[ROM] MidnightRom: Sense 1.5.4

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  1. kaotikdragon

    kaotikdragon Well-Known Member

    Other than that I love your Rom!

  2. thebryceee

    thebryceee Well-Known Member

    If anyone wants to add the music to do with their boot animation download this, put it in:

    System > customize > resource

    Fix permissions to rw-r--r--

    Then go to the previous folder (customize) and go into the CID folder. Open up default.xml in a text editor then scroll down til you see BoltAnimations.mp3. Shortly after that you'll see "audiostart="SPC"". Change "SPC" to "part0" and save.

    The next time you reboot, you should have the audio in the boot animation sequence.

    Edit: if it downloads to any name other than BoltAnimations.mp3, rename it.

    The boot animation is 8472526 times more enjoyable with it.
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  3. xthedakmanx

    xthedakmanx Well-Known Member

    Will be added next version ^_^
    Hm...I'll look into it. Beats is problematic T_T
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  4. eatsaimin

    eatsaimin Well-Known Member

    Battery life is fantastic on this ROM!! This is surely my favorite ROM so far!!!
  5. gallero559

    gallero559 Member

    This is my bench mark as of right now even goes lower some time. When I first installed it was up to 2998 any ideas how to increase it up again?

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  6. sanman1185

    sanman1185 Well-Known Member

    I'm just impressed you have full 3G bars lol... I never get that, unless I'm out and about never in my home...

    but for your post, have you tried to kill your recent apps? then run Quadrant?
  7. thebryceee

    thebryceee Well-Known Member

    After killing all recent tasks.

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  8. metal571

    metal571 Well-Known Member

    Wow, incredible job. Finally got around to flashing the latest version. Sticking with this for sure.
  9. gallero559

    gallero559 Member

    Yeah I know i get full bars at home. :D
  10. Ploni Almoni

    Ploni Almoni New Member

    How about making that stock email reply "HTC Evo V 4g"? It isn't an HTC Evo 4g, after all, its Virgin Mobile's edition of the HTC Evo 3d.
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  11. xthedakmanx

    xthedakmanx Well-Known Member

    Oops. My bad lol. I'll fix that next release
  12. JWhipple

    JWhipple Well-Known Member

  13. pablo2121

    pablo2121 Active Member

    Please Explain how and where this is implemented on this rom.

  14. xploPR

    xploPR Well-Known Member Contributor

    Play a song in the stock music player, hit the menu, sound enchancer, you will see the beats option there, only works with headphones.
  15. xthedakmanx

    xthedakmanx Well-Known Member

    I'll be releasing a BETA rom in the next few days.
    Now, the reason I say beta is because it's using anthrax's new overclock kernal for the EVO 3D. It's not perfect (Screen issues when using the camera, usb storage, etc) but you can't argue getting 3300+ on quadrant

    On my device I tried overclocking to absolute max, which is 1782 mhz with no reboots or anything.....got kinda hot though but that's to be expected. I definitely don't recommend keeping it at these speeds. It may damage your phone.

    ANNND I've finally gotten a dev goo.im account, so I'm going to start uploading there. The app they have is pretty awesome. You can upload a new release, and it'll notify you automatically on your phone ^_^ (AND it uses virtually no memory!)
  16. bsoplinger

    bsoplinger Well-Known Member

    re: name of phone

    You mentioned that the VM voicemail broke if you had renamed the phone to Evo 3D instead of Evo V 4G. So was/is it possible to have the voicemail app think the phone has one name yet the build prop still say Evo 3D for the better compatibility?
  17. xthedakmanx

    xthedakmanx Well-Known Member

    I've thought about that, but it would require editing the actual voicemail app..which I'm not sure is possible, or legal lol
  18. xthedakmanx

    xthedakmanx Well-Known Member

    Beta update is uploading right now with this....
    Yes.... Seriously :-D

    (will post more tomorrow... It's almost 5am and I haven't slept yet. Been working on this all night)
  19. OneEyedSniper

    OneEyedSniper Member

    xthedakmanx, have you been getting the vDM Client FC issue when using the Anthrax kernel? I have been getting it and I am unable to update my profile/PRL. However, people have said that their SMS is broken due to this. I do not if it's a VM exclusive thing or not, but I have been getting my texts to go through just fine.
  20. xthedakmanx

    xthedakmanx Well-Known Member

    Yes I have. The kernel is still in development stage so that's why my next release is in beta.

    Also, when installing his kernel, the system doesn't set gpu and other settings like it should. I've fixed that, greatly increasing speed, and making fast charge functional. Basically right now, on any other rom that I know of, flashing the Anthrax kernel only does cpu overclocking, nothing else. But from my coming release, all future anthrax flashes will be used to their fullest extent.
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  21. drachma

    drachma Active Member

    xthedakmanx thanks for the rom. Totally enjoying it.

    Question: Is anyone else experiencing WiFi reconnect issues when using the 'Save power' option in the Quick Settings?
  22. xthedakmanx

    xthedakmanx Well-Known Member

    I honestly haven't tried that. I don't really think it would do any good considering all the battery saving features I've already put in

    Also, posted new beta with overclocking. See the changelog for full details
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  23. thebryceee

    thebryceee Well-Known Member

    Which version of the kernel is in this?

    Rapidshare is painfully slow :p
  24. xthedakmanx

    xthedakmanx Well-Known Member

    2.6 (check the change log lol)

    I'll be uploading to goo.im tonight. They just fixed my FTP access. I couldn't login until a few minutes ago
  25. thebryceee

    thebryceee Well-Known Member

    I briefly looked, must have overlooked it.

    Edit: I did.

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