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  1. n_i_x

    n_i_x Member

    MIUI ROM from the Far East
    (source link: [9?20?]MIUI OTA???? - MIUI???? - ????Android ROM????)


    This is a community support ROM only!
    The developers do not provide support for this ROM on these forums
    Support is only provided on forums.miui-dev.com
    I don't provide ETA's so don't ask
    You MUST reset your support expectations BEFORE installing this ROM
    Click on the appropriate answer below

    English Version - OR - Chinese version coming soon ​

    If you haven't heard about this ROM yet then check out this excellent thread started by Dai323 who deserves credit for bringing it to our attention.

    This is an excellent ROM if for no other reason than it introduces the first non-CyanogenMod/carrier/manufacturer framework overhaul of Android 2.2, and boy what an overhaul.​

    Changes from base ROM
    Practically stock | Fully de-odexed | Resigned (any Recovery) | Added GApps

    I do not intend to "enhance" this ROM - just to make it work with the Droid Incredible.

    Removed: MIUI App Sharing | MIUI OTA Updater | MIUI Bootscreen | SIM Toolkit

    Added: Custom Bootscreen | English Translations | Google Maps | Google Voice | Google Voice Search | Ringtones | ROM Manager

    If you want ADW.Launcher or LauncherPro install them from Market​

    MIUI Changelog

    As per any other ROM
    And if you got this far without finding the download link then you did NOT read the post!
    If your Market is slow after installing then see this post.​

    MD5 Hash
    English: e57fa88c663cefa0289150b41a13bc2b
    Chinese: COMING SOON

    Special Thanks
    All of these people deserve your gratitude:
    djmcnz | MarkHUK | CaptJager | Koush | Cyanogen | Many others...
    Also the fine people at #MIUI on freenode


    I do this because I enjoy it! I'd like to get a second Incredible as a development device so my wife stops getting mad at me for not answering her calls or SMS.

    If you are feeling generous, you can donate by clicking the button below.

    You can also help me out by helping others in this thread. I have a full-time job, a wife and a kid... time is not something I have plenty of. The more people helping, testing, and solving problems, the more solid we can make this port.


  2. n_i_x

    n_i_x Member

    Known Issues
    Bring them on!​

    Changelog for changes from stock [11/20/2010] MIUI 0.11.19 update, MIUI Music app, color logcat, updated kernel to shade@toxygene #1 [11/14/2010] MIUI 0.11.12 update, updated ROM Manager, updated GApps [11/9/2010] Fixed Sound settings FC, added MIUI Forums app, added ROM Manager BETA [11/7/2010] MIUI 0.11.5 update [11/3/2010]: Rebuilt port from scratch, Fixed Geolocation, Fixed Screenshots [10/31/2010]: MIUI 0.10.29 update, Removed ROM Manager (until it works properly), Removed Verizon apps, 8MP camera (thanks to CaptJager) [10/24/2010]: Facebook Sync, 720p Camera, Verizon apps (VVM, My Verizon, NFL) [10/23/2010]: MIUI 0.10.22 update, fixed internal storage mounting [10/18/2010]: MIUI 0.10.15 update, moved some apps to /data/app to allow uninstall, added ROM Manager [10/12/2010]: Framework fix to update carrier string, CM6 default kernel (Koush), add complete gapps package
    0.9.30 [10/09/2010]: Initial Release​

    Previous Versions (English) MD5: 6b048da2238db4492b3ceb394aaf4388 (English) MD5: 6fda5940e6870704ce2ef9618e88811c (Chinese) MD5: 24706d7e19573136fdf1cb3914d37ba1 MD5: d9d6e3887bbf70ef5228fe23cc0e4580 MD5: ecc405b94359a4d35759f48579a0b3f0 MD5: 982e4085b0af46c3181002173c3dab20
  3. n_i_x

    n_i_x Member

    Reserved for future use
  4. Argent

    Argent Well-Known Member

    MIUI backup is missing from the ROM and I was unable to install the apk from the old version

    Just as FYI to anyone planning on using that route to restore your apps

    EDIT: it's been fixed - MIUI Backup is back in :)

    flash and enjoy!
  5. necosino

    necosino Well-Known Member

  6. chilangoblanco

    chilangoblanco Well-Known Member

    This is some good stuff! I flashed this this morning. I came from the version right before this latest version. I love the interface and how different it is. This last update has made the desktop way smooth and reliable. Definitely recommend flashing this to all those who are deciding what ROM to use!
  7. MisterMixelpix

    MisterMixelpix Well-Known Member

    I'm blown away by this one. I love having something SO different from the standard Sense/Launcher.
  8. necosino

    necosino Well-Known Member

    To auto-mount internal storage: (thanks to JackAttack on XDA)

    In recovery:
    adb shell
    # echo "" >> /system/bin/sysinit
    # echo mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p3 /emmc >> /system/bin/sysinit

    Or, you can do it in terminal emulator:
    $ su
    # mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
    # echo "" >> /system/bin/sysinit
    # echo mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p3 /emmc >> /system/bin/sysinit
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  9. cjules86

    cjules86 Member

    Necosino, I recall from your last thread that you were messing around with getting facebook synching working. Did you ever make any progress with that?

    I've been using MIUI for a few weeks (starting with ID's v0.2) and I am in love with it. My only real gripe with it is the 5mp camera. If it were fixed to make the 8mp camera work I'd probably never flash another rom over it.

    Besides the camera the only other thing I'm missing from Sense type roms is the awesome Sense flip clock with weather animations when the phone unlocks. I assume this has hooks into Sense itself which is why it was never really ported over to other roms? Anyone have any insight there?
  10. fullhouse131

    fullhouse131 Well-Known Member

    I've not played with this ROM yet but I'm assuming Beautiful Widgets will work and they have the same Clock/Weather widget with many more customizable skins.
  11. necosino

    necosino Well-Known Member

    Facebook sync was working with the last version, however it is broken on this latest version. I tried messing with a few things (basic things) but cannot get it working, and n_i_x seems stumped, too. :(

    The 5MP is a software issue. Using a 3rd party camera app like vignette, I am able to shoot at 8MP just fine.
  12. cjules86

    cjules86 Member

    Right on... thanks for the tips on both issues.
  13. fullhouse131

    fullhouse131 Well-Known Member

    Just made the jump....Can't download anything from th Market. I searched and am probably missing something....
  14. necosino

    necosino Well-Known Member

    Make sure you do a full wipe (cache, data, and dalvik cache) before flashing this ROM, and you shouldn't have any trouble.
  15. fullhouse131

    fullhouse131 Well-Known Member

    I did all three...

    Just rebooted... All is good.
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  16. darkbob

    darkbob Active Member

    cant seem to get either of these methods to work, my recovery dosent appear to have any kind of way to input commands and terminal emulator dont seem to really do anything when i put the commands in, this will definitly be a deal breaker if i cant get this mounted.
  17. necosino

    necosino Well-Known Member

    You won't actually see anything happen in terminal emulator. After you follow all those womans, simply open a file browser and see if you can access EMMC. Our, if you can't get it working, just wait for the next version, which should be released in the next few days.
  18. cjules86

    cjules86 Member

    Here's an awesome theme for MIUI:

    MIUI Smooth Blue Theme (Includes Screenshots)

    This is a blue theme for MIUI which (imo) makes it MUCH nicer looking. He also has a red and green theme for MIUI as well.

    PS - I am not the creator of it just thought it deserved some attention since (for me) it really made MIUI look that much nicer.
  19. johnbrain

    johnbrain Well-Known Member

    Will MIUI Smooth Blue Theme work with latest ROM download?
  20. MisterMixelpix

    MisterMixelpix Well-Known Member

    There's an update to smooth blue that works with the new MIUI.
  21. j-money

    j-money Well-Known Member

    Nublu or something. I know this is a long shot and I think I know the answer but is there a way to get the evo camera on this rom? I just prefer that to the default app, plus that noise it makes when taking pics lol. Probably not with the difference in frameworks and all but I thought id ask.
  22. necosino

    necosino Well-Known Member

    j-money, try out one of the 3rd party apps like Vignette. Just the additional filters and effects make it worth at least trying out.
  23. Weazol

    Weazol Well-Known Member

    So it appears that alarm clock apps that have the same setup as desk clock do not work with newest release...
    (like alarm clock plus and alarm klock)
  24. Anyone else been trying this out?

    Just noticed it in ROM manager earlier tonight when I was screwing around. So far it's pretty spiffy, a bit jittery at times, but looks really nice. I'm currently using the newest unstable release, and it's been pretty damn stable for me. The only FC I've had was ironically trying to open ROM manager!

    According to buzz on XDA, the dev will be releasing weeklies on Friday (Bejing time).

    I know there's been a few posts in the Desire and Droid1 forums, but this one is on my Inc.

    Personal Pros/Cons so far

    Pros: Gorgeous interface. Nice blend of iOS, sense, and android
    Well organized and simplified menus and settings
    Smoothly designed transitions
    Nice change from the usual vanilla/sense custom launcher themes.
    Seems to be being designed from the ground up
    Three lock screen unlock options, navigates to home, phone, or SMS

    No app drawer, just more homescreens (like iOS)
    Rom manager force closes
    Slow startup

    Try it out for some fun. Rumor over at XDA has it that Cyanogen is getting onboard with it too. Should be interesting.
  25. MisterMixelpix

    MisterMixelpix Well-Known Member

    Tip: use folders like crazy. I have every app organized into a folder. Now I'm back down to three screens.

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