    -Some build.prop changes
    -Misc lib changes
    -Added some init.d scripts for speed and misc tweaks
    -Updated beats audio
    -Updated install script a bit

    1.2.7 9/9/2012
    -Update Kernel to version 3.3.0
    -Update Titanium Backup
    -Update goo manager
    -Update No-Frills cpu

    1.2.6 9/6/2012

    -Update to kernel version 3.2.9r
    -Fixed some postboot scripts
    -Updated firmware and module files
    -Updated goomanager
    -Updated titanium Backup

    1.2.5 8/30/2012

    -Update to kernel version 3.2.7
    -Fixed the default CPU speed. Sorry guys!
    -Disabled sweep2wake. Was causing too many problems.
    -Fixed supersu being lame and not working right

    Known issues: Sometimes you will get a random wake of death. Not sure why though. It's being worked on

    1.2.4 8/29/2012 (Latest)

    -Update to kernel version 3.2.6
    -Changed the default cpu speed down to 1.29 GHZ instead of 1.35 GHZ
    -Lots of postboot script changes to help with freezing and random reboots
    -Some battery saving modifications
    -Update File Manager
    -Put some scripts in the init.d folder
    -Changed default sched. to noop
    -Added HTC 3D Weather widget back
    -Update SuperSU
    -Update SuperSU Binaries
    -Update Google Maps
    -Update default ad blocking hosts file
    -HTC logo theme change

    1.2.3 8/28/2012

    -Update to kernel verson 3.2.5 final (NOTE: Phone may have random lag the first 30 mins from your first install boot. This is normal and will go away!)
    -Update Titanium Backup
    -Updated install script (Kernel installation, rom info, and...a little surprise at the end ^_^)
    -Smaller zip file due to removing some kernel installing scripts

    1.2.2 8/24/2012

    -Update to kernel 3.2.2r
    -Update SuperSU
    -Update Google Play Music
    -Update Titanium Backup
    -Update Wifi Tethering
    -Updated modules
    -Other things I've probably forgotten.

    1.2.1 8/19/2012

    -Update kernel to 3.2.0
    -Update Google Maps
    -Update Street View
    -Update talkback
    -Update Google Play Store
    -build.prop tweaks (ty aeameh)
    -Update hosts file (ad blocking)

    1.2.0 8/16/2012

    -Update to kernel to 3.1.8a
    -Post boot scripts changed (better battery saving then before)
    -Reverted Voice Search apk to original file to fix crashing
    -Update talkback
    -Fix sense 4 clock widget not showing up anymore
    -Some theme changes (that weird checkered loading background, and the htc sense logo)

    1.1.9 8/14/2012

    -Updated kernel to 1.1.7
    -Enabled Sweep2Wake (You can now swipe your finger from home to search to unlock, and the reverse to lock!)
    -More changes in the postboot script to increase performance
    -Deleted the HTC Screenshot feature out of build.prop (didn't need it)
    -Changed default.xml a bit to try to fix default mms sound
    -Changed some files in the framework-res.apk
    -Add xondemand governor
    -Changed default governor to xondemand (better power management)
    -Second cpu correctly goes offline when screen is off for power saving
    -CPU auto clocks down when screen is off for power saving

    1.1.8 8/13/2012

    -Updated kernel to 3.1.6 (MUCH Better multitasking!)
    -Changed default gov. back to ondemand
    -Optimized all system .apks. This increases system storage, lightens memory load, increases load times, and speeds things up (And was also a pain in the butt to do...lol)
    -Optimized boot animations
    -Optimized wallpapers
    -Updated install script a bit
    -Removed WifiRouter (Already have a tether app. Don't really need it)
    -Removed weather widget

    No sweep2wake yet. It was taken out of the latest kernel because of problems.

    1.1.7 8/11/2012

    -Updated Kernel to 3.1.5
    -Removed Google Now, reverted back to original Google Search
    -Fixed build.prop error (thanks viperafx)
    -Updated Hosts file
    -Updated AdAway
    -Updated Titanium Backup
    -Changed Default Governor to badass (performance mode)
    -Fixed phone going into convervative mode and staying there when the screen was turned off
    -Changed init.qcom.post_boot.sh scripts for both power saving, and performance enhancements
    -Removed init.d scripts as they are now integrated into init.qcom.post_boot.sh (no need to run them twice!)
    -Removed a couple misc. system widgets
    -Updated Module Files
    -Updated Flash Player
    -Fixed how kernel's are flashed in the install script
    -Fixed a install-recovery.sh error

    1.1.6 8/2/2012

    -Updated kernel to 3.0.2
    -GooManager now works! This means auto notifications of ROM updates for everyone from now on! YAY!
    -Added Google Now
    -Added ICS Search Widget
    -Added Virgin Mobile Minutes Checker (Really awesome app. After you login using it, it displays a small toast for a second before and after calls showing how many minutes you have left. Can also display when your plan runs up, how many minutes you can use every day so you don't go over, etc etc)
    -Updated Adobe Flash
    -Updated Youtube
    -Updated Gmail
    -Updated hosts file for newest ad blocking

    1.1.5 7/31/2012

    -Updated Kernel to anthrax 2.9.1

    1.1.4 7/30/2012

    -Updated Kernel to anthrax 2.8.1
    -Removed goomanager for now...Still can't make it work >:|
    -Re-enabled vsync to fix tearing issue
    -I dub thee stable

    7/26/2012 (beta)
    -Lowered default max clock to 1.35 down from 1.566 to help people who's phones are getting either too hot, or won't boot
    -Upgraded kernel to 2.7.6b
    -Updated init.qcom.post_boot.sh scripts

    7/24/2012 (beta)
    -Updated Kernel to anthrax 2.7.5
    -Updated hostfile (with more ads to block)
    -Udpated titanium backup
    -Added no-frills cpu control
    -Updated adobe flash
    -Default speed for the phone is now 1.566 ghz (without any program intervention)
    -Default min clock freq is now 192 (without any program intervention)
    -Max clock can now be put at 1.835 ghz...I wouldnt try it though lol. Locks up phone almost INSTANTLY
    -I/O sched. default is now noop

    Still trying to get goomanager working >.>

    7/23/2012 (beta)
    -Updated Kernel to anthrax 2.7.2
    -Fixed vsync off not working
    -Vdm crashing, mms, vmm, and 4g have been fixed (kernel)
    -Init.d "anthrax" script change

    Known issues:
    GooManager still isn't showing updates for some reason.

    7/23/2012 (beta)

    Deleted HTC Feedback
    Updated Kernel to anthrax 2.7
    Updated Titanium Backup
    Updated Adobe Flash
    Misc Changes.

    7/22/2012 (beta)

    -Goo.Im servers for faster and more reliable download speed!
    -Southern7's ICS Post.boot tweaks
    -GPU OC Fixed
    -Removed dual core mod (Wasn't needed anymore)
    -Removed boot sound (It was REALLY loud) (you can easily enable it by using a file manager, going to system/customize/resouce/ and renaming "-BoltAnimations.mp3-" to "BoltAnimations.mp3")
    -Changed some files for the anthrax kernel

    It is safe to flash the newest nightly, 2.7, over this. Next version will have the most updated kernel in it. You can find that HERE

    7/21/2012 (beta)
    -Max 2D/3D clock enabled
    -ANTHRAX Kernel 2.6 (By chad.goodman. Can be flashed to new versions as they will be released rapidly from Anthrax's forum. Since the kernel doesn't automatically enable fastcharge and gpu overclocking, my rom is set to do this automatically. I'm pretty sure I have the only rom (at this time) that supports this by default)
    -Fastcharge enabled
    -Overclock enabled up to 1.782 Ghz (I recommend using either SetCPU or No Frills CPU)
    -Ad blocking enabled by default
    -Fixed init.d support...again lol
    -Added boot sound
    -goo.im manager (will tell you when there is a rom update automatically!) (At least it should...)

    Known bugs:
    -Personalize sometimes crashes at first boot.
    -VDM Service crashes.
    -Kernel isn't complete
    -Mail signature incorrectly states "Sent from my HTC Evo 4G"
    -Not sure if the goo.im manager will work (havn't uploaded to the goo servers yet) but all the code is there so it should!

    (Awesome right?)

    7/17/2012 1.1.2
    Removed operator tab (Virgin Mobile tab) from launcher
    -Removed browser bookmarks
    -Changed default browser homepage to google
    -Changed default mail signature from "Sent from my Virgin Mobile Android--Powered Device" to "Sent from my HTC Evo 4G"
    -Changed one auto text to "Text messaging during exams is AWESOME =D" (just because...lol)
    -Removed extra Virgin Mobile ringtones in settings
    -Fixed some XML errors
    -Fixed missing wallpapers
    -Fixed missing live wallpapers
    -Fixed voicemail
    -Had to remove "HTC Evo 3D" app compatibility line in build.prop (Broke voicemail)
    -Fixed a compression error with some apks
    -Fixed HTC Sense 4.0 widget to be properly sized when added
    -Fixed build number
    -Updated SuperSU
    -Updated Busybox

    7/16/2012 1.1.0
    MD5: 3479ecbda1e66dd67908bd809b70872
    -Integrated SuperSU
    -Lots of theme changes and tweaks
    -System icon optimization's for less memory load
    -Removed a couple more apps
    -Sense 4.0 Widget
    -Updated some apk files
    -Fixed MMS
    -Fixed Beats Audio
    -No more missed calls while on wifi
    -Removed Vm Shooter Scene
    -Improved Installer
    -Changed battery icon
    -Fixed leedroid tweaks (Now works on launcher)
    -Removed the bookmarks in the default browser, and changed the homepage to google.com
    -Lots of VM extra lines in code deleted/changed
    -Some misc build.prop tweaks
    -Figured out a way to increase compression on the downloadable ROM so I can upload it faster, and people can download it faster (which is why it takes a few seconds for initial "Opening update" in recovery mode)
    -Misc. Debranding of VM
    -Lots of other behind the scene tweaks, changes, and optimization's to -increase speed and decrease memory load
    -Other things I've probably forgot

    7/11/2012 1.0.2
    -HTCLinkifyDispatcher Fix (Thanks to metal571)
    -Deleted yet another app (accidentally left a leftover friend stream app in. Thought I got them all)
    -Fixed init.d support (wasnt functioning. Should also boost speed even more now that the scripts are running!)

    7/10/2012 1.0.1
    -5x4 Rosie Tweaks
    -Mobster Power Kernel (Thanks to Mobstergunz)
    -HQ Camera For ICS (Thanks to coolexe @ XDA)
    -HQ Audio For ICS (Thanks to coolexe @ XDA)
    -Battery Mod
    -init.d support

    7/9/2012 1.0.0
    First release
  3. thebryceee

    thebryceee Well-Known Member

    Did you include JB YouTube?
  4. xthedakmanx

    xthedakmanx Well-Known Member

    Oops, forgot to put that in the description. Yes I did!
  5. Snake X

    Snake X Well-Known Member

    Dang.. looks like I was beat to a vanilla rom with tweaks :p

    Good job tho
  6. pancho32392

    pancho32392 Well-Known Member

    Does it come with all the best tweak that dev did
  7. metal571

    metal571 Well-Known Member

    This sounds really awesome. Here are my other requests to make it perfect:

    AOSP ICS Browser
    Android native application default handling
  8. xploPR

    xploPR Well-Known Member Contributor

  9. BackHandLegend

    BackHandLegend Well-Known Member

    Are tweaks that render something useless or disable something added here? Or are there only tweaks with no collateral damage?
  10. xthedakmanx

    xthedakmanx Well-Known Member

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  11. DAVIDG12

    DAVIDG12 Active Member

    Mobster's Dual Core Mod Fix????
  12. xthedakmanx

    xthedakmanx Well-Known Member


    Also FM app has been added and renamed it...just cuz :p
    DAVIDG12 likes this.
  13. pancho32392

    pancho32392 Well-Known Member

    Does it have signature on the stock message app
  14. G19

    G19 Well-Known Member

    Looking forward to flashing this. Seems the best
  15. xthedakmanx

    xthedakmanx Well-Known Member

    No it does not. I never really noticed that before you mentioned it though.

    Go SMS or Handecent would have signature's though
  16. BackHandLegend

    BackHandLegend Well-Known Member

    So excited, hurry up!!!!!..............................please? xD
  17. xthedakmanx

    xthedakmanx Well-Known Member

    Posted finally

    If anyone wants to upload it to a different service so I can link it, you're more then welcome to do so.
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  18. BackHandLegend

    BackHandLegend Well-Known Member

    How do we enable beats audio?
  19. bsoplinger

    bsoplinger Well-Known Member

    I've become used to the 5x4 Rosie tweek. Is that safe to install on this ROM?
  20. metal571

    metal571 Well-Known Member

    definitely flashing this later today (god what am i doing up at 4:48 AM)
  21. G19

    G19 Well-Known Member

    Sounds great. Not sure if you're looking for recommendations, but I have a couple I think will make it look cleaner.

    -5x4 rosie - Allows us to use the space on our phones large screens.
    -Remove the "location" gps icon that is always in the status bar
    -Change battery icon to this one - I think the battery icon used in meanrom looks nicer and is easier to read. Example:
  22. DAVIDG12

    DAVIDG12 Active Member

    I dont see the beats in the stock music player :( Its not in Sound Enchantment
    Do I have to flash stock rom then this rom????
  23. xthedakmanx

    xthedakmanx Well-Known Member

    There's no real "settings" for beats audio, it's just kinda there.
    (see (MOD)Beats Audio(2.3+up)07/02/12 - xda-developers , This is where I got the files from )

    ^_^ Thanks for the suggestions! I'll put them into the next release! ^_^

    It should be! I'm testing it right now, and it should be in the next release
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  24. BackHandLegend

    BackHandLegend Well-Known Member

    Works great!
  25. kyky78

    kyky78 Member

    link blocked by dropbox =(

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