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  1. BigDog21

    BigDog21 Well-Known Member

    Try putting it to 1.728 GHz and put the Governor to performance. This is what I did to see what my score could be and I averaged 4100 or better.

  2. gamikzone

    gamikzone Well-Known Member

    their probably wont be for a while this rom is near to perfect there is not much more that can be done other than updating the kernel :D
  3. Piznick64

    Piznick64 Well-Known Member

    im still only getting 3200
  4. aeameh

    aeameh Active Member

    Seems like update 1.2.0 had the highest benchmarks. Might just be because of the kernel (3.1.8a), but I'm not sure how to keep the current version of the ROM and go back to that version of the kernel. Definitely seems more stable now, but those benchmarks make my pants tighter. Not that it really seems to have any practical value.
  5. namartlu

    namartlu Well-Known Member

    Hi, been using the ROM for a week, run pretty smoothly. Thank you a lot!

    One question is, I am S-ON, what am I missing with this ROM? Can I still overclock?

  6. Hollaback12786

    Hollaback12786 Well-Known Member

    Lookin good here on 1.2.5 with anthrax 3.2.8-otg [​IMG]


    Antutu is from a few days ago but my phone still flies after dirty flashing every rom update since it came out and every kernel update since chad came back :D
  7. BigDog21

    BigDog21 Well-Known Member

    Those are the same scores I get, or very close to! :)
  8. BigDog21

    BigDog21 Well-Known Member

    Yes, You can still overclock even on S-ON, because I am S-ON as well. Im currently overclocked to 1.5 GHz and its working like a BEAST!
    There is a app built in called "No-frills CPU Control, use that app to overclock your device."
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  9. BigDog21

    BigDog21 Well-Known Member

    Hummm.... I don't know why you are still getting that score. Its really not a bad score to be honest. I'm just a little surprised.
  10. Piznick64

    Piznick64 Well-Known Member

    should i flash something? like a dual core something, i got 3900+ after tims tweaks with the root stock rom
  11. BigDog21

    BigDog21 Well-Known Member

    That's a little bit better, I would try to re-flash the ROM, and do the steps over again if you really want the 4000+ benchmark. if not then you should be good because 3900 is still fast. (remember if your re-flashing the ROM, Do the steps, by that I mean Factor Reset, and wipe cash and Dalvik cash before re-flashing)
  12. Piznick64

    Piznick64 Well-Known Member

    did that still only 3200
  13. BigDog21

    BigDog21 Well-Known Member

    Humm.. Then I am stumped... I Thought that would work. :confused:
  14. nsciucco

    nsciucco Well-Known Member

    turn your governor to perfornmance. and turn the cpu frequency all the way up. then reboot. let it settle. and run again
  15. BigDog21

    BigDog21 Well-Known Member

    He said he already did that, that's why I was stumped that it didn't work for him.
  16. is_mah_yell

    is_mah_yell Well-Known Member

    2nd'd this

    Anyone know if were using 1 core or 2 cores?
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  17. magohn

    magohn Well-Known Member

    First of all THANK YOU DEV. Iinstalled this ROM and everything seems to be working great. I did not perform s-off.

    I now want to install 'Google Now' on my newly rooted phone but in all the threads I have found the link to the install .apk is deleted or invalid. Could somebody PLEASE point me to the latest Google Now install files (I believe the 'mikey_6' version) and provide a very brief instruction on how to install it - do I use 4EXT?


    EDIT: I will answer my own question.

    Go here:

    Install the v6 using 4EXT - device rebooted and Google Now is rocking!

  18. xthedakmanx

    xthedakmanx Well-Known Member

    New version inc. Been running it for a few days now. No reboots whatsoever

    1.2.6 9/6/2012 (Latest)

    -Update to kernel version 3.2.9r
    -Fixed some postboot scripts
    -Updated firmware and module files
    -Updated goomanager
    -Updated titanium Backup
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  19. gamikzone

    gamikzone Well-Known Member

    cant wait to flash it :D is it being uploaded?
  20. magohn

    magohn Well-Known Member


    I just installed, can I just update as decribed on Page 1:

    The included goomanager app automatically notifies you when there is a new ROM update! It uses virtually no memory at all, and updates can be downloaded directly from within the app!

    Will it erase my newly installed apps etc ?

  21. xthedakmanx

    xthedakmanx Well-Known Member

    New version is up!

    Try the new version. Remember to wipe absolutely everything (except sd card) in recovery.

    Well, it's up to you really. If you like using beats, then use htc player. If you have all your music on the google music servers, then that and the dsp manager would be best ^_^

    Yup! Sure does!
    As long as you flashed the boot.img, then you should be all set!

    Nope! It will not. It will just tell you that there is a new version available, and you can download it within the app.
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  22. magohn

    magohn Well-Known Member

    Do you mean the update wont erase all my apps or the update wont install and keep intact my apps from the currently installed version (I need to start from scratch)?

    Im hoping I can:

    Downlaod the new rom
    Use 4EXT to launch and reboot
    On reboot, all my stuff is still there.


    Sorry for all the questions :)
  23. Spritey

    Spritey Well-Known Member

    What you're referring to is a "dirty flash", and I always try them first when a new update to a ROM is available.

    However, if you experience weird problems, the easiest and most effective fix is just to wipe everything (except your sd card) and start fresh.

    Use Titanium Backup to back up your apps and data, then restore what you need when you flash the new rom. Make sure you restore data sparingly, and NEVER on system apps, because that can lead to more problems. But even if you don't restore any data at all, it beats searching through the playstore for everything you need.

    Doing a full wipe isn't a big deal after the first few times you do it :p
  24. BigDog21

    BigDog21 Well-Known Member

    It might just be me but it seems like this ROM makes the widgets and apps on my home screens be at a slant. Well come to think of it it is everything that seems to me not aligned. Is this just me?? Can someone give me a reply?
  25. G19

    G19 Well-Known Member

    It's just you. Screenshot?

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